You Can't Keep a Bad Man Down- so "Dr. Phibes Rises Again"- Tonight!

Posted on May 21, 2022

Tonight on MeTV- we continue our monthlong salute to Vincent Price by picking up where last week’s movie left off- only a few years later- when the killer keyboardist is restored to life- and sets out on a quest to return his beloved wife to the realm of the living- while racing against an anxious adversary to a certain spot in Egypt that promises eternal life- as “Dr. Phibes Rises Again”!

After a brief recap of the last film, we pick up three years later- when the position of the moon sets off the revival process that releases Phibes from the grave! He now feels the time is right to use a manuscript he has in his safe to find a hidden temple through which flows the River of Life- which can restore his wife Victoria and provide him, as well, with eternal life. He again has the assistance of his female accomplice Vulnavia ( with no excuse given for why she is alive and beautiful as ever after her dousing in deadly acid in the previous film!)

Only one problem- the manuscript is gone! Phibes realizes only one man can be behind its disappearance- one Biederbeck, who has the same need to find the River of Life, having stayed alive for centuries thanks to the use of a unique elixir- but the elixir is running out.

Phibes regains the manuscript, in his usual devious and deadly manner, and sets out across the sea to Egypt- with Vulnavia and his wife’s comatose body in tow- but Biederbeck and his beautiful red-haired love, Diana, are aboard as well to make the journey to remote Egypt. A strange shipboard mishap clues in Phibes’ old adversary, Inspector Trout, that the fiend is back- and soon he and his superintendent Waverly head out in pursuit to the desert!

Biederbeck already has a crew hard at work at the mountain that is supposedly the site of the temple- in which Phibes sets up a new headquarters upon his arrival! Phibes must find the key that will open the gates to the River of Life- while returning to his evil ways, this time, instead of using Biblical plagues to defeat his enemies, using methods inspired by Egyptian mythology! Time is running out for Biederbeck- as well as the lives of his associates- as he and Phibes face off -with the lovely Diana’s life used as the ultimate bargaining chip!

This film, released in 1972, the year after “The Abominable Dr. Phibes”, continues the saga with the same black humor of the original. Vulnavia actually was not going to be a part of this film- for obvious reasons- but American International demanded she be in it- though the original’s actress, Virginia North, was pregnant at the time, and so Valli Kemp was cast as Phibes’ silent associate. We’ll talk about others in the cast, including Robert Quarry as Biederbeck- and several actors returning from the original film. We’ll add some behind the scenes information- plus lead you through one more round of our drawing game “Too Drawn Out”, a new song, and a tabloid TV-type expose of the undead Doctor!

“Dr. Phibes Rises Again” will arise on your TV tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. For those who may not be able to get MeTV via over the air broadcast or on cable or dish, you should know that now, MeTV streams in real time on the FrndlyTV app. There is a nominal monthly charge for that. Viewers will again be active on Twitter during the show, live-Tweeting about the program, and you are invited to do the same- make sure you add the hashtag #svengoolie . Chicago area viewers can get an encore of the first part of this series “The Abominable Dr. Phibes” at 11 am on our main local station, CW26.

Join us tonight when Dr. Phibes returns from the crypt- to his murderous ways!

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 during show

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1MikeM 8 months ago
well that's it for me, gonna watch THE TIME TUNNEL and after that...time for go to sleep...good day!
CheriEspinoza 8 months ago
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Geo CheriEspinoza 8 months ago
Get bent and go bug another blog.
1MikeM 8 months ago
...and dat was Dr. Phibes Rises Again...and dat's da name a dat tune
vettenoir 8 months ago
Good (almost end of) Friday! Hopefully everyone had a good week.
The1Butler 8 months ago
Carol burnett is the bride of Frankenstein!
MrsG The1Butler 8 months ago
Quite a skit Butler !
Catbat The1Butler 8 months ago
Funny stuff on Carol tonight 😂
The1Butler MrsG 8 months ago
That was good, never seen it b4
Shayla 8 months ago
Going drive!! Gotta learn how to drive at night. Don’t think I’ll be back in time for the brawl. Enjoy y’all’s night!! See ya tomorrow!!🦇😎
MADave Shayla 8 months ago
Good luck
Shayla 8 months ago
Opinions on Vincent Price’s Great Mouse Detective!!??
NoPersonalChicks 8 months ago
As a parting shot to this week's blog and the birthday boys, here they are getting ready to string up Uta Levka on set of 'Scream and Scream Again' with Peter Cushing. Mr. Price threw a birthday party for the three at Madame Tussauds Chamber of Horrors today in 1969.
Shayla NoPersonalChicks 8 months ago
Wow!!! What a way for that girl to go!!🤣🤣 Thanks man!!
Oh to be at that party !
NoPersonalChicks 8 months ago
This comment has been removed.
The1Butler 8 months ago
Watching concert on utub but Mr Price is on Carol Burnett. Pause ., metv .
Shayla The1Butler 8 months ago
That will always come first!!🤣😎
The1Butler Shayla 8 months ago
Mr Price is bizy .😀
Shayla The1Butler 8 months ago
😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏 Was his excuse that he going to his friends house??🤣🤣🤣🤣
The1Butler Shayla 8 months ago
Hes working late 😎
Shayla The1Butler 8 months ago
Kergooliewyn The1Butler 8 months ago
Now this is a treasure.
abc123 8 months ago
Not feeling confident in my computers ability to get me the first post tonight. It took almost 40 minutes to upload a 1 minute video to YouTube.
The1Butler abc123 8 months ago
Something is off 🤨
Shayla abc123 8 months ago
That’s pretty weird!
Catbat abc123 8 months ago
I feel you. I been having to log in every time for the last couple of days
Klaatu 8 months ago
Testing 1 - 2 - 3. Checking on how fast my computer can post in a refresh blog. Getting ready for the 12am change. Instead of my phone, my computer takes .000001 seconds to refresh. Too bad I'll be half asleep at 12am and I'll miss the fun.
CrazyK Klaatu 8 months ago
How long does it take to refresh your drink? 🍹 😂
The1Butler Klaatu 8 months ago
My phone is roughly a second
Shayla Klaatu 8 months ago
Nine refreshes great!! I think I’m set!!😎😁
Klaatu 8 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Shayla 8 months ago
Dave: Ashten likes some old shows; but he don’t know bout all of em! Now that we are together, we’ll!! That’s speaks for itself! There are some non older stuff that we like! Ya know stuff that MeTV doesn’t show. Big Bang and stuff! However, I have a feeling that Svengoolie may be a new catch for him!!😎😁
LmerFudd Shayla 8 months ago
He has potential. Let's see how he works out.
Shayla LmerFudd 8 months ago
1MikeM Shayla 8 months ago
ShaylaBela, they have some mighty fine programs out there. Maybe you and Ashten could take a look at SEINFELD and KING OF QUEENS. Funny stuff! If y'all interested in some old 1960s crime fighting shows they have GREEN HORNET starring Van Williams and Bruce Lee. I believe they have some episodes on youtube.
1MikeM Shayla 8 months ago
MeTV is doing a great job!
MADave 8 months ago
Doesn't look like another 5000 comment blog this week oh well at least we have over 4500 right?
Carl_N_Brown MADave 8 months ago
4521 when I checked.
MADave 8 months ago
This comment has been removed.
CrazyK 8 months ago
Hey Jack, I got some friends that are in Lexington, Kentucky this weekend for some motorcycle races, not sure if that’s near where you are. Hope everything is going well w/your Mom 😎
Jack CrazyK 8 months ago
Lexington is about forty miles north on I75. Things could be better with Mom, but the shingles have cleared up and she walking a little more.
CrazyK Jack 8 months ago
Oh cool, that’s close! I’m glad to hear Mom is improving and I hope she gets even better real soon!
Jack CrazyK 8 months ago
MrsG 8 months ago
Hey MeTV’ers ~
Good one tonight at 11 ET on THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW ~
Our guest of honor this month ~
Mr. Vincent Price !
The1Butler MrsG 8 months ago
11 pm !
MADave MrsG 8 months ago
MrsG loved him on THE MUPPET SHOW very funny
Katink MrsG 8 months ago
Be there or be scare(d) 😨🤤😬
MrsG Katink 8 months ago
Yes indeedy sweetie !
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