How well do you know the Laurel Canyon music scene?

Time to head down to the Canyon!

Laurel Canyon was once home to some of the greatest music artists of all time. Today, you've got the chance to see just how well you remember some of the talent that came out of there. Each of these questions is about an artist or band member who lived in Laurel Canyon. See how many questions you can get right!

  1. Which band had songs like "Monday, Monday," "Even if I Could," and had a singer with a residence in Laurel Canyon?
  2. Which artist sang "So goodbye, I'll be leavin' I see no sense in this cryin' and grievin'" with the Stone Poneys?
  3. Which artist released an album entitled "Zoot Allures" in 1976?
  4. Which band had songs like "Good Time Boy," "Mr. Soul," and "Broken Arrow"?
  5. The title of this artist's album "Ladies of The Canyon" is referencing Laurel Canyon.
  6. Which artist has an album called "Sandman"?
  7. Which band sang "Sell your soul to the company who are waiting there to sell plasticware"?
  8. This lead singer sang songs like "Roadhouse Blues," and "You Make Me Real"
  9. The song "Our House" is about an actual house in Laurel Canyon that the songwriter once lived in. What band performed the song?
  10. Wait, where exactly IS Laurel Canyon?

How well do you know the Laurel Canyon music scene?

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CaroleThorpe 4 days ago
You got 10 out of 10
Woah! You're a Laurel Canyon expert!
Beatlespud57 6 days ago
The late 69s/ early 70s… That definitely was a magical time when those great singer/songwriter artists and bands were so prevalent. Classics.
BenSobeleone 6 days ago
I think back in the 1970s, every household had a copy of Carole King's Tapestry either on vinyl record album, 8-track tape or cassette tape.
Klink 6 days ago
All of Hollywood runs through Mama Cass
DS62 7 days ago
9/10 because I didn’t know whose album “Sandman” was. I knew Harry Nilsson’s music but only had his album “Son of Schmilsson”. Love Joni Mitchell and C,S,N& Y to this day!
Rick 7 days ago
7/10 - number 7 had good wrong answers.
BradBeall 7 days ago
Just curious - is there any kind of "music scene" still happening in the Laurel Canyon area?
Bapa1 BradBeall 7 days ago
Tribute Bands?
Obbop 7 days ago
Hauled the 'lumbo gold from Ocean Beach to the canyon to ensure the heads had their hemp to ignite the fires of creativity.
Bapa1 8 days ago
9/10, missed Sandman. Madness also did a song called 'Our House'. Always liked that era of music.
ironman2000 8 days ago
9 of 10, I'm not a hippie but I like hippies.
KawiVulc 8 days ago
6/10. And Taylor Swift couldn't clean Carole King's cat's litter box...
ironman2000 KawiVulc 8 days ago
Put that on a T-Shirt, I love it!
Bapa1 KawiVulc 8 days ago
....but she would write a song about it.
Rob KawiVulc 7 days ago
I don’t know about that, I mean how hard could it be? There’s probably YouTube videos on how to do it. She could probably figure it out.
AllisonWunderland 8 days ago
7/10…And no, I’m definitely not an expert 🤭
MeFanFromSavan 8 days ago
10/10. Several good guesses through process of elimination.
Ready2go 9 days ago
9/10. Not sure how I missed the last one. Saw a two part special on the MGM cable channel about Laurel Canyon. Very good.
Bapa1 Ready2go 8 days ago
Saw that also. It was good.
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