Spawn of Svengoolie TV Auditions Now Open!

On his journey out of the crypt, Svengoolie was truly inspired to discover his universe of friends and fans is vast and expanding. Wait, an “expanding Svengoolie universe?” Sounds like a brilliant idea! Svengoolie wants to invite fans into the dungeon to join in on the shenanigans! They could very well be the “Spawn of Svengoolie”. If you are a fan who has been influenced and entertained by the ideas and fun that make Svengoolie so special, this could be your moment!

Are you a Spawn of Svengoolie? Has Svengoolie spawned something in you? Do you think you have what it takes to be a part of our scream team?

This is your chance to audition. The search is open to find the Spawn of Svengoolie! Using the new Svengoolie mobile app, you can audition now!

What makes a perfect audition?

  • Prepare what you want to say before you start recording! Auditions should be under 30 seconds!
  • Start by introducing yourself with your name and where you are from.
  • Answer: Why am I a Spawn of Svengoolie?
  • Remember to say any relevant experience you have.
  • Smile and have fun! We are excited to meet you. Be excited to meet us!
  • Shoot video with your phone held sideways, in landscape mode.
  • Make sure you are in a well-lit place. (We know you might be in a dungeon, but we need to see you!)
  • Be in a quiet place without background noise.
  • Stand close to the phone so you can be seen and heard better.

Download the Svengoolie app

Search your app store for “Svengoolie” or click the buttons below to install the new Svengoolie app!

How To Submit Audition

After you install the Svengoolie mobile app, you will login using your Svengoolie/MeTV account or create a new account. The app is used to take photos and video with the Sven Cam to capture your audition. When you record the perfect audition, click the Share tab in the menu to select your video and submit to MeTV! All submissions include your confirmation that you agree with our Terms of Use.