12 roads in America named after classic TV stars

Andy Griffith, Don Knotts, Donna Reed and Dan Blocker are now stretches of pavement.

You know you've made it when you're a cul-de-sac. Dozens of Hollywood celebrities have earned a star on the Walk of Fame. Far fewer have had significant lengths of pavement officially named after them.

Sure, there are all those blocks that have been "honorarily" named for a celeb. We're sitting on honorary Don Cornelius Way in Chicago, under a street sign erected in tribute to the Soul Train host. But that is not the actual name of the road.

We searched around these great United States for stretches of road officially named after some of our favorite stars of classic TV. Well, obviously, they're from classics. Otherwise, they wouldn't have a road named after them.

Some of them are in suburban neighborhoods, some are rural routes, others are short city drives. Let's take a look at a dozen. Road trip!

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1. Andy Griffith Parkway

Mount Airy, North Carolina

This TV titan gets a main drag right through the middle of his hometown, the same quaint Carolina hamlet that inspired Mayberry. If you live nearby and need a driver's license, you're heading down Andy's Parkway.

2. Don Knotts Boulevard

Morgantown, West Virginia

Obviously, Andy's good buddy need a street, too. Knotts has a prime stretch of waterfront roadway in his hometown of Morgantown. We bet that even the governor can't illegally park on Don Knotts Boulevard without getting a ticket. (That's an Andy Griffith Show reference, for those who don't know.)

3. James Garner Avenue

Norman, Oklahoma

The star of Maverick and The Rockford Files also has a significant street named for him in his hometown. It's right downtown and will take you straight to the University of Oklahoma.

4. Donna Reed Road

Denison, Iowa

You have likely sensed a theme here — massive celebs get streets in their tiny hometown. Donna Reed was from the remote burg of Denison, Iowa. It begins in the small downtown area and heads into the farmland. The fictional Midwestern setting of Hilldale on The Donna Reed Show was never given, but we assume it's nearby.

5. Tina Louise Lane

Acton, California

Many of us dream of living on Easy Street. Well, or you could live a block away on Tina Louise Lane. You can find it over the mountains just north of Los Angeles. The Gilligan's Island bombshell was from Brooklyn, however.

6. Lorne Greene Avenue and Dan Blocker Avenue

Henderson, Nevada

Serious Bonanza fans will want to head to this Las Vegas suburb, where Lorne Green Ave. intersects with Dan Blocker Ave — just over from Saddle Up Ave. 

7. Jackie Gleason Drive

Miami Beach, Florida

In 1966, The Jackie Gleason Show revived the beloved Honeymooners characters in full color. Gleason filmed the show in Miami. It's no wonder the oceanside city would be the modern location of Jackie Gleason Drive, which leads to the Fillmore theater.

8. Art Carney Place

Beverly Hills, California

Speaking of The Honeymooners, Norton himself has a short street, too. Art Carney shoots off of Bacall Loop — named for Lauren, we presume — in the exclusive Beverly Hills 'hood.

9. Fred MacMurray Lane

Ukiah, California

My Three Sons devotees will have to fill up on gas to reach Fred MacMurray Lane, which winds through the lovely Ukiah Valley wine country in Northern California. 

10. Danny Thomas Place

Memphis, Tennessee

Danny Thomas Place appropriately leads to St. Jude Childrens Hospital, the renowned research hospital founded by the TV star in 1962. There's a Starbucks off the road, too, but you could probably say that about most roads.

11. Betty White Road

Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

We're not quite sure how the legendary Betty White relates to the Gulf Coast, but there it is. Oddly, longtime costar Rue McClanahan does not have a street named after her, despite her name being Rue.

12. Howdy Doody Drive

Cadiz, Kentucky

Yep, even puppets have streets named after them. Well, probably just this one. The street lies in southwestern Kentucky.


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RedSamRackham 42 months ago
* Arthur Godfrey has a street in Miami! There is a major street in Rancho Mirage, CA, named after Bob Hope . Bob Hope Drive crosses Frank Sinatra, Gerald Ford, Ginger Rogers and Dinah Shore Drives.
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