12 tubular one (and two) hit wonders from 1985

When Saturday Night Live cast members and Norwegian icons crashed then charts.

Top image: RCA Records / YouTube

Most one-hit wonders are never truly one-hit wonders. History just makes it seem that way. Because when a musical act scores a smash, there's typically a little carry-over to the follow-up single.

So, below you will find a dozen beloved songs that rocketed up the charts in 1985. Today, three decades later, they are seen as one-hit wonders. But most of them had another hit. And many of the musicians were massively successful under names — or in other fields of entertainment. Let's take a look and listen!

1. A-ha - "Take on Me"

No. 1 in October

Europeans would laugh at the notion of A-ha being a one-hit wonder. The Norwegian group has ten chart-topping albums to its credit, and handfuls of hits. But in America, we checked out after the synth-poppers' debut, Hunting High and Low. Thanks to its revolutionary music video and imitable keyboard riff, "Take on Me" became an emblem of '80s pop. With three-quarters of a billion YouTube views, it still resonates. The Scandinavians made a sequel video for "The Sun Always Shines on TV," which climbed to No. 20 a few months later.

2. Ready for the World - "Oh Sheila"

No. 1 in October

Often mistaken for Prince — not just for its sound, but for its reference to a woman named "Sheila," as in Sheila E. — Ready for the World is included in one-hit wonder compilations. But the Michigan synth-funk act did break into the Top 10 again the following year with the slow jam "Love You Down."

3. Eddie Murphy - "Party All the Time"

No. 2 in December

Rick James had the magic touch in 1985, though perhaps more of the credit should go to Saturday Night Live. The comedian showed off his solid falsetto with this frivolous party jam. This novelty number (rightfully) overshadows his other minor hit, er, "Put Your Mouth on Me," which went to No. 27 in 1989.

4. The Honeydrippers - "Sea of Love"

No. 3 in January

Considering he's the frontman of Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant is a far cry from a one-hit wonder. But his follow-up act was a flash in the pan. The rocker's plastic take on retro sounds peaked with a cover of Phil Phillips' 1959 classic "Sea of Love." Another throwback, "Rockin' at Midnight," went to No. 25 in February. The band only recorded a single EP.

5. Mary Jane Girls - "In My House"

No. 7 in June

With Rick James as their svengali, this L.A. girl-group boogied into the Top 10 with this jam off its second album. Two subsequent singles, "Walk Like a Man" and "Wild and Crazy Love," fell just short of breaking into the Top 40.