Collector's Call Episode 10 Web Extras: Sixties Batman and Space Program Buttons

Buttons, buttons, buttons! (30,000 of them.)

Christen Carter began collecting pin-back buttons as a young girl. It all started with a single Snoopy button. That hobby blossomed into a business and a non-profit museum, the Busy Beaver Button Museum, which houses Christen’s collection.

Christen’s one-of-a-kind collection holds more than 30,000 buttons, including rarities from George Washington’s inauguration, buttons of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and Prohibition-era buttons.

Christen had so many interesting buttons, we could not fit them all into one episode! Watch some online exclusives and take a closer look at some of her most valuable buttons.

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1. Bonus video: 1960s Batman Buttons


The campy 'Batman' TV show was all the rage in 1996, which led to cute collectibles like these buttons, which included characters and catchphrases from the series, like Robin's "Holy Ravioli!"


2. Bonus video: U.S. Space Program Buttons


These buttons from the 1950s and '60s chronicled the development of NASA's missions, from the Mercury program to Apollo. Some were made for the public, while others were insider pin-ons for NASA employees.


3. Inside the collection: Image gallery


Take an up-close look at buttons from the Busy Beaver collection, including rare presidential pin-backs, early cartoon promotions and more.


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