Here's the real location for 7 classic TV homes

A lot of homes aren't where you'd expect.

We all remember what the homes looked like on our favorite TV shows. Whether the famous facades were placed prominently in the opening credits, or opened your favorite scene, to this day you probably still identify memorable characters and families with these buildings. 

A lot of homes were created on studio back lots, but far more are actual homes that exist today. Here's where a few are located, and what's happened to them since they appeared on television.

Image: Flickr

1. Batman


The exterior shots of Wayne Manor were taken at 380 S. San Rafael Avenue in Pasadena, California. That's about nine miles northeast of Los Angeles. 

2. The Beverly Hillbillies


Sadly, the Clampett's mansion isn't in Beverly Hills at all — but it's close. The mansion is called the Kirkeby Mansion, and it's located in the Bel-Air neighborhood of Los Angeles at 750 Bel Air Road.

3. The Bob Newhart Show


The Hartley's lived in Chicago, and that's where the apartment building is in real life. Nestled right next to a popular beach, The Thorndale is located at 5901 N. Sheridan Avenue in Chicago's Edgewater neighborhood.

Image: Wikipedia

4. The Brady Bunch


The iconic facade is situated at 11222 Dilling Street in Hollywood, California. Series creator Sherwood Schwartz said he chose this home because it was relatable, and looked like something Mike Brady would have designed.

After the show became popular, the homeowners built a fence to stop fans from peeking in the windows. Understandable. If you're like us, you've always wondered if the interiors matched.

5. Happy Days


We don't want to burst anyone's bubble... But the house on Happy Days isn't anywhere near Milwaukee. It's a few blocks away from Paramount Studios in Los Angeles at 565 N. Cahuenga Boulevard. There's a giant palm tree behind the left side of the house. 

6. Mama's Family


Although Mama's Family takes place in the middle of the country, the actual house used in the opening credits is at 1027 Montrose Avenue in South Pasadena, California. 

7. The Mary Tyler Moore Show


In real life, the third floor bachelorette pad is extremely popular among tourists in Minneapolis. The house, located at 2104 Kenwood Parkway, wasn't only home to Mary Richards, but also Rhoda Morgenstern and Phyllis Lindstrom. More than 10 years after the show ended, 30 tour buses a day stopped by the house in the quiet neighborhood, leading the New York Times to call it "Minnesota's version of Graceland."

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Jon 24 months ago
Since this article was written, HGTV bought the Brady house seen here and remodeled it to have a version of the interior inside. In order to make it work, though, they had to take some liberties, for instance putting Greg's attic bedroom down where the garage was supposed to be. The Brady interiors of course didn't match the exterior or any real house, since they were just on a Hollywood soundstage.
JERRY6 55 months ago
interesting , one day I'LL tour the country looking up these houses
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