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Sneak peek: Malenna Bravo

Photographer Mel Bravo didn’t start her Barbie collection until she was an adult — but she’s more than made up for lost time, amassing a collection of more than 3,000 versions of the world’s most famous fashion doll, plus accessories, spinoffs and more. And the collection is still growing — Mel estimates she spends $20,000 a year in new acquisitions.

Sneak peek: Meet Al Sorenson

Al’s passion as a collector is celebrity-autographed memorabilia, including a sketch he produced of Michael Jordan, which "MJ" autographed.

Sneak peek: Meet Errick Spencer

His passion and knowledge of sneakers — mostly Air Jordans — has led Errick "Unbreakable Kicks" Spencer to assemble an enormous and amazing collection of shoes, which he displays and then reviews on his YouTube channel for his many followers. The Kobe/Jordan pack and Drake collaboration are just a couple of the gems found in his valuable sneaker vault.


Sneak peek: Meet Scott Hamilton

Odds are, you already know Scott Hamilton. He is a four-time world champion figure skater, best known for winning the 1984 Olympic gold medal in Sarajevo. He’s also a world-class memorabilia collector — but not of skating ephemera. Scott primarily collects vintage pinball machines and guitars autographed by rock and roll’s most famous personalities.

Sneak peek: Meet Rodney Griffis

It’s all about bikes for enthusiast Rodney Griffis, owner of an extensive collection of antique bicycles — all meticulously curated and proudly displayed in his Illinois retail shop, Blue Moon Bikes.

Sneak peek: Meet Rick Heinz

Accountant and philanthropist Rick Heinz has been collecting sports memorabilia and art for more than 40 years, including a jacket signed by nearly 200 NFL Hall of Famers and  baseballs autographed by former U.S. presidents.