Collector's Call Episode 2 Web Extras: Rankin/Bass Autographs and TV Guides

Discover treasures from animated holiday specials and TV Guide magazine!

The collectors featured on Collector's Call own so many fascinating items, there's no way to fit them all into one episode! No worries, we have some web exclusives to take a deeper dive into these impressive collections.

In Episode 2, we met Rick Goldschmidt. He loved the toys of his youth so much that, as he grew older, he didn’t give them away — he bought more! Rick has a collection that now literally covers every surface and wall of his entire house.

Take a closer look at the collectibles seen on the show in the photo gallery below, and watch two short videos that showcase more items.

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1. Video: Rankin/Bass Autographs


You know Rankin/Bass as the animation studio behind stop-motion holiday classics like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.


2. Video: TV Guide Collection


These library-bound volumes of TV Guide magazine even feature our very own Lisa Whelchel on the cover!


3. Photo gallery: Inside the collection


Take an up-close look at items seen in the episode, from vintage action figures to salad utensils.


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Pacificsun 59 months ago
MeTV, that episode was a repeat.
ELEANOR 59 months ago
I HAVE NEVER WATCHED THIS SHOW and it sounds icky. Rooms and rooms filled with collections of stuff that represents a childhood never left, or a certain obsession. And for some collections, you just want to say "WHY?"
Pacificsun 62 months ago
In agreement. The Show is like "Hoarding Buried Alive" except that people don't want to throw away all your stuff, they want to buy it!! LOL!
Barry22 62 months ago
It was alright, but nothing special. Pawn Stars and Comic Book Men have already done this, and did it better.
STTOS 62 months ago
I certainly hope that MeTV does not follow the same footsteps as TVLand with all these original TV shows. Granted it's not a new drama or comedy but it is still a reality show. That's not why MeTV fans watch MeTV. Please just show us the classics and nothing else. Thank you.

P.S. The 10:00 episodes of Hogan's Heroes are preempted with local news in the Boston market. The way MeTV has the episodes slotted, for the past few years all we are seeing in the 10:30 slot are the odd numbered episodes. In other words we are missing half of the series. Any chance you can change the order so we get to see the whole series? Thanks again.
ELEANOR STTOS 59 months ago
Preempt the local news? Does anyone remember when Heidi preempted the start of a very important football game? And the HOOPLA over that one?
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