The Ultimate Disco Poll: Which song sets your dance floor ablaze?

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Disco certainly was something, wasn't it, folks?

Love it or hate it, there's no denying disco's place in the pantheon of pop culture. At its peak, the genre was both ubiquitous and derided. But wouldn't we all just rather shut up and dance? 

We're hoping to gauge your groove with this dancefloor poll. Which of these songs has you hittin' all the moves? Give us your pick and then see how other boogie people are voting, too! Don't see your favorite? Just select "Other", and let us know your choice in the comments section below!

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The Ultimate Disco Poll: Which song sets your dance floor ablaze?

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Kramden62 5 days ago
I chose other.

Because my all-time favorite disco hit is "Don't Leave Me This Way" by Thelma Houston, from the spring of 1977. It always makes me think fondly of my "wonder years" (I was then 15).

"Funkytown" would have to be the runner up. That was #1 on the Billboard chart when I graduated from high school in June 1980.
JHP Kramden62 4 days ago
I graded in '77 - times carefree
JHP 5 days ago
sorry guys - I was a BIG Rick James fan - Super Freak is it 4 me

this poll was like a seafood buffet

gee.... crab or shrimp or oysters or more
RobertK 9 days ago
100% similar! Stayin' alive. Wow, I don't know whether to get out the polyester shirts or practice up on my CPR! 🙄😮😄👍🏼
JHP RobertK 4 days ago
ahhh just have one vodka gimlet:)
BradBeall 11 days ago
Had to go with "Funky Town". Not because I'm a Disco lover, although even disco is better than what's being played on the radio nowadays, but because of the memories that song brings to me. Imagine it's 1980, you're 19 years old, in the Army, stationed a thousand miles away from home. At one of the scummiest, cheapest, off-post bars around, disco is still king... or queen... or whatever. There isn't really a dance floor to speak of, but the girls who are hired to dance there will push the 3 pool tables together, remover ALL their clothes, and shake everything they have to the beat of "Funky Town". And for the price of a beer or two, they might even let you touch certain areas that most guys find interesting. One of these days, I have to head back there, but I know it won't be the same...
19611313 BradBeall 9 days ago
U sound more like a "YMCA" guy after reading that......
LastCubScout 12 days ago
Guilty pleasure and childhood favorite: John Beal And Carolyn Dennis—"Skatetown USA"

Granny 12 days ago
I love them all. It was hard to pick just one.
ww245 14 days ago
100% similar lol - I used to LOVE to go dancing! Still do, just not as flexible....OR AS LIGHT as I used to be. Loved doing disco too. Now, I'll settle for whatever I can get my feet moving to. I sure miss it as there's nowhere to do it anymore. So sad.....
Wendy57 ww245 10 days ago
I appreciate your sentiments.
It was a fun time, especially if you loved to dance. 💃
tanya7100 14 days ago
0% similar. I chose Gloria Gaynor's "Never Can Say Goodbye". It's a great remake of the Jackson 5s version and I love the way Michael sings it, as well.
Wendy57 14 days ago
“ Last Dance”
I like the change in tempo.
JHP Wendy57 5 days ago
Donna Summer had a great voice also
Wendy57 JHP 4 days ago
I agree 🙂
Rob 14 days ago
Knock on wood by Amii Stewart.
JHP Rob 4 days ago
yeah if you wanted to shake the dust off the steel rafters and the spinning crystal ball you crank that one:)
KawiVulc 14 days ago
"Disco Sucks" -- 1970s T-Shirt.
FestusFan2312 15 days ago
When I think disco I think Dracula…”I love the nightlife, I like to boogy…”
Wenatchee7 15 days ago
0% that's the way I like it.
JHP Wenatchee7 4 days ago
I think KC is still around too
legofonzie 15 days ago
managed to get 0% similar…am i the only one to choose ladies night?? i ADORE kool and the gang!!!!!!! disco 4 life !!!!!
Wenatchee7 legofonzie 15 days ago
I was also 0% with Last Dance. I should have picked other.
Wendy57 Wenatchee7 14 days ago
That’s the one I picked. I like the change in tempo and Donna Summer’s voice was great.
Peter_Falk_Fan 15 days ago
20% This was hard. I like a lot of these songs. I finally picked 'KC and the Sunshine Band', though I could have just as easily picked a Donna Summer song. I still have my "KC and the Sunshine Band (1975)" album.

Fun fact: KC came from the lead singer's last name, Harry Wayne Casey, and 'Sunshine Band' from his home state of Florida.
I bet there are still people who think the band was named after the "fog lights" that were popular to mount onto off-road pickup trucks at the time.
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