Daily Andy Griffith Quiz: "The County Nurse"

In which Andy tries to be a medical assistant!


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This quiz is about Season 2, Episode 24: "The County Nurse". See which details you recall, and which you might need a little refresher on. Good luck, have fun, and be sure to share your score (cumulative or otherwise) in the comment section below!

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  1. What is Barney practicing when the episode begins?
  2. Barney cites hawks, elk, and which animal as inspiration?
  3. What's the county nurse's name?
  4. Who is the nurse headed to see?
  5. What is she trying to do?
  6. Andy demonstrates two of these tools. Which one doesn't he explain?
  7. Instead of helping like he wanted to, Barney gets...
  8. "I don't want to be a dead hero! I want to be a live _______!"
  9. What song does Andy say he'll sing at a hypothetical funeral?
  10. Who else hasn't been checked off the nurse's list?

Daily Andy Griffith Quiz: "The County Nurse"

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Ratt1959 11 days ago
3/10 I'm going to have to start paying attention when Andy's on.
BenjaminMosesCookeIII 14 days ago
Retest: I got all of them right!!!!!!!!
Mark112763 15 days ago
Aww shucks. 9 out of 10 again and I've seen the episode two dozen times at least over the years... My family and friends and dog will dis-own me because of this. I feel so ashamed 😞. As for the nurse Mary played by the very beautiful and charming Julie Adams. No wonder the Creature From The Black Lagoon had such a crush on her...
dm1bellamy 15 days ago
10/10 I've most episodes so many times I know the characters lines by heart
HoadieSnitch 15 days ago
10/10. Barney's expression is perfect when she jabs him with that needle!
AllisonWunderland 17 days ago
9/10…Looks like I’m getting a little better! Only missed #2 this time 😁
mda 17 days ago
9/10. Good episode. I like Rafe.
bsantaniello mda 17 days ago
He has a beautiful singing voice!
rwatson5651 17 days ago
10 / 10 !

Ah.., Mary , as I recall she was rather attractive!
tanya7100 17 days ago
10/10 Good episode. "Tell my wife to marry again..." The look on Rafe's face. :D
Snickers 17 days ago
Just got a e-mail from my brother in New York. Seems that MeTV has dropped the 10P.M Hogan's Hero's episode to show the local news. First question I would have is what does the local news have to do with classic T.V? Also since local T.V news airs at 5 and 11 P.M anyway why is it on MeT.V? And third if your going to drop a episode of something to show news why not drop the 6 or 6:30 P.M episode of MASH? Another reason I'm glad I don't watch MeTV anymore, gotten away from what it use to be and has gone to commercial.
tanya7100 Snickers 17 days ago
For several weeks, they would play the Draft Kings casino gambling crap on our local MeTV station instead of The Flintstones on Sunday mornings. They finally stopped doing that and The Flintstones are back on. On Saturdays at 4:30pm, they play recent Jeopardy episodes. I can understand if it's some of the older ones when Alex was still living or even more classic ones from the 60s/70s. Now, it does say that spot is open for local programming, but right before The Rifleman comes on, it shows the ending credits to Wanted: Dead or Alive, as if that show should have been on. So I understand where you're coming from.
Snickers tanya7100 17 days ago
It just seems the programmers at MeTv are so out of touch with their viewers. They don't listen to what the public wants.
tanya7100 Snickers 17 days ago
I agree. Several people I personally know have written/emailed/called/whatever the case may be to the MeTV HQ office with suggestions on adding classics that other stations don't offer, such as Antenna TV or Cozi, to no avail. I know one guy who absolutely loves M*A*S*H but feels two hours every night is too much. He's contacted them about only having it on for one hour but it fell on deaf ears. I'm sure they get thousands of people contacting them but you would think they would change their lineup after so many years.
ThomasPotter Snickers 15 days ago
How this works is that local TV stations pay for the right to play the METV broadcast. However, they don't have to play the METV lineup 24 hours a day. What you would need to do is contact the station manager of the local channel that is running the METV lineup and express your complaints to them, Not MeTV. Many local stations have community obligations that have to be met such as educational or regional programming. If you notice on MeTV promos, there is a disclaimer on them that says "available on most MeTV stations".
Snickers ThomasPotter 15 days ago
Thanks, have relayed the info to my brother and he will get in touch with the local network.
Wendy57 17 days ago
I love Barney’s karate demonstration, especially when Andy guesses a worm instead of a snake. Priceless ! 😆
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