Download and print retro recipe cards from MeTV!

Keep mom's secret meatloaf alive! Record your favorite recipes to keep on savoring the memories.

Taste and memory are linked. What you ate and what you experienced are sealed forever in the same leftover Tupperware container shoved in the back of your brain. That's why the smell of certain foods can cause your head to swim with rich memories of childhood.

It's also how a catalog of recipe cards can become your most treasured way to revive your family history. We think that's a legacy worth preserving.

We here at MeTV wanted to help give your greatest kitchen achievements a retro look with recipe cards that call to mind designs from the 1960s and 1970s. These 3x5 cards can be printed and passed freely between your friends or guarded protectively to maintain your prized family secrets.

Get a taste for different options below and download the designs that suit the recipes you savor most.

What's cookin'?


Start practicing now to get your penmanship lookin' good.

Download now.

Keep rollin'


Ideal for recipes that cryptically instruct: Bake until done.

Download now.

Cutie pie


Try to keep your thumbprints from smudging.

Download now.

On fruit loop


For those recipes that remind you of what mom used to make.

Download now.

Stir it up


Whisk back to the recipes you grew up with.

Download now.

Feel saucy


For those recipes too good to swap.

Download now.

For the classics


Tastes may change, but the best recipes never do.

Download now.

Step by step


There are special dishes, but only the most memorable become your specialties.

Download now.

Your secret ingredient


Make sure great-grandma's desserts stay on the table.

Download now.

Celebrate traditions


It's more than a recipe when it's the holidays. It's preparing a memory to share with loved ones.

Download now.

Supper is served


You know how to make a dinner plate sing.

Download now.

Break out your best dishes


And now begins the noble effort of keeping grease stains off your star recipes.

Download now.

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