9 times Danny Tanner was simply the best dad

It's hard not to think of Danny Tanner when discussing the best dads of television.

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Shopping sprees, vacations and countless words of encouragement are just a few of the reasons Danny Tanner was one of the most likeable fathers on television. 

Played by the late Bob Saget for eight seasons on Full House, Tanner seemingly knew exactly what to say, no matter the situation and no matter which of his three kids he was speaking to. Of course, he taught everyone in the household that ''Clean is good. Dirt is bad,'' and we had a pretty good idea that he'd wear his emotions on his sleeve after telling Jesse, ''I'm a lean, mean, hugging machine'' in the very first episode.

Danny Tanner shelled out his wisdom to everyone in the household, but for the sake of this list, we're sticking to his best moments between him and his girls. 

Though there is no way we could compile a list of every special Danny Tanner moment in one setting, here are nine reasons why we know he was the No. 1 dad.

Cue the wholesome music!

1. He pulled the family together through a tragedy


Let's start in the series opener, ''Our Very First Show.'' It's been three months since the passing of Danny's wife, Pamela, and it seems D.J. is taking it the hardest when she's forced to give up her room and bunk with Stephanie. Saying it wasn't fair she lost her mother, that her grandmother was leaving the house and she's losing her bedroom, Danny can only sympathize with her. We see right away how strong the family is, because Danny says, ''D.J. we're still a family, and now is when we really need to stick together,'' and that ''nothing is going to break up this team.''

2. He puts Stephanie Judith Tanner first


After Stephanie plows through the dining room with Joey's car, Danny is rightfully angry and lets her know it by lecturing her. We all know the anger he rarely portrays is only coming from the heart. Stephanie suggests that her dad get a new house so he'll never have to see, hug or kiss her again because of what happened. Putting his anger aside, Danny says to his scared and crying daughter, ''Steph, there is nothing you could ever do that would make me stop hugging and kissing you.'' Though it might be expensive and he's upset, Danny makes sure she knows there's ''only one Stephanie Judith Tanner, and you could never be replaced.'' 

3. He told D.J. that looks aren't everything


Not pleased with how she looks ahead of Kimmy's pool party at a fancy hotel, D.J. stops eating and does too much at the gym, causing her to get dizzy and fall down. Once everyone at the house expresses their concerns for her, the secret is out when Stephanie tells the house she hasn't eaten in three days. Her goal is to slim down and look like a model because they're ''beautiful.'' Danny explains, ''Deep down inside, you know that how a person looks on the outside isn't nearly as important as who they are on the inside.'' D.J. agrees before Danny leaves her with the inspiration she was looking for by saying, ''Everybody who knows the real D.J. thinks she's pretty terrific.''

4. His daughters tell him he's ''the greatest dad in the whole world''


Danny is caring for the girls by himself while Jesse and Joey take a trip. Trying to be in two places at once, for Stephanie's science fair and D.J.'s school play, he realizes he simply can't make it to both without the girls being upset. He ends up not making it to either event, as he fell asleep on account of being a single parent. He feels terrible about missing both events, saying he let the girls down. The girls reassure him he has nothing to worry about, causing him to say, ''I must be the luckiest dad in the whole world.'' To which Stephanie replies, ''you're the greatest dad in the whole world.'' That wholesome music commences and a comedic ''Aww shucks'' is echoed from dad.

5. He could be embarrassing....


There's no better sign of a good dad than the ability to embarrass his kids! Especially when he gets up on a proverbial stage to sing... and dance.... and wear clothes he has no business wearing. Danny put on the performance in hopes to make D.J. see that he was ''cool'' after she turned to Jesse and Joey for help with a school fundraiser, and not him. Though D.J. was embarrassed initially, she welcomes the sight of her dad up on stage with Jesse and his band at the end of the fundraiser. It only goes to show, good things end up happening when you embarrass your kids!

6. He tells D.J. to live in the moment


In part of her speech ahead of junior high graduation, D.J. reads Danny the lines of ''we realize that everything up until now has been but preparation for the future. Finally we're ready to enter high school and our lives are about to begin.'' Danny wonders why she thinks her life is just now starting and why she doesn't seemingly want to remember anything that's happend in the last 14 years. He wants to make sure his first born enjoys life as it comes with the very sound advice, ''don't miss out on what's happening right now just because you're waiting for something better to come along. You can't live for the future, just like you can't live in the past.''

7. He simply told us he was the ''Raddest, baddest dad''


When star singer Tommy Page, who happens to be Stephanie's favorite artist, is appearing on Danny's show the same day as her 10th birthday, she begs Danny to let her skip school. When he declines, Stephanie leaves the room and that's when Danny tells D.J. that Tommy Page will surprise Stephanie at her birthday party after school. An awesome birthday gift only Danny could deliver, sure, but it was after he told D.J. that we got an all-time dad quote when he asked, ''am I the raddest, baddest dad a kid ever had?''

To which D.J. responds, ''You were until you said that.''

8. He inspired Michelle after letting her down


When Danny and Jesse tease Becky and Michelle about the two building a go-cart together because they're girls, Michelle feels discouraged and doesn't want to build it anymore. Danny and Jesse also made fun of Joey for portraying a ballet squirrel, but after apologizing to Joey, Danny tells Michelle, ''Joey's a boy and he can do ballet, and you and Aunt Becky are girls and you can build cars. As long as you're not hurting anybody you can do anything you want to do that you really love.'' Michelle heeds the advice and the duo of girls build the winning race car!

9. Even when punishing, he's wholesome!


When Stephanie feels uncomfortable at a makeout party, she calls home to ask D.J. to pick her up. But when Danny answers the phone with laryngitis, she admits that she lied to him without realizing it, telling him that Gia's mom would be supervising the party when she wasn't. Even though he was angry, his fatherly instinct takes over, saying she made a good judgement by calling home and taking control of the situation. Even when dishing out the punishment, Danny knew how to be uplifting by telling Stephanie, ‘’Before it can soar like an eagle, the young baby bird must first stumble and fall…. And spend two whole weeks grounded in the nest with no TV.’’

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jaelinsmith40652 23 months ago
i have a long time friend who knows about Danny Tanner from Full House, that she said he's like Elvis Presley and i think he's like James Brown as danny was dancing, singing and swinging across the stage. I Believe the fans of Full House and Fuller House were still sadly heartbroken that Bob has been passed away for 5 months now and he dies along with his best friend Gilbert Gottfried. R.I.P for both of them.
Runeshaper 23 months ago
Definitely "good dad" moments right there.
LoveMETV22 23 months ago
Danny Tanner was ok, but I'd prefer Ward Cleaver first. LOL
Michael 23 months ago
Woody Guthrie's mother's maiden name was Tanner. So Will Geer, "Grandpa Walton", read some family history written by Woody at one of the memorials, and I'm pretty sure that's at the end of the film, Bound for Glory.
ELEANOR 23 months ago
When Sherwood Schwartz who created the Brady Bunch needed story ideas, he just had to listen very closely at dinner time as his children moaned about their problems. Do you suppose the writers of Full House did the same thing?
Michael 23 months ago
He looks too young to be a father. In the fifties, TV adults all looked "old".
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lynngdance LoveMETV22 23 months ago
Lol 😆. I thought there was something wrong with my keyboard. I was like “I’ll find that cent sign any minute now,.....any minute now......😐” 😝
LalaLucy lynngdance 23 months ago
Love your thinking. Lol. They called him Papa Nes for a reason, after all. 🙂
lynngdance LalaLucy 23 months ago
Exactly! 😆 thanks! 😄
texasluva lynngdance 22 months ago
Tonight's Movie Quiz (movies-entertainment and fun) 9 P.M. Come on down to : How well do you know the memorable Gorn episode of Star Trek?
harlow1313 23 months ago
I have never seen this show. Not once. Every time I see a photo, it looks like the show was made by aliens, whose only knowledge of human behavior came from watching reruns of "The Brady Bunch."

It looks like it was drawn with pastel colored chalk. A trifle. Insubstantial.

I am open to correction about this notion. Maybe it is a fantastic show.

This has been Emily Litella, speaking to you about violins on television.
Moverfan harlow1313 23 months ago
Violins? Oh, that's different...never mind...
LoveMETV22 harlow1313 23 months ago
No correction is necessary. From your comment it sounds like you're not interested in Full House.
I like the show, but a few like 2 episodes would suffice per week. Open the additional time in the schedule for other shows. I actually enjoy this Sunday Block party promo their doing. They could extend it beyond the Summer and run different programs that they can acquire broadcast privileges to.
Thanks for putting that video clip of Happy Days called Guess Who's Coming To Visit
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Moose Barry Greenberg dancing
with a girl played by Carey Williams.
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