What 10 classic Beanie Babies are worth today

Do you have any of these adorable Beanie Babies? Here is what they could be worth today!

Beanie Babies took the world by storm in the early '90s. No one had any way of knowing just how much these small and adorable Beanie Babies would be worth years down the road. Some of us had one or two while others had an entire collection. With over hundreds of versions and kinds of Beanie Babies, it's no wonder they have stood the test of time. 

We took a look at eBay to see how much these little Beanie Babies cost and turns out, some of them have a BIG price. We hope you kept your Beanie Babies because if you have any of the 10 below, you could be sitting on a fortune. Do you still own any Beanie Babies? Which ones?

1. Valentino the Bear


$1,150 - $17,000

Do you have one of these adorable bears lying around your house somewhere? If you own a rare version with an error, you could be looking at thousands of dollars. 

Some of the errors to look out for are a brown nose instead of a black nose, a white star on the tag instead of a yellow one and multiple typos on the tag. 

Valentino the Bear is one of the most sought out Beanie Babies, so even if you don't have a rare version you could still choose to sell the version you have. 

2. Patti the Platypus



Patti the Platypus can be sold anywhere from $500 to $5000 or higher. It is considered one of the rarest Beanie Babies, and for that price we hope it's well worth buying. 

Patti was first introduced in 1996 and was one of the original nine Beanie Babies with four different versions. If you have one of the originals, you can  find yourself with quite a bit of extra money. 

3. Peace the Bear



This Beanie Baby is more common yet some Peace the Bear Babies are worth $2,500. It's one of the only Beanie Babies that was tie-dyed, so no two Peace the Bears are exactly alike. 

Peace the Bear also had many tag variations during its run. If you have a mint condition version of this bear you could make some money. 

4. Peanut the Elephant



Peanut the Elephant is one adorable Beanie Baby with one HIGH price tag. An authentic Peanut the Elephant is valued anywhere from $2,000 to $7,000.

Many counterfeits were made after this Beanie Baby took off in 1995. The royal blue version was retired very quickly due to the color being a supposed production error. The royal blue color is the most rare version. If you have this version, step forward! 

5. Seaweed the Beanie Baby



This very cute Otter Beanie Baby deserves to make the list. Seaweed was limited in numbers due to several production errors. 

If you want to know if you have this rare version, check the tags. Sometimes the two dates conflict or are not the same on the tag. You may be lucky but if you aren't, at least you have one of the cutest Beanie Babies around! 

6. Halo the Bear



Halo the Bear was one of the most expensive Beanie Babies to make because of its iridescent fabric. It also came with a beautiful poem about being a guardian angel watching you from above. 

The bear first appeared in 1998 and was quickly retired. Because of how it was made, it can be sold today for a large price. 

If your Halo the Bear has white fur, a white star or any tag errors it could increase the worth.

Do you have one of these bear Beanie Babies sent down from above?

7. Claude the Crab



Claude the Crab is one of the most expensive Beanie Babies. The incredibly high prices are usually due to unusual errors on its tags. Sometimes the Beanie Baby can be found with the wrong name on the tag or even its name in all capital letters. 

This Beanie Baby was so popular it was even given to season ticket holders who attended the basketball game between the Sacramento Kings and Los Angeles Lakers. 

If you have this Beanie Baby, check the tags and get back to us! 

8. Bubbles the Beanie Baby



Bubbles the Beanie Baby is pretty adorable. As with most Beanie Babies, the errors on Bubbles makes it valuable. 

The errors were corrected in time, making the ones with tag errors very rare. Bubbles was first introduced in 1995 and was retired in 1997. 

Do you think you have a rare version of Bubbles?

9. Lefty the Donkey and Righty the Elephant



Lefty and Righty were two political Beanie Babies that can now be worth A LOT of money. These Beanie Babies were the first two Beanie Babies to share a poem. 

Some Beanie Babies were even signed by Hillary Clinton, making the value even higher. 

10. Princess the Bear



Princess the Bear is the Princess Diana Beanie Baby that can sell up to $10,000. 

There are two versions of this bear - one with PVC pellets and one with PE pellets. The PE pellets are more common but both versions can be sold at a high price. 

There are many rumors that this bear was rare, but it isn't as rare as believed. Before buying or selling make sure to do your research first as this Beanie Baby is commonly counterfeited. 

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Destiny 17 months ago
I have a princess bear with tags made with pe msg me if interested
Mike 20 months ago
Please contact me if you are interested in mint, originals. The Crab Claude, Valentino error Bear, the angel bear, the unicorn with wings. Princess Di Bear original. Thanks!
dhanalyn1111 22 months ago
You only want Claude if his name is wrong, or in all caps? Right?
hinspect 24 months ago
What something is worth is what someone else is willing to pay for it
Autumntwilight 25 months ago
I have Princess Diana Bear with pearl crown, necklace, bracelet. It has a cape with gold and purple ribbon. It’s made in China. Never taken out of case. I can’t find any photos of it online. Anyone familiar with it or know it’s value?
AnnieM Autumntwilight 24 months ago
Is this it? https://www.ebay.com/itm/265707936084?hash=item3ddd6d5954%3Ag%3Ai2UAAOSwCcVijkfG&nma=true&si=2vWRron0My9qSNjsZQFaJbOV24Y%253D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
eddiecantorfan 25 months ago
What are the names of the stores
where I or anyone else can take
the Beanie Babies to see if the
Beanie Babies we own are worth
a lot of money?
Were there Rabbit Beanie Babies and I wonder if they are worth a
lot of money?
LoveMETV22 eddiecantorfan 25 months ago
It wouldn't be a store, it would a reputable appraiser that deals with Beanie Babies that could determine its worth. The vast majority of them aren't worth much and a expert knows the variables pertaining to value and collectability. You can research the specifics of Rabbit BB's, there are numerous websites on Beanie Babies ( not- specific). Good luck with your research.
AnnieM eddiecantorfan 24 months ago
You can also look on eBay at the Sold / Completed listings to see what people have actually been willing to pay for them. Don't go by Current listings, as there will always be items so wildly overpriced that they will never sell.
della 26 months ago
My house burned down so I lost all of them
iloveromance 26 months ago
I donated most of mine but I kept the few that I really liked.
CouchPotato19 26 months ago
I'm really not so sure any Beanie Babies are that desirable, anymore. Just because what you see people asking, does not mean they get it. I had a hard time selling a Jerry Garcia Beanie Baby on Ebay. Think I finally got $5.
RichLorn 26 months ago
I've begun investing heavily in ice sculptures. I've got them tucked away in my attic. Pretty shrewd huh?
jpdirisio13 RichLorn 18 months ago
Yeah, best to keep them out of the sun.
rockaria 26 months ago
I had two of those mentioned above. I think I either gave them away or sold them for a couple of bucks each at a yard sale.
denny 26 months ago
I bought an investment property in 2005, it had probably 80 beanies in it. Had the neighbor sell 20 in a yard sale for a buck a piece. Gave some to some neighborhood kids and about 40 to my mom to give to her grandkids.

I had looked most up online at the time and they were listed for a few dollars, not sure they were selling though. Most expensive one I had was like 20 bucks.
retired2019 26 months ago
Gotta go into the attic and check my storage bins!
Runeshaper 26 months ago
WOW! Those are some expensive Beanies!
Michael 26 months ago
But most of these are because of errors.

People seemed to collect Beanie Babies because they thought they were collectible, so few are rare in themselves.
MrsPhilHarris 26 months ago
It’s interesting there were so many typos on so many different Beanie Babies. Usually typos indicate a counterfeit item.
Barry22 26 months ago
My wife and daughter were so into it back in it's heyday.
harlow1313 26 months ago
The appeal of these things is lost on me. We humans give such weird and excessive value to useless things, as though they hold magic. Apparently, a Tom Brady rookie card can be worth a few million dollars. Imagine that. We live in superstitious times.
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LoveMETV22 Catman 26 months ago
Yeah Beanie Babies started as a fad then after a while became a collectible.
Your collection, (books, stamps, and comic books) are in a distinct category of their own.
It sounds like you have them organized well. You may have some gems( but I'm sure you knew that), all three items have high collectability depending on what they are.
Catman Zip 26 months ago
Stupid pet rock refused to be house trained and shed pebbles all over the carpet.
hinspect harlow1313 24 months ago
Like VHS tapes, nobody cares
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