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He's already proven to be an expert, but now we will see just how much of a pro he is at collecting, too!

May. 19, 2024

You may recognize Mark Short as being one of our most featured experts on all things props, pop culture and costumes here on Collector's Call. With around 400 items in his collection, this old friend of ours shares his own personal collection of screen-used props and costumes.

Mark has built his collection around his love and memories of his favorite films and TV shows. His passion for collecting began close to home and was encouraged by his mom, who took him to his first auction and bought him his first collectible. No matter the price tag on his collection, Mark already finds it valuable to who he is.

He describes his collection as "the collection of his life" because it's a journey through his childhood and into his present work. He's already proven to be an expert, but now we will see just how much of a pro he is at collecting, too! 

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1. Ash vs Evil Dead Collection

There are a lot of intimidating things in Mark's collection, and here's one: complete with a chainsaw.

This collection of screen-used props and costumes comes from the 2015 TV show, Ash vs Evil Dead. You may recognize these items as belonging to the main character, Ash Williams, played by Bruce Campbell. 

The chainsaw is screen-used and can be seen in the first episode of the series. Don't worry, it's complete with a rubber blade for safety.

The robot hand is something Mark likes wearing himself to Comic Cons and other conventions. It's also screen-used from the series and proves that Mark loves giving a helping hand when he can (literally).

The screen-used costume also belonged to the main character and is his hero costume from season one. All of these items started as individual items that Mark has pieced together throughout his 35 years of collecting. 

Any horror fan would love to own any one of these pieces from Mark's collection. What do you think?

Our expert valued this Ash vs Evil Dead collection at $30,000.

2. Captain Power: Power Jet XT7 Model

This is the screen-used Power Jet XT7 model from the 1987 series Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future.

According to our expert, Captain Power was the '80s version of Star Wars. This studio miniature has a lot of special meaning for Mark, who watched it fly in the series. 

This one-of-a-kind item includes a battery pack that runs the engines and a switch to activate the guns. This realistic model is something Lisa Whelchel called "an art piece." Do you agree with her?

Our expert valued this item at $20,000. That's one high-flying price! 

3. Judge Dredd Costume

This is a screen-used costume that belonged to Sylvester Stallone's character, Judge Dredd, in the 1995 film Judge Dredd

This costume took Mark about three decades to collect and it still remains without pants. He is currently on the hunt to complete this iconic item by trying to find the leotard from the movie.

Mark had wanted to own this piece ever since he first watched the film. Everything in Mark's collection has special meaning and he pieced this costume together just to be able to own it.

This screen-used costume would be worth around $20,000. A great price for a piece without pants! 

4. Sentinel Maquette from The Matrix Reloaded

Many fans of The Matrix will recognize this iconic piece! This "creepy yet cool" piece, as Lisa Whelchel said it, is a sentinel maquette from the 2003 film The Matrix Reloaded.

This piece was used on-set but behind-the-scenes as a reference for cast and crew.

Two or three of these have gone to auctions, and Mark was luckily enough to score one for himself. The piece came straight from director Lilly Wachowski herself, making it even more special for Mark to own.

Our expert valued this item at $20,000. This is one of Mark's favorite pieces because anyone who looks at this piece instantly has a reaction of joy and nostalgia. Do you? Let us know below in the comments.

5. Predator Knife and Grenade Round

Mark considers The Predator to be one of the greatest movies of the 1980s!

This screen-used knife, made of wood, was used as a stunt prop to ensure no one was hurt during the filming of the 1987 movie.

Although this item is completely fake, the meaning behind the piece is real for Mark. 

You may remember it from one of the most famous scenes in cinema history. The main character, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, throws this prop knife at someone and sticks them to a wall. 

As they are pinned on the wall, his character says: "Stick around." Do you remember this iconic line?

Mark received this prop as a Christmas gift and has held it close to his heart ever since. Also included in his Predator collection is the dummy grenade seen in the film.

Our expert valued these pieces at $10,000, but even though the price is right, Mark would never part with these items.

6. Spartan Helmet from 300

Let's go back in time to ancient Spartan! This screen-used helmet belonged to Gerard Butler's character, King Leonidas, from the 2006 movie 300.

This helmet features horsehair, peacock feathers and unique scratches and cuts that were specific to certain battle scenes and moments.

It's one of those instantly recognizable pieces that Mark loves so much. Any film buff could identify this one! 

Our expert valued this item at $35,000.

7. The total value of Mark Short's collection:

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Avie 2 months ago
"Mark considers The Predator to be one of the greatest movies of the 1980s!"

Just "PREDATOR," not "The Predator."
WGH 2 months ago
Having him appraises on item seems kind of disingenuous. It's only worth as much as someone else would pay for it.

I love movies but wouldn't pay money for any of this stuff.
AltBill 2 months ago
I never saw or even heard of any of those shows in this collection. But that dress Lisa wore on this episode was beautiful on her!
MaryMitch AltBill 2 months ago
It really was pretty!

Lisa has surprised me; she has turned into quite a good host. I wish the program was an hour, so we could see more of the collections.
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