Are these locations from The Waltons or something else?

Can you place these 1930s streets and mountain cabins?

The Warner Bros. backlot provided many locations for The Waltons crew to fill out the area around Walton's Mountain. There was Ike Godsey's store, the schoolhouse, the small town of Rockfish and the big city of Charlottesville — not to mention all the neighbors who lived in mountain homesteads.

Many other shows with rural settings used the same or similar locations. We’ve mixed up scenes from The Waltons with shots from other shows that could easily fit in on Walton's Mountain. Can you tell which ones are from the nostalgic family drama and which ones are from sitcoms, Westerns and even sci-fi programs?

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  1. What is this place from?
  2. Is this train from The Waltons or not?
  3. Do you know this place?
  4. What is this mansion from?
  5. What is this school bus from?
  6. What is this street from?
  7. What is this corral from?
  8. What is this barn from?
  9. Do you recognize this pond?
  10. What is this phone from?
  11. What is this street from?
  12. What is this cabin from?

Are these locations from The Waltons or something else?

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klheath 5 months ago
I got 10 out of 12 correct, not to bad!
lynngdance 6 months ago
12/12. Pretty good since I can’t stand The Waltons, and have only managed to get through maybe two episodes at most. 😆
all123 6 months ago
I swear I know all these answers and then I get a brain fart and don't know as much as I thought lol.
Randall 6 months ago
10 out of 12, One of the Secrets is looking to see if the still is GLOSSY! For the most part, The Walton's was filmed, not videotaped, so if you look carefully you can spot the difference!
eyegor 6 months ago
11/12. Had to guess on a few.
Muleskinner 6 months ago
6/12. I haven’t seen too much of the Waltons. 😫
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