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Collecting brings people together, and this collection is proof of that! Take a look.

Jun. 16, 2024

There isn't a room left empty in Jennifer's house. Her collection could double as a museum with the amount of rare and valuable items she has neatly displayed throughout her entire home. 

Her memorabilia ranges from TV and movie costumes to props and games. Her love for collecting was sparked by two things: her husband, Rob, and her passion for being surrounded by pop culture at all times.

Rob is a pop culture expert who has been the expert on Collector's Call in previous seasons. The duo have been collecting together ever since they started dating years ago. Now, their love for each other and for pop culture shows no signs of slowing down. 

Jennifer shows us some of her favorite items, which include uniforms and costumes from classic TV. There's Ponch's well-fitted uniform from CHiPs, a couple of T.J. Hooker uniforms and some Little House on the Prairie props that'll take you back in time. 

Collecting brings people together, and this collection is proof of that! Take a look.

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1. Marty McFly's costumes and accessories

This iconic costume is a blast from the past—or the future. It's Marty McFly's screen-used costume from Back to the Future Part III (1990).

This costume is complete with the symbols on the shoulders, a belt buckle with spinning spurs and the iconic Nike shoes needed to complete the gag. 

According to Jennifer, the gag connected to this outfit was that Marty McFly wasn't able to put on his cowboy boots because he was chased, thus leaving him with the Nike shoes.

It's a costume that represents movie history. The fringe even still has dust on it from on-screen use and the collar comes with a little makeup on the side from the set. 

Also included with his fit was a wallet that included Marty McFly's license and an old family photo. 

Our expert put a value of $60,000 on this costume and its pieces. As Doc himself would say, "Great Scott!"

2. Knight Rider steering wheel and toys

This is a Knight Rider (1982) original production steering wheel and toys. Jennifer acquired this item during her father's time in the entertainment industry. 

He worked on Knight Rider as part of the crew throughout the 1990s. During his time working as a dolly grip on the series, he was able to bring home items that have remained in the family ever since. 

The set of Knight Rider was special for Jennifer because leading star, David Hasselhoff, would give away items like these with his signature on it for the children and crew members.

The steering wheel is from production, and the baseball was a gift to cast and crew. She loves having items from her past in her present collection. All of her father's little treasures are now Jennifer's to treasure forever. 

Our expert put a value of $3,800 on all the items. Although, she will never sell them because they are from Hasselhoff himself.

3. Ponch's costume from CHiPs

Jennifer loves a man in uniform, but she would also accept the uniform without the man! 

This costume belonged to Erik Estrada's character, Officer Poncherello, from the 1977 series CHiPs

According to Jennifer, this costume was screen-used and has Erik Estrada's initials (E.E.) on the tag of the costume to verify its the real deal. It is also complete with an original wardrobe tag, which helps set a value on this iconic item. 

The costume originally came stripped of identifiers, meaning it came without his badges or patches. She included a replica badge, and some patches because this costume wouldn't be complete without it. 

Our expert put a value on this costume at $4,000. The pants and helmet would have doubled it, but she will take Erik Estrada himself instead! 

4. Mr. Roarke's suit and Fantasy Island sign

This costume belonged to Ricardo Montalban's character, Mr. Roarke, from the Fantasy Island series (1977).

There are only three of these costumes that have been made, and Jennifer is lucky enough to own one of them! 

Mr. Roarke had some big moments on the series, including his signature opening credit line: "Smiles everyone!" 

Our expert valued this suit at $6,400. That's a price that'll leave smiles on everyone's faces. 

5. T.J. Hooker costume

Jennifer just happens to be in love with William Shatner, and now she owns a piece of TV history with Shatner's name written all over it—literally! 

This famous costume belonged to Shatner's character, Sgt. T.J. Hooker, from the 1982 series T.J. Hooker.  

Jennifer, who has an obsession with all things '80s, believes that T.J. Hooker is one of the most underrated series of all time. What do you think?

This screen-used costume comes with the original tie and tie clip. The fit was stripped of identifiers, but was complete with Shatner's signature (William S.) on the tag to prove it belonged to him. 

Our expert valued these T.J. Hooker uniforms (one uniform not shown) at $6,000. Clearly, Jennifer is collecting men in uniforms! 

6. Little House on the Prairie clapperboard and house replica

This house is worth a lot of money, even in today's economy! 

Jennifer loved the series Little House on the Prairie (1974) ever since she was a kid. This collection includes an original clapperboard used by director and star Michael Landon. 

The Little House on the Prairie house replica is from production designer Matt Jeffries, who was also known for his work in Star Trek: The Original Series.  

It's a reference and mock-up of the real home used in the series. It's complete with every detail seen in the series, including where Mary and Laura would sleep and where the family would have dinner. It's like the ultimate doll house for any classic TV lover! 

Our expert valued these two Little House on the Prairie pieces at $7,000.

7. The total value of Jennifer's collection:

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JJ614 1 month ago
Of all the things I've thought about, related to the Shat, TJ Hooker being underated was never one of them. I LOVED James Darren though, so I still watched. Loved him on Time Tunnel. But oddly enough, I loved him MOST as Vic Fontaine on DS9. At least he got to be the singer and entertainer he is!
dmirarh 1 month ago
Darn, Lisa is always soooo HOTT.
Runeshaper 1 month ago
WOW! This is an AWESOME collection! The Marty McFly outfit is extra cool (-:
KawiVulc 1 month ago
Way too attached to *stuff* & the Little House was the only interesting thing featured. Tell ya what, I'll give ya a hundred bucks, all the change in my pocket and a 2003 Ford Taurus for the lot.
harlow1313 1 month ago
I am fascinated by the way we humans imbue ordinary objects with magical meanings.
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