New Tervis tumblers now available in the MeTV store

Now you can take your hot or cold drinks on the go with MeTV and Toon In With Me designs!

Shop our new selection of Tervis tumblers including original MeTV Logo and Toon In With Me designs! Tervis tumblers are perfect for taking your hot or cold drinks on the go! Go to the MeTV Store to get yours now!


1. MeTV Retro Tervis Tumbler


The MeTV Tervis Tumbler features a retro TV design that is sure to take you back to the days when you enjoyed some of your favorite MeTV shows for the very first time!


2. Toon In With Me™ Tervis Tumbler


Are you always on the move like Goldie Fisher? Then you need the Toon In With Me™ Tumbler so you can bring your hot or cold drinks anywhere you go!


3. Mom Large Blooms Tervis Tumbler


Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and this floral tumbler will make the perfect gift for your mom this year!


4. Sink the Putt Stainless Steel Tervis Tumbler


Keep your drinks cold on the golf course in this stainless steel tumbler!


5. Retro Cameras Tervis Tumbler


A classic design for photography buffs or fans of all things retro!


6. Americana Stars Stripes Tervis Tumbler


This red, white, and blue tumbler is not only American-themed, but also made in America!


7. DC Comics - Batman Tervis Water Bottle


This classic batman water bottle features an embroidered batman emblem patch sealed between the bottle's walls. 


8. Guy Harvey®- Charts Stainless Steel Tervis Tumbler


Identify all your favorite sea life on this stainless steel tumbler. 


9. Japanese Cherry Blossom Tervis Tumbler


You can enjoy the cherry blossoms year-round with this Japanese Cherry Blossom Tervis Tumbler.


10. Shop the Full Collection


Visit the MeTV Store now to shop the full collection of Tervis drinkware items!


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wpcj 26 months ago
It would be nice to see some Kolchak: The Night Stalker merchandise. But maybe I'm the only one.
jerrygon wpcj 25 months ago
You're not the only one. I would buy Adam-12, Kolchak and Lost In Space swag in a heartbeat.
Runeshaper 26 months ago
Excellent! A Get Smart tumbler would be cool (-:
Michael Runeshaper 26 months ago
With a phone in the bottom.
Runeshaper Michael 26 months ago
YES! That's brilliant!
Catman 26 months ago
No cat tumblers? I'm outta here.
harlow1313 26 months ago
Perhaps I am a dullard. I've been more excited over a gravy spill. Maybe that isn't fair. I really, really like gravy.
Catman harlow1313 26 months ago
you could use the tumbler to hold your leftover gravy, or to carry gravy in your lunchbox for work.
harlow1313 Catman 26 months ago
You're right. I have a gin tumbler for work, but need a gravy tumbler.
Moverfan harlow1313 26 months ago
You could get one for gravy and perhaps another one for tonic...if you enjoy gin and tonic. If not, please disregard. (I think the Batman tumbler would be perfect for gravy.)
LoveMETV22 harlow1313 26 months ago
Heres a Gravy Tumbler for you.
Moriyah 26 months ago
I'm gonna ask the MeTV Store when they will get their license to make Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. t shirts. Hopefully they get it soon!
Moriyah Moriyah 26 months ago
You know what, scratch that. I don't want to push them to do it. But I still hope they do do it, though
LoveMETV22 26 months ago
Q: What is a "Tervis" Tumbler?
A: Tervis Tumbler Company is an American manufacturer of double-walled, insulated tumblers. The double-wall insulation is made by inserting a liner inside an outer shell, creating a layer of air between them. The two liners are then permanently fused.
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BrittReid MrsPhilHarris 26 months ago
You need to get out more.
MrsPhilHarris BrittReid 26 months ago
Never heard of Trevis Tumblers.
BrittReid MrsPhilHarris 26 months ago
Look under Tervis Tumblers
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