7 memorable Adam West roles that aren't Batman

We love him as the Caped Crusader, but Adam West has some other incredible roles too!

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When it comes to Batman, there's only one person we want to see as the superhero: Adam West. Fifty years ago, West paired up with Burt Ward and Yvonne Craig to fight a slew of villains and guest stars for three years on the cult classic series. Since then, he's suited up with his fellow superheroes to reprise his most famous role for television commercials, live action series, video games, animated series and one really bizarre variety special

While it may be true that West was typecast as the Caped Crusader after the series wrapped in the late '60s, that hasn't stopped him from taking on some seriously fun roles in the years that have followed. 

We're looking back on eight roles from the actor you might not know about. Take a look!

1. The Detectives (1961-1962)


West's first series wasn't Batman. It was actually crime drama The Detectives, which ran for three seasons starting in 1959. During the show's final season in 1961, West joined the cast as Sgt. Steve Nelson. Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry served as a contributing writer on the series, which also starred Mark Goddard, Tige Andrews and Robert Taylor. 

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2. Bewitched (1964)


West plays a character named Kermit in the season one episode "Love is Blind." Don't worry though, we're not talking about the frog. In this episode, Kermit falls for one of Samantha's friends, who may or not be a witch. West casts a spell on the audience with this performance, which debuted just a few months before he nabbed the role of Batman. 

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3. The Big Valley (1968)


The Big Valley episode "In Silent Battle" presents West in a way we're not used to seeing him. Yes, the season four premiere takes the superhero and turns him into a villain. He's a murderer, psychopath and has some pretty unpopular opinions about how a woman should act. We're fairly certain Victoria Barkley would be unimpressed. 

4. Night Gallery (1971)


West took on another classic, albeit more sinister, character with this episode of Night Gallery. Three years after hanging up his cape on TV, West transforms from Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde after drinking a potion disguised as a martini given to him by his assistant. "If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times: Go easy on the vermouth," West quips after seeing himself in the mirror, proving he always has to put a comedic spin on any role he takes. 

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5. The Last Precinct (1986)


In the 1980s, West was poised for a comeback. After all, other '60s television stars like Dick Van Dyke and Andy Griffith had their own shows that did well in the ratings. But The Last Precinct didn't relaunch West's career like Diagnosis Murderor Matlockdid for the others. The police sitcom only ran for eight episodes despite debuting after Super Bowl XX. 

Image: NBC

6. Rugrats (1992)


We know West as the iconic superhero Batman, but kids in the 1990s may remember him as another superhero: Captain Blasto. In a season two episode of the animated series Rugrats, West lends his voice as the fictional 1950s TV hero, who inspires one of the kids to become a superhero. 

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7. Family Guy (2000-present)


West continued lending his voice to animated series, most notably as Mayor Adam West on the sitcom Family Guy. For 16 years and counting, Mayor West has been the town of Quahog's eccentric, delusional and utterly incompetent mayor. In one episode, the mayor wastes taxpayer money to commission a solid gold statue of the Dig 'Em frog from Honey Smacks cereal. It's a departure from Batman, but his character's antics are just as fun to watch. 

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