Are these Johnny Crawford songs or episodes of The Rifleman?

Are these titles from tunes or television?


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Johnny Crawford first rose to fame as part of the original Mickey Mouse club in 1955. Three years later, he landed the role of Mark McCain on The Rifleman. While the Western certainly provided many dramatic scenes any actor would love, Crawford only got to show off his musical side a few times.

But that didn’t mean he stopped singing. He released many songs in the early 1960s, including "Cindy's Birthday" which peaked at No. 8 on the Billboard charts.

We’ve collected Johnny's recordings and select episodes of The Rifleman. Based on these titles alone, can you tell which is which?

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  1. "Patti Ann"
  2. "The Lost Treasure of Canyon Town"
  3. "Son of the Moon"
  4. "Mail Order Groom"
  5. "The Vision"
  6. "Lonesome Town"
  7. "A Time for Singing"
  8. "Rumors"
  9. "A Matter of Faith"
  10. "Sittin' and a Watchin'"
  11. "Devil or Angel"
  12. "Meeting at Midnight"
  13. "Lou Mallory"
  14. "Living in the Past"
  15. "Young Man's Fancy"

Are these Johnny Crawford songs or episodes of The Rifleman?

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GTStang08 13 months ago
15/15...Knowing all of "The Rifleman" episodes helped. I actually knew many of Crawford's songs as well. Love the show.
grandpa5741 38 months ago
10/15 didn’t realize he had a singing career too. Good for him. 👍
jtrain 38 months ago
12/15, not bad since I didn't know he sang!
obectionoverruled 38 months ago
Wasnt Johnny Crawford on the wonderful Disney-Mickey Mouse Club series ‘Spin and Marty’?
Marshall_Kolchak 38 months ago
15/15 All guesses! Weird... maybe i should buy a lotto ticket or throw a mirrored horseshoe at a black cat under a ladder or somethin'...
ScoobyDoo169 38 months ago
I love the Rifleman, it's my favorite show they have on MeTv. I love when Mark sings in the show. He sings "Greensleevs" and "Something Special" so beautifully.
AllisonWunderland 38 months ago
12/15...How about that, I did better on this quiz (which were mostly all guesses) 😆
SashaPayneDiaz 38 months ago
12/15 Not TOO bad considering that I am not at all familiar with his musical career.
TheOnlyONE 38 months ago
15 out of 15. Was that a quiz or a cake walk?
barrysbrat 38 months ago
9 out of 15 well I guess I didn't know his songs very well, or didn't pay attention very good,
MarkSpeck 38 months ago
10 out of 15. Guess I don't know his songs or Rifleman titles well enough.
TraceyJBacus 38 months ago
15/15. But then, Johnny and his wife are friends of mine. I also admin the Johnny Crawford Legacy page on Facebook. :)
Cowgirl TraceyJBacus 38 months ago
I'm very sorry that Johnny has Alzheimers & wish there was a cure for it.
DethBiz 38 months ago
15 out of 15. I think even Lucas boy would be proud of those results.
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