Collector's Call Episode 11 Web Extras: A vintage toy firetruck and prototype model

Check out two items we couldn't fit in the episode, and take a closer look at Gordon's collection.

Gordon Nord is the chief of the Lyons Fire Department, in the suburbs of Chicago. A proud Chicagoan and firefighter, Gordon collects all things fire related, from equipment to memorabilia to toys. A firefighter for more than four decades, Gordon has been collecting for just as long.

His extensive collection includes vintage fire extinguishers, antique fireboxes with original inspection cards, fire helmets with shields, and a vintage toy firehouse.

Gordon was joined by his good friend and fellow firefighter Ed Bermann. Firefighter collector Frank McMenamin valued Gordon’s collection for us. Discover more fascinating collections of all kinds on Collector's Call. Stay tuned for season two in 2020!

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1. Bonus video: American LaFrance Model Toy


This children's vehicle was modeled after a '47 American LaFrance fire engine, the kind of truck that our collector Gordon first learned to drive.


2. Bonus video: Fire Engine Model Prototype


Our collector Chief Nord had a hand in the creation of this one-of-a-kind prototype for a classic Chicago truck replica. Good thing he didn't drop it! (He almost drops it.)


3. Inside the collection: Image gallery


Take an up-close look at the gorgeous firefighting antiques that celebrate the brave men and women in the profession.


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daDoctah 62 months ago
Okay, now I'm not going to watch the episode I taped earlier. When I saw the name "Lyons" on the side of the real firetruck, I thought it might be from my old hometown of Newhall, California (now a part of Santa Clarita).
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