10 flavors of your favorite foods you will never eat again

We hope that lime was not your favorite candy flavor.

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Many of our favorite treats from our youth are now gone. Alas, we will (probably) never again snap into a Space Food Stick or spread Kraft Koogle on a piece of bread. 

But even those long-living treats that still exist today have gone through changes. Different generation have different palates, it seems. In the 1950s and 1960s, citrus and banana flavors ruled when it came to sweets. Kids in the Nineties were more into bright, bold berry things.

Here are ten iconic snacks, cereals and candies that altered their standard flavor offerings. Do you miss the old school options?

1. Trix


When introduced in 1955, the fruit cereal had more of a citrus, sunset vibe. The crunchy little orbs came in three flavors — orange, lemon and raspberry. (It was also nearly 50% sugar.) Over the years, purple, green and blue bites were added. In recent years, Trix made another radical change. It is now, at last, being made without artificial flavors or colors. So bye, bye, blue and green puffs.

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2. Froot Loops


Likewise, Kellogg's rival Froot Loops had only three flavors of "froot" — orange, red and yellow. Today, you can find them in bright colors like blue and green, if you want that artificial color fix. A few years ago, the cereal giant attempted to launch the brand in Great Britain, but European regulations banned the use of artificial flavors and colors. The cereal flopped and was pulled from the market.

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3. Starburst


Invented in the U.K., Starburst were originally called Opal Fruits. When introduced in the States in the late 1960s, the candies were rebranded M&M's Fruit Chews. They became Starburst in the 1970s. The four initial flavors were lime, strawberry, lemon and orange. Alas, poor lime. 

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4. Necco Wafers


As this vintage ad touted, the traditional candy originally offered eight flavors in its cylindrical wrappers. Today, there are merely seven flavors. Guess which got the boot? Yep, it's lime! The demise of artificial flavors is going to really hurt those who jones for lime candies.

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5. Life Savers


Hmm, what flavor bites the dust? Lime! Do people really not like lime flavored candies? The original five flavors served up pineapple, lime, orange, cherry and lemon. In 2003, lime, orange and lemon got the boot in favor of raspberry, watermelon and blackberry — though orange made a comeback.

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6. Nabisco Thins


Today you can find dozens of varieties of Wheat Thins and Good Thins from Nabisco. Those who grew up in the 1960s will remember Celery Thins and Bacon Thins. You won't find those anymore.

7. Jell-O


Speaking of celery, the gelatin salad craze of the 1950s led Jell-O to launch a line of savory flavors. These included "Mixed Vegetable," "Italian Salad," "Seasoned Tomato" and Celery. Mmm… jiggly greens.

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8. Pop-Tarts


Apple-Currant was one of the original flavors. These days, you are more apt to find Pop-Tarts flavored like coffee drinks or soda pops. We also miss the diagonal crease in the old ones, which made it easier to split and eat a single Tart.

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9. Twinkies


You'll have to be one of our older readers to remember this one, but the Hostess treat originally came with a banana cream filling. This was discontinued due to shortages in World War II, so it's been a while. The Banana Twinkies have been revived here and there over the years. Of course, we now eat an entirely different kind of banana, as the Cavendish banana replaced the Gran Michel banana in the mid-century.

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10. Three Musketeers


There's a reason it was called Three Musketeers. No, there was not a massive Dumas fanboy at Mars. The candy bar came with three flavors of filling — chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, like Neapolitan ice cream. That sounds fantastic.

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RedSamRackham 44 months ago
* We still have green Chuckles! ☺
idkwut2use 44 months ago
I LOVE lime candy (or anything), and am appalled by the bizarre conspiracy to do away with it. And gimme back my original Trix & Loops!! Some other stuff in the list sure looks good too...
ndebrabant 68 months ago
I miss the Pop Tarts without frosting.
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