5 relatable things Lucy and Viv argued about in The Lucy Show episode 'Together for Christmas'

Spending Christmas together is all about compromise.

It's common for individuals to carry traditions into their own families when they grow older and have children. Sometimes, these traditions clash when you decide to spend the holidays with friends. In this case, best friends Lucy and Viv on The Lucy Show chose to stay home for Christmas and spend time with their children.

Growing up differently, the two argued about whose tradition should be followed, resulting in broken ornaments and chopped Christmas trees that needed to be fixed before the carolers arrived. Eventually, things worked out.

"Together for Christmas" is a relatable episode because we all have holiday traditions that we have difficulty compromising on. Here are five of those things.

1. Turkey vs Roast Goose for Christmas dinner


Planning a Christmas dinner menu needs to be done before someone buys groceries. Whether you prefer roast goose, turkey or ham as your dinner's main attraction, it needs to be one that everyone would enjoy.

In this episode, Lucy bought a turkey for dinner, and when Viv noticed, she said that her family always had roast goose for the jolly holiday.

Since Lucy had already bought the turkey, Viv hesitantly went along with the idea...under one condition.

2. Oyster vs Chestnut dressing


Dressing is the go-to side dish for holidays like Christmas. With so many different types to choose from, it can get tricky trying to pick just one.

Viv agreed to have the turkey, but it was a family tradition for her to eat it with oyster dressing. Lucy, who is used to having chestnut dressing, immediately shows how disgusted she is at the choice.

However, since they were eating turkey, which was her tradition, Lucy gave in to the oyster dressing.

3. White vs Green Christmas tree


There's a saying that the color of your Christmas tree shows a piece of your personality.

Viv, who bought a Christmas tree before meeting her friend at the meat store, bought a white tree because that's what she had as a child. When Lucy saw the tree, she again disapproved of the choice.

Lucy always had a traditional green tree. The women couldn't agree on one color or the color of the ornaments, so they got both trees.

4. Opening gifts on Christmas Eve vs Christmas day


When you're a child, it might feel like forever waiting for Christmas day to come so that you can open your gifts. Some people open presents on Christmas Eve, most of the time at night when it is a few hours away from the big day. Others follow their tradition and wait until Christmas morning.

Lucy and Viv found themselves in the middle of an argument, again, when they found out one opens presents on Christmas Eve and not Christmas day.

5. 1:00 pm vs 6:00 pm Christmas dinner time


During the holidays, it's vital to ensure everyone knows when the feast will be served. For many, it's at least 5:00 pm. Although the time of dinner might be easy to compromise on, it wasn't for the best friends.

It was a tradition for Viv to eat Christmas dinner at 1:00 pm. Of course, Lucy's tradition is different, with her dinner time being 6:00 pm.

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Pacificsun 7 months ago
I think it was a very imaginative storyline. And has all of us thinking about out traditions.

Our neighbor friends had an early dinner a little after noon. But they celebrated with older people, who I guess we're used to eating early in their lives. They also travelled back and forth among the relatives. So they could share the children's joy with both sides of the family.

My mom experimented with Oyster dressing. Definitely an acquired taste. And necessary to hold your expectations and just enjoy the dish for what it is. We also lived on the west coast where seafood was prevalent. And we were used to enjoying Oysters among other fish choices.

A green tree was very traditional. Until glamor and the unconventional made the scene. White flocked trees of course were supposed to simulate trees in snowy climates and were beautiful. And speckled with sparkle and lasted a long time. Because being painted white helped preserve them! We'd put a spotlight on them instead of a string of lights. We'd travel all over getting ideas for new decorations. That was part of the fun and excitement as kids. Once I saw a tree painted black and quite a view painted deep purple.
Runeshaper 7 months ago
Lots of holiday choices to debate here! LOL
MrsPhilHarris 7 months ago
I like most of Lucy’s choices over Viv’s.
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Pacificsun MrsPhilHarris 7 months ago
Thank you for sharing in such nice detail. My favorite part is that your extended family demonstrated being so inclusive. And thinking of ways to honor many preferences. And was a wonderful way of creating those special memories for you to treasure always!!
Pacificsun MrsPhilHarris 7 months ago
Just from the advert in MeTV's Coming Attractions highlights I thought this was going to be dumb episode. But hadn't seen "The Lucy Show" in decades. I underestimated (at the time) how talented these actresses were regarding timing and sight gags. Their expressions alone were hilarious. And in spite of the obvious, were restrained and understated without sacrificing anything funny. Since they ripped up most of each other's trees. I guessed that by the end they'd (have to) "combine" the parts of the (green and white) trees into one. But prop-wise that was no easy feat at all. Because it had to end up looking like a Christmas Tree. IMO, there's no longer any physical comedy like there's on TV in these generations. A combination of fairly believable (imaginary) gags pulled off with humorous-purpose. LB was very generous in how she gave a lot of space for Vivian Vance to shine. The story was that VV was reluctant to return to a demanding TV Series again. Much less relocate to the West Coast. Being very happy and settled regarding her East Coast lifestyle. Yet she came through for her best friend, and LB rewarded her (talent-wise) for that effort (favor).

Great TV episode choice for the holidays, thank you MeTV!!
MrsPhilHarris Pacificsun 7 months ago
You are right that Viv gets to shine. I always thought they worked so well together on both ILL and TLS. I admit I always get a kick out of this episode. Interesting with these old shows that you have the kids singing a Christmas carol. I doubt that would not be allowed now.
MrsPhilHarris Pacificsun 7 months ago
I miss those days. I would love to go back and relive 24 hours from Christmas Eve to Christmas night just to see everyone again.
Suzies1952 10 months ago
I love watching I love Lucy, wish me tv would put it on
Deleted 18 months ago
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18 months ago
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18 months ago
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Deleted 18 months ago
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18 months ago
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Runeshaper 19 months ago
All valid points of argument lol
Pacificsun 19 months ago
Those alternatives might've been suggested by the idea that Lucille Ball's career was based in California, in L.A. so a white Christmas would be foreign. Except of course, she was born on the East Coast until travelling to Hollywood. (And LB did have a condo in Colorado as mentioned in the other MeTV story). While Vivian's traditions lean towards the East Coast, including more of a distinctive dinner menu. Sounds like something from Martha Stewart's cookbook. It was certainly a great storyline and a fun MeTV Story here. Thanks for helping to fill us with Holiday Cheer!
MrsPhilHarris 19 months ago
I wouldn’t have thought white trees were a thing when Viv was a child. To me it’s more of a 50s or 60s thing.

I have never had oyster dressing. Can’t even imagine what it would taste like. Salty?
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BuckeyeBeth Pacificsun 18 months ago
I think my aunt & uncle had that revolving spotlight on their tree for a few years. I’m pretty sure it was them. The memory is from a very young childhood. Being under 6 I was fascinated by it. They also did up a very full tree on a large round knee-high coffee table every year. They put the large tree skirt down (it would reach almost the floor), then the artificial tree on top of the table covered in lights, tinsel and ornaments. So much so I had always assumed they had a green artificial tree underneath all of the stuff like we did. But after she passed away and we were packing things up, my siblings pulled out a box that contained a white artificial tree. So much stuff on that tree I never knew it was white! I was also always amazed how much tinsel was draped all over that trees considering she had multiple cats. I guess they weren’t warning about the dangers of tinsel and cats back in the 70s. Must’ve taken her forever to take all that tinsel off every year.

An older relative had one of those colored trees back in the 70s. He had it because he thought it was funny. I can’t remember if it was red or pastel pink. Some crazy color. He also had gotten his hands on an enormous plastic bag and when the holidays were over he would just take the bag and cover the entire tree up and stored it like that. That way every Christmas there was no work to uncover a fully dressed tree.

We had the big 7ft or so artificial tree. I remember it was the fun family activity to put the thick wrapped wire ends into the “trunk” to assemble it. The fire going in the gas fireplace, old school Christmas specials on the TV, and assembling that tree. Good times😄

Holidays always meant Manhattan’s and other mixed adult drinks. I think I was in my early 20s before I realized that the line they always fed me as a kid that the older people in our family tend to have balance issues was just a lie to cover up the fact that they were getting tipsy 🤦‍♀️. I had been honestly worried about possibly inheriting balance issues when I got older. Thanks pops.
Pacificsun BuckeyeBeth 18 months ago
Thank you for sharing!

I enjoyed reading your memories!!
BuckeyeBeth Pacificsun 18 months ago
Thanks! I enjoyed your memories also! :D
MrsPhilHarris BuckeyeBeth 18 months ago
Thanks for the info Buckeye Beth. I don’t know anyone that makes oyster dressing so I suspect you are right that it an east coast thing.
Andybandit 19 months ago
I liked the Lucy show. I also wish it was on MeTv. But I could watch it on Decades channel. In the morning
bagandwallyfan52 19 months ago
daDoctah bagandwallyfan52 19 months ago
They run two episodes every weekday on MeTV Plus.
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