5 times we saw Sterling Holloway, voice of Winnie the Pooh, on classic television

Have you seen the actor who voiced Winnie the Pooh without even realizing?

After beginning his career in the late 1920s, on stage and with silent films, actor Sterling Holloway became the voice of one of the most recognized characters in cartoon history, Winnie the Pooh! 

You may only know him as the voice behind the "hunny"-loving Winnie the Pooh, but Holloway's career was extensive, from several more voice acting roles to appearing on the screen both in film and classic television. 

Here are five times we saw Sterling Holloway on classic television. 

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1. The Andy Griffith Show - "The Merchant of Mayberry"


Did you know Bert Miller, the salesman who appears in "The Merchant of Mayberry" episode of The Andy Griffith Show is actually the voice behind Winnie the Pooh? The entrepreneur hopeful is trying to find his way and settle down, all while trying to avoid rich man Ben Weaver. CLICK HERE to read more about Winnie the Pooh in Mayberry!

2. Gilligan's Island - "The Pigeon"


Holloway has a chance to rescue the castaways on Gilligan's Island in "The Pigeon" episode. His character plays a "homing pigeon pen pal" that goes back and forth with the castaways after one of his pigeons lands on the island. The group attaches a letter saying they're stuck, but Holloway's character, Berty, believes he's communicating with a "Mrs. Hawkins," who is playing tricks on him!

3. The Twilight Zone - "What's in the Box"


In The Twilight Zone, the voice of Winnie the Pooh plays the role of a TV repair man. While trying to repair the TV, the owner of the house he's in continues to berate his profession, claiming all the time it takes to fix the television is just a money-grabbing technique. After fixing the TV, the homeowner sits down and sees himself in the device, causing him to lose his mind. Eventually, when the homeowner is charged with a crime he didn't realize he committed, Holloway's character returns to say, "Fix your set OK mister? You will recommend my service, won't you?" while wearing an eerie smirk. 

4. Peter Gunn - "The Best Laid Plans"


In this episode of Peter Gunn, Holloway plays an ex-convict who happens to take up glassblowing, on account his parole officer recommended it. He ends up helping with an investigation involving a bank robbery that may have been an inside job. Though he shouldn't be discussing anything criminal related, his character, dubbed Felony, tends to speak up when offered a bribe. 

Image: Official Films

5. Family Affair - "Fancy Free"


In this season one episode of Family Affair, Holloway plays a window washer named "Mr. Frack." When talking to the children, he gives them some great advice when they show him their new school books. "Like the fella says, reading books is the best way to learn all kinds of junk." He encourages the kids to keep reading because, "like the fella said, the difference between dumb and smart is how much you know." 

Image credit: CBS/Viacom Enterprises

SEE MORE: Sterling Holloway's distinctive looks led him to voice Winnie the Pooh


When a Hollywood exec shrewdly told the actor his face was too repulsive for the pictures, he almost quit before Winnie the Pooh ever got to utter "Oh, bother."


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scoobydoofan 17 months ago
Does anyone besides me remember that Sterling Holloway made a guest appearance on Gilligan's Island?
scoobydoofan 17 months ago
I've always thought actors STERLING
scoobydoofan scoobydoofan 17 months ago
Jan Smithers AKA Bailey Quarters on WKRP IN CINCNNATI AND
JDWJDW2 17 months ago
Sterling Holloway also showed up in an episode of That Girl where he plays a convict on the lam from the police for stealing theater property, the cash box, and passing bad checks.
Nala92129 17 months ago
Sterling "Holloway" was the most repulsive actor ever to appear on TV. I don't want to know how he landed these acting gigs.
scott Nala92129 17 months ago
Must you choose to be unkind? I am very sorry for whatever has transpired in your life that has lead to your mean-ness. Please keep these thoughts to yourself.
LoveMETV22 Nala92129 17 months ago
Problem: " I don't want to know how he landed these acting gigs."
Solution: Don't visit the website.
Nala92129 scott 17 months ago
You have a nice day.
scoobydoofan Nala92129 17 months ago
Sterling Holloway was a Wonderful
Actor and I don't know why you don't like him .
LoveMETV22 17 months ago
Although his " Winnie the Pooh's" voice role is very recognizable, Sterling Holloway either voiced or provided narration in other roles:
Messenger Stork(1941)- voice
Flower from Bambi (1942)- voice,
Mickey and the Beanstalk- narration
Peter and the Wolf- narration
Lambert the Sheepish Lion- narration
Susie the Little Blue Coupe- narration
Alice in Wonderland (1951) as Cheshire Cat (voice)
The Jungle Book (1967) as Kaa, The Snake (voice)
The Aristocats (1970) as Roquefort, The Mouse (voice)
Several or many stories could written on the multiple roles Mr. Holloway had in Film, Television and other forms of entertainment, during his decades long career.
vinman63 17 months ago
He was a milkman on a Hazel episode. One unique thing he did was adopt his boyfriend so he could leave the boyfriend an inheritance.
rikkirat 17 months ago
He played a professor on one or two episodes of “The Adventures of Superman”, with George Reeves too.
dbuelter 17 months ago
Oh, he was also in Remember the Night, an awesome Christmas movie I recently discovered. It stars Fred MacMurray, Barbara Stanwyck and my favorite, Beulah Bondi.
Runeshaper 17 months ago
Great actor and great voice. Gotta love Winnie the Pooh!
Mike 17 months ago
THE UNTOUCHABLES, "The Unhired Assassin", from the first season.
Based on the true story of Joe Zangara, who wanted to kill FDR before he became President, but got Mayor Cermak of Chicago instead.
Sterling Holloway was the manager of the Florida hotel, where a Capone hitman checked in to get Cermak, but Eliot Ness stopped him just in time ... but that was another story.
It's a two-part show, with an all-star cast (including Richard Deacon as a Chicago gangster!), very much worth looking up.
Barry22 17 months ago
He also appeared in F-Troop, Superman and Hazel. One time I was at my daughter's house and was watching an old Superman episode with my grandson. I told my daughter to close her eyes and listen to Holloway's voice who was in that particular episode. She did, and said "OMG, that's Winnie the Pooh!" who was one of her favorites when she was a child.
LalaLucy 17 months ago
Yep. Love spotting him in different shows. That is such a cute Family Affair where he tries to help the twins with new math. And definitely one my favorite Andy's. "I don't want to be too pushy..." 🙂
WilliamHogan LalaLucy 17 months ago
There is a connection to Winnie the Pooh. Mr. French reads Winnie the Pooh stories to Buffy and Jody!
LalaLucy WilliamHogan 17 months ago
Yes, I always thought that was a neat touch, especially since Sebastian Cabot was the narrator of some of the old original Winnie the Pooh cartoons. 🙂
WhiteRook 17 months ago
I liked Sterling on the Adventures of Superman, playing one odd ball inventor who sends matter as people thru telephone lines.
DZee WhiteRook 17 months ago
Actually that was Professor Pepperwinkle in that episode. Sterling was in 3 episodes....The Time Barrier (the 1st color episode).....The Whispering Bird....& The Machine that Could Plot Crimes.
Andybandit 17 months ago
I didn't realize Sterling was in a lot of shows and movies.
Pacificsun 17 months ago
So I haven't read a story about Sterling Holloway for a long time. And was surprised to read about the Shows which MeTV Staff Writers listed. Good research, Team! In the day, SH was a curious and unique actor (visually, and mannerisms). He fit those roles and storylines very well. Kind of like Burgess Meredith put his own unique stamp on the roles (and storylines) of Shows, especially TZ which we always remember. I challenge viewers to find the same caliber of actor now. A pity that his looks were criticized (see MeTV's story about his distinctive looks turned into a blessing). I enjoy classic TV for it's novelty, careful and curious details. The moniker was picked for good reason - as in Memorable TV!

Thank you Staff!!
LoveMETV22 Pacificsun 17 months ago
Thank You for mentioning Burgess Meredith as well. 100% agree. Holloway and Meredith were both top-notch actors that made unique contributions to Film and Television. 👏👏
justjeff 17 months ago
They left out " Mr. Kelso" from "The Adventures of Superman", but *did* manage to write "Holloway became the voice of one of the most recongnzied characters in cartoon history"... and if you've ever been recongnzied, you know how painful that is!

It looks like the MeTV writing staff is getting into the egg nog a little early...

"Recongnzied" sounds like the old Don Martin word from Mad Magazine... "Potrzebie"!
McGillahooala justjeff 17 months ago
MeTV stories and quizzes are a work in progress.
justjeff McGillahooala 17 months ago
More like "regress"... LOL!
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