Your TV Screen Becomes a Portal to the Future in "The Time Travelers"- Tonight!

Posted on April 6, 2024

Tonight on MeTV- a 1964 film foretells the future with a wall-mounted flatscreen TV- but a freak accident turns the screen into a path to a frightening future on a decimated earth- overrun by fierce mutants and the struggling survivors of humanity! It looks like existence could run out of time for “The Time Travelers”!

On a college campus, a group of scientists are perfecting an amazing invention- a screen by which they can view any period of time-past or future! It appears to be working in preliminary tests but is draining enough power that Danny, a technician from their power plant, comes by to warn them that they might have to shut down the experiment if they keep using so much energy. However, Dr. Steve Connors knows they must make this project work or they will lose funding- and begins to crank up various aspects of the system, while being warned about the dangers by the learned Dr. Erik Von Steiner and co-worker Carol White. His adjustments prove to be more than the system can handle- and after circuits get fused and short out, they are amazed to see on the screen, not the campus, but a weird, almost prehistoric landscape. The time selector shows that what they are seeing is over 100 years in the future! Danny then notices something strange about the screen- and, upon getting closer to it- discovers that it is now a portal, which he steps through into the barren surroundings they are viewing!

The scientists worry that the portal is unstable- and Erik goes through the portal to bring Danny back- while Carol and Steve do their best to keep the portal open. Suddenly they see some sort of strange humanoids running after the doctor- and Steve grabs a weapon and heads through to try and save Erik, while Carol fends off some of these mutant beings trying to come after her through the screen. With their window to the future unstable, she heads through to try to warn the others that they must return- only to have the portal suddenly collapse, leaving them stranded in time!

Their troubles are just beginning, as a gaggle of the grotesque locals, who are subhuman mutants, come after them. They flee, finally locating Danny, and try to hide in a cave- that turns out to offer them some strange protection- and an encounter with both humans and android inhabitants!

They are taken into the hidden underground city, home to the only human survivors of a world devastated by nuclear war and no longer able to sustain human life. They meet the leader of these last remains of civilization, Dr. Varno- who informs them that it is the year 2071- and the survivors, along with their android helpers, are working feverishly to build a sort of space ark to transport them all to a new world- which they must finish before the mutants manage to invade and take over their compound. There is one additional problem- there will not be room on the ark for the visitors from the past- so they must try to rebuild their time portal before it’s too late!

This film, which actually gave Irwin Allen the idea for the TV series “Time Tunnel”-and even provided Gene Roddenberry with ideas for “Star Trek”- and not only features a very familiar actor who’s been on our show multiple times -John Hoyt- but also a cameo of a notable figure to horror fans. Of course, we’ll introduce you to the rest of the cast as well, and take time to entertain you with our own visit to the past, a look at a futuristic game show, and a new song- and the ever-annoying Ignatius Malvolio Prankenstein- Imp- makes an appearance. We’ll also give you some info if you are interested in voting in this year’s Rondo Awards for favorites in horror and science fiction, and tell you what category I am included in.

“The Time Travelers” travel to MeTV at this time-8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. You can travel over to X/Twitter while the show is on to join in on the live-Tweeting by our Sven viewers- please make sure to include the hashtag #svengoolie in your Tweets. Our Chicago area viewers get a second trip to the desert to deal with “Gargoyles” at 11 am on CW26.

This past week actually marked a full 13 years that we have been on nationally on the MeTV network- and it’s fantastic how our show has grown in popularity, thanks to our viewers all over the country! Thank you all so much for the support!

We are also finally nailing down our appearance schedule for Chicago’s C2E2 convention at the end of this month- make sure you keep checking the “appearances” tab here on our website for full details that will be posted.

A quick reminder NOT to look at the solar eclipse on Monday- but to make sure you look at what we have for you tonight on MeTV!

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 during show

3 months ago
Hiya all Svenfriends! Let the record show that your favorite Bad Cat survived RSV for a third time- and the VA docs told me straight up that having the vaccine saved my life. The damage done while I served stays, but it is mitigated... Vaccines, my peeps, will save your life. Those around, as well. IMP? Not so sure, is there a shot for that?✨😸✨
Smilodon 3 months ago
There was a hilarious zombie film with the tag: "Back from the grave and ready to party". Yes!
ThePhantomStranger 3 months ago
Not a favorite movie, but anything with Peter Cushing is worth a watch
1MikeM 3 months ago
...and dat was Tarzan Meets Dracula...and dat's da name a dat tune!
Mandi7882 3 months ago
1MikeM Mandi7882 3 months ago
...and meatballs! Chef Boyardee!
lvscottb 3 months ago
Evening all, ready!?!?
1MikeM lvscottb 3 months ago
Hey lvscottb, you know it! Ready as we'll ever be!
DanW65 3 months ago
Awesome show. How did I miss this one as a kid?
foamergirl 3 months ago
I really liked that Julie on the Sven Squad!
DanW65 foamergirl 3 months ago
Yeah, she was pretty cool.
Blaydrnnnr foamergirl 3 months ago
She's been known as Pinup Palmer ( real name Sarah Palmer) for a long time. She's had parts in a few things including as Poison Ivy on one of the Joker tv series back in 2016.
Her star's been rising for awhile. Especially on social platforms.
Blaydrnnnr Blaydrnnnr 3 months ago
Sorry, thought you were talking about Gwen.....
JR000 3 months ago
Chicken noodles?
Blaydrnnnr JR000 3 months ago
No budget money in the FX dept I guess.
Blaydrnnnr 3 months ago
I dont remember the side bars....during the Sven bits? Or is it that it's just an older show?
ebworthen 3 months ago
Howdy Gang,

I'm enjoying the Stooges and ready for "The Time Travelers".

Gwengoolie is HOT.

Don't tell her I said that, or it might go to her head.
Reesesparents 3 months ago
Are there really very few people on the chat tonight or is this a technical issue?
Blaydrnnnr Reesesparents 3 months ago
I think things are messed up.
1MikeM Blaydrnnnr 3 months ago
Yep, they sure is! Well anyway, that's a cool avatar ya got there!
Reesesparents 3 months ago
Is there another Superbowl tonight or what?
lcross 3 months ago
I feel like I went back in time! what happened to this week's newsletter?
1MikeM lcross 3 months ago
Like a week back? Keepin' with the theme from THE TIME TRAVELERS only we all went back a week in time.
DoctorSavage 3 months ago
Well gonna watch....if not going to fix newsletter guess I won't comment tonight
DoctorSavage 3 months ago
Even comments haven't updated since last week...were stuck in a time tunnel
1MikeM DoctorSavage 3 months ago
Doug and Tony, maybe they are at The the basement!
Devilblue 3 months ago
We've time traveled to last week's film.
JaniceMaureen 3 months ago
Hello Sven Frens😍yes ..glad it’s not just me seeing last week’s newsletter! lol Oh well, someone goofed a bit but that’s ok we’re all only human💕looking forward to tonight’s Island of Terror 🏝️😱 and our wonderful Sven💜Enjoy all!🎥❤️
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