10 spooky and kooky Halloween disco tracks for your perfect 1970s-themed party

Put the "Boo!" in "Boogie!"

Tired of doing the "Monster Mash"? Want something a whole lot funkier for your next Halloween party? Do you wear bell bottoms with your fake vampire fangs every October 31?

Well, we have the mix for you. Halloween novelty songs are a staple of the holiday, and the disco genre was riddled with novelty tracks. Naturally, the two worlds combined to make some ghoulish grooves. Or should we say, "Supernaturally…"

That being said, "novelty" is too cruel a word for some of these cuts, which are true dance floor classics. So, if you're dressing up as a Zombie Greg Brady this Halloween, and inviting all your friends over for a throwback party, here are some awesome disco songs for the occasion.

1. C.J. & Co - "Devil's Gun"


When disco mecca Studio 54 opened its doors as a nightclub on April 26, 1977, this was the first track played. This soulful Motor City group released its signature track that year, which became a No. 2 R&B hit. Still, from its lyrical content to the skulls on the cover, it is the perfect way to kick off your disco Halloween.

2. Addrisi Brothers - "Ghost Dancer"


Having previously composed the theme song to the TV series Nanny and the Professor, the Addrisi Brothers later set out to emulate the Bee Gees. "Ghost Dancer" sounds like some lost Saturday Night Fever demo, while the lyrics would fit right on a sitcom like The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.

3. Manhattan Transfer - "Twilight Zone"


Now that classic TV is on our minds (and, really, when is it not?) we turn to a disco-fied version of an eerie masterpiece — the theme from The Twilight Zone. The smooth jazz act Manhattan Transfer began with a boogie in its step, as evidenced on this jam. Honestly, how could you hate a song with the line, "Unpretentious girl from Memphis saw the future through a third eye"?

4. Champ's Boys Orchestra - "Tubular Bells"


Sticking with spooky, disco-fied theme songs, here is a deep cut that turns Mike Oldfield's "Tubular Bells" into a nightclub chiller. Of course, most will recognize the motif from the timeless horror film The Exorcist.

5. Jeff Wayne - "The Eve of War"


With the venerable Richard Burton provided the narration over a strong dance rhythm, this pop culture nugget is a bit of a precursor to "Thriller." A writer of TV ad jingles, Wayne turned H. G. Wells' sci-fi classic into his debut album. The record also featured the lead singers of Thin Lizzy and Manfred Mann's Earth Band.

6. Cerrone - "Supernature"


Next to Giorgio Moroder, Cerrone is one of the true founding fathers of electronic music. (Actually, Daft Punk more emulated this track in their Grammy-winning "Giorgio by Moroder.") The music under "Supernature" is awesome, but when you pay attention to the words, when not shaking it, you'll hear a dystopian tale of runaway science and beasts rising from the earth.

7. Hot Blood - "Soul Dracula"


Now we get into some true Halloween disco, songs with the ultimate monster, Count Dracula himself. While it's not exactly soulful, this goofy groove features a man in a Transylvanian accent moaning, "Soul Dracula!" in his best Bela Lugosi impersonation.

8. Hot Blood - "Baby Frankie Stein"


We had to feature two Hot Blood songs, like bite marks on the neck, because no other act managed to turn this whole Halloween disco thing into an entire album. Yes, two years after "Soul Dracula," the band dropped a full LP of monster hustle. This cut kicked off Side A.

9. Monsieur Goraguer ‎– "Sexy Dracula"


The alias of French composer Alain Yves Réginald Goraguer, "Monsieur Goraguer" was in his 60s when he jumped on the bandwagon. Seemingly, it was a hit in Japan.

10. Total Coelo - "I Eat Cannibals"


Yes, yes, we are cheating, as this is dipping into the Eighties. But, contrary to popular belief, disco did not die when the calendars turned to 1980. It merely evolved. And how could we not include this quirky British group. Not only did Total Coelo release this horror-themed pop single, they followed it up with "Dracula's Tango (Sucker For Your Love)."


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DarioWiter 40 months ago
Oh God! I'm gonna have that stupid song "I Eat Cannibals" stuck in my head all day! There was this girl in junior high named Charli(yep, that was her name, even though her actual name was Ann) who kept saying "I Eat Cannibals" like crazy during at school. When asked why she kept saying that, she said that it was a new song on the[Los Angeles] radio. God, how I hated it when she sang that stupid song! 😣
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