We March Into the Mayhem of the "Curse of the Werewolf" - Tonight!

Posted on March 4, 2023

Tonight, we start off a month with a majority of fuzzy frights-with England’s fabled Hammer Studios’ solitary lycanthrope tale - in which young Oliver Reed progresses from a strange childhood to an adult life tainted by- the "Curse of the Werewolf"!

Back a few centuries ago, in a small Spanish town- an amiable beggar is confused upon finding the town seemingly deserted, and almost empty- until he wanders into a tavern, where, at last, he finds some of the locals. They explain to him why they are all keeping a low profile – today is the day that the despicable and heartless nobleman who rules the town- the Marquis-is getting married and hosting a celebration for only his fellow crass aristocratic associates at his estate.


The beggar, thinking hitting up the wealthy might benefit him, dares to enter the celebration. Immediately, he finds himself mocked, treated cruelly, and derisively used as entertainment for the Marquis and his guests. It seems like this torture is about to end, when the poor soul makes an ill-timed remark, which infuriates the temperamental Marquis, who has him tossed into the dungeon. He spends years in a dank cell, completely forgotten by the cruel ruler. His mind and body slowly deteriorate, with the only comfort coming from the kindness of the mute daughter of the jailer.

As years pass, the girl blossoms into a beautiful woman- as the beggar has devolved into a mad, animalistic wretch. The years have not made the aged marquis any kinder either- and, when the lecherous old coot spots the gorgeous woman, and is unaware that she cannot speak, he tries to take advantage of her. The poor woman fights back- which leads to her being thrown into the same cell as the crazed beggar- with horrid consequences.

Eventually she makes her escape, fleeing into the woods, where she collapses– only to finally be found, fortunately, by a kind and learned man-Don Alfredo. The gentleman brings her to his home, and, as his housekeeper tends to mute beauty, they discover -she is with child! As the time of birth nears, the housekeeper is worried by old folklore that states that a child such as this, if born on Christmas, is considered an aberration to God, and would be in for a life inflicted with some nameless evil. As if to fulfill this prophecy of evil, the child is indeed born on this holiest of days!

Regardless, the good-hearted and generous Don Alfredo raises the child as if he were his own son. As the boy Leon grows, he begins to show some odd -even frightening- tendencies - and when the torn apart bodies of livestock are found, seemingly attacked by some brutal animal, there is reason to believe that Leon may be involved.

Prayer and kind treatment help Leon get past the strange occurrences of his childhood, and he matures into a handsome young adult. He heads out into the world to make his own fortune, feeling he has left his troublesome past behind, and finds his first employment in the cellar of a vintner, bottling wine. He also finds himself attracted to his employer’s young daughter who, unfortunately, is already spoken for by a pompous young aristocrat. And yet- she seems to prefer Leon, though it is forbidden by her situation! Leon’s happy-go-lucky co-worker convinces him that the way to forget about his troubles of the heart is by heading to a local tavern, loaded with drinks and women. Leon’s unhappiness is only made worse by excessive drinking- and when the full moon rises it brings about a horrible transformation and deadly consequences. Leon soon is caught between his curse and his love for the young girl- all of which leads him into unspeakable horror!


This 1961 film has all the features Hammer is known for- with brilliant color, shocking violence, sultry women, and one of the most unique werewolf make-up designs ever! We will discuss the make-up, and our cast, including young Oliver Reed and the breath-taking Yvonne Romain; and add some Sven fun to lighten the mood. We do want to point out that this film does have some situations that may not be suitable for younger and more sensitive viewers, due to violence and adult themes-so discretion is advised. PLEASE take the warning seriously! Watch for a vintage werewolf song from the past, another look at “Spawns of Svengoolie” and some of the past gags from “Kerwyn’s Corner”!

“Curse of the Werewolf” is on Me-TV tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check for time and channel in your local listings or at www.metv.com. You can live-Tweet along with viewers during the show on Twitter- use the hashtag #svengoolie and help us to trend high among the most talked-about topics, as happens almost every week! Chicago viewers should brace themselves for an encore of the Toho Studio’s favorite “War of the Gargantuas” at 11 am on our local CW26.

We did want to pay tribute to Ricou Browning, who passed away this past week. He was the iconic underwater Gill Man in the “Creature from the Black Lagoon” series- but also had a great career as a director, producer, and cinematographer. He was the co-creator of the dolphin series “Flipper”- and directed underwater sequences for everything from the James Bond film “Thunderball” to the pool sequence in “Caddyshack”. I am sorry that I never was at a convention with him, and would have loved to meet him- may he rest in peace.

Check out our store for our new Sven St. Paddy’s Day wear- and remember to check soon under our appearances tab for some upcoming public appearances!

Tonight, though, the full moon will rise, and the fur flies on MeTV!

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 during show

Duskblaze 11 months ago
"While the housekeeper tends to mute beauty." So the housekeeper's unattractive?
ronlevao 15 months ago
Just caught up with Curse of the Werewolf. It appears that the "slow" beggar who dances before the cruel nobleman before fathering the werewolf himself is played by THE Richard Wordsworth, great great grandson of one of England's best known poets, William Wordsworth. What would Coleridge have thought?
Cartoondave 15 months ago
Not sure if I'll be able to be here before new blog my phone battery is low and I'm really tired so I think I'll call it a night but you never know if I'll pop in if not, I'll see Mikeyyy dale Catbat possibly gabste??? And the rest are here on Svengoolie's Blog
PatS Cartoondave 15 months ago
Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale...🎶🎵🎶
Mikeyyy Cartoondave 15 months ago
I'm here now and will be for toon duty as catbat calls it.
gabste Cartoondave 15 months ago
I was waiting for midnight and I just missed it. I was looking at furniture online 🤣 so I appeared late
abc123 15 months ago
Was pressed for time to get all my ducks in a row, so just reached into the recent past for my backdrop. I will be more original next week for a New To Me movie!
Carl_N_Brown 15 months ago
Trying to orient myself.
THE ISLAND OF LOST SOULS is in the tropics.
THE ISLAND OF MISFIT TOYS is in one of the arctics. North?
Jack Carl_N_Brown 15 months ago
_Arctic_ comes from ancient Greek ἀρκτικός “of the bear,” after either Ursa Major or Ursa Minor (the Great Bear and the Little Bear) which are prominent in the northern celestial sphere. This was long before the Greeks knew anything about polar bears or Yogi and Boo Boo. _Antarctic_ is literally “anti-Arctic” because it’s opposite the Arctic and the bears in the sky.
PatS Carl_N_Brown 15 months ago
H. G. Wells makes his book sound very geographically verifiable by giving the coordinates as Latitude 5° S. and Longitude 105° W. That's somewhere in the South China Sea, close to the Equator. Not very near Samoa, though.
VanGooliac PatS 15 months ago
The movie establishes the location as Samoa.
The movie was actually filmed on Catalina Island, so you may want to add Catalina dressing to your themed meal
ronlevao VanGooliac 15 months ago
The island of Romance!
Katink 15 months ago
Just finished grocery shopping, an unusual time slot for us. The cashier asked if we had plans for the weekend, and I said yes, and told her about Svengoolie, the blog, and my themed dinner pictures. There wasn't a line, so I pulled out my phone and showed her and her bagger some pictures (truck stop food from Duel and circus food from Killer Clowns from Outer Space). 😁
Katink 15 months ago
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abc123 Katink 15 months ago
I was a work a few weeks ago and conversation turned to social media. I mentioned the videos i made and a couple people thought it was cool. looks like one even subscribed to my youtube site (at 25 now!).
Katink abc123 15 months ago
That's neat, abc!
Lynn Katink 15 months ago
Nicely done!
Klaatu 15 months ago
We all love Max Fleischer for his direction of the cartoons we love, but his brother (?) Dave Fleischer directed the old 1941 Adventures of Superman animated series. I wish MeTV could air classics like this.
Klaatu Klaatu 15 months ago
I see Max was involved with the old Superman too👍
Jack Klaatu 15 months ago
Max, David, and early on, brother Joe Fleischer all worked in animation in the nineteen-teens, and were all involved in the development of the rotoscope. Max and Joe partnered in their first studio, Out of the Inkwell Films, Inc. in 1921. In 1929 the brothers co-founded Fleischer Studios. Fleischer Studios exists today under Max’s grandson, Mark Fleischer, and holds the rights to Betty Boop and her associates, which are merchandized through King Features Syndicate.
NoPersonalChicks 15 months ago
Ogre and Seinfeld's mom on The A-Team. Oh, and Hannibal - learn how to pronounce Nacogdoches!
Jack NoPersonalChicks 15 months ago
Not to be confused with Natchitoches, altho’ they are connected.
NoPersonalChicks 15 months ago
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Deleted 15 months ago
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MrsG 15 months ago
Thanks for the reminder Kyle ~ just set to record because I am making a quick fish fry run ~
Stay safe out there our Arctic Ranger *_*
❄️ 💨 ❄️
Katink 15 months ago
Hey there, Kyle! Hope this means you are all better!
15 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Katink 15 months ago
So glad, Kyle!
Klaatu 15 months ago
As it pours rain, I decided to treat my wife to an early lunch at what was Walt Disney’s favorite lunch time restaurant:Tam O’Shanter. Walt had lunch at his favorite table (see pic) where the restaurant put a plaque, and where etchings of his animated characters still live in the tabletop. They also have a Scotch whisky drink named in Walt’s honor. Also, this restaurant is known as being Walt’s source of design for Snow Whites Seven Dwarfs’ home. Pretty fun on this cold dreary afternoon.
JohnBlair Klaatu 15 months ago
DanG!!! Hi ho!
Jack Klaatu 15 months ago
It does look like it was built, owned, and operated by Dwarven-Americans.
NoPersonalChicks Klaatu 15 months ago
It appears J. R. R. could've drawn inspiration from the joint too.
Jack NoPersonalChicks 15 months ago
Especially if they have ale!
Klaatu Jack 15 months ago
Oh they have Ale👍👍. I respect a menu that states “Proper Pint”.
Jack Klaatu 15 months ago
Lynn Klaatu 15 months ago
How neat!
Cartoondave 15 months ago
Sorry no picture but this morning before heading off to work I saw my first pigeon of the season he was just hopping along the top of the back deck I called him Walter
JohnBlair Cartoondave 15 months ago
Hello Walter Pigeon
Aceman2 JohnBlair 15 months ago
VanGooliac 15 months ago
I just read that the fossil of a 50 million year old giant ant was found near Princeton, British Columbia.
The Titanomyrma (Titanic Ant) was estimated to be half a foot long. I just wish Bert I. Gordon could have hung on a little longer and seen this.
PatS VanGooliac 15 months ago
If it's only half a foot long, we can still stomp it!
DrSerizawa VanGooliac 15 months ago
How'd you like one of them coming to your bird feeder?
DrFish28136 VanGooliac 15 months ago
Thanks for finding this.

Titanomyrma is a genus of prehistoric giant ant. The latest species to be discovered, T. lubei, was described in 2011, when a 49.5-million-year-old fossilized winged queen ant, comparable in size to hummingbirds, was found in Wyoming, United States. This fossil is the first fossil of a giant ant found in the Western Hemisphere. The presence of Titanomyrma in North America is considered to indicate "the first reported cross-Arctic dispersal by a thermophilic insect group".[1] Another fossil species of this genus, T. gigantea, is the largest-known fossil or extant species of giant ant in the world.
Jack DrFish28136 15 months ago
_Study skin_ of a rufous hummingbird.
CountCurt 15 months ago
I am assuming that the Island Of Lost Souls will be shown in its entirety. It is only 71 minutes long and now Sven is 2.5 hours. That is lots of time and leaves lots of time for Sven to share.
Aceman2 CountCurt 15 months ago
Gotta ask about the avatar. Why a crow table lamp manufactured by NorDiem? Crow, raven, or blackbird. Inquiring minds want to know!
PatS Aceman2 15 months ago
It's on that site named after a river in Brazil. Starts out saying it's a Raven Lamp, then says it's "a gothic crow carrying its precious thing." Now all you need is a bust of Pallas.
Aceman2 PatS 15 months ago
Lots of internet sites selling it. Who knew people liked crow/raven lamps. Also available as a sconce.
Jack PatS 15 months ago
Rio Paraná?
Aceman2 15 months ago
The youngest granddaughter just turned 6. Ears pierced and had a bowl of pasta- she knows how to celebrate!
VanGooliac Aceman2 15 months ago
She eats pasta a lot more elegantly than I did at that age
Lynn VanGooliac 15 months ago
She eats pasta a lot more elegantly than I do now! 😄

The first time my Italian-Irish husband saw me cut spaghetti with a knife, it nearly ended the relationship. He eventually married me anyway!
VanGooliac Lynn 15 months ago
It was lucky he is not one hundred percent Italian
TheKodakKid Aceman2 15 months ago
Happy Birthday to the youngest Miss Aceman.
Katink Aceman2 15 months ago
Happy Birthday, Sweetie 🎂🍧
Aceman2 15 months ago
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Jack daDoctah 15 months ago
deadringer42 VanGooliac 15 months ago
deadringer42 deadringer42 15 months ago
This is my favorite because, well, oh, never mind I don’t want to reveal to much personal info here.
deadringer42 deadringer42 15 months ago
This is my other favorite. I actually went the midvale elementary when I was I yute in Michigan.
MrsG 15 months ago
Yippy I O Ki Ay ,
Yippy I O Ki Ay ,
Yippee yo , it’s Friday 🤠
CrazyK MrsG 15 months ago
“Boy Howdy!!!” 🤠
Lynn MrsG 15 months ago
And Svengoolie Eve!!!🎉
Jack 15 months ago
On this day in history (1997): _Buffy the Vampire Slayer_, created by Joss Whedon and starring Sarah Michelle Geller, premiered on that other network that begins with a “W.”
TheKodakKid Jack 15 months ago
That was before Weigle Communications was formed, and put those other networks out of business.

What is The Law?

There are no other networks.

That is the law.
PatS TheKodakKid 15 months ago
Are we not Gooliacs?
Jack 15 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Jack PatS 15 months ago
Klaatu 15 months ago
The last time I remember seeing the current Popeye toon was when I was I grade school. Hmmm, maybe I’m still I grade school🤔
Aceman2 15 months ago

"The idea of living a long life appeals to everyone, but the idea of getting old doesn't appeal to anyone."

-- Andy Rooney
CountCurt Aceman2 15 months ago
I sometimes liked Andy Rooney at the end of 60 Minutes better than the rest of the program.
Aceman2 CountCurt 15 months ago
Me too!
MrsG Aceman2 15 months ago
Me 3 *_*
Thanks for reminding me of Mr. Rooney Aceman ~
Loved his quotes and down-to-earth , common sense style ~ very unique , eloquent and entertaining ~
~ Also really used to enjoy Charles Kuralt on Sunday Morning ~
CrazyK 15 months ago
Cartoon Curator Bill said Today’s ToonInwithMe is “themed all around the Oscars, which are airing this coming Sunday.”
I didn’t even know cartoons could be nominated for and win Oscars, that’s pretty cool.
CountCurt CrazyK 15 months ago
I missed toons today. I know that Disney won a number of them for their toons as well as their tunes. Bill probably shared that. The new Avatar is nominated for best picture this year.
CrazyK CountCurt 15 months ago
Wow, cool 😎 👍
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