Universal's Mt. Rushmore of Horror? Enter the "House of Frankenstein"-Tonight!

Posted on May 11, 2024

Tonight on MeTV- Boris Karloff, the original Frankenstein Monster, returns to the Universal Frankenstein franchise- but in a different role in the studio’s biggest "monster rally" movie of all! Dracula, the Wolf Man, a hunchback- and even the Monster – return for a horror house party. We invite you to be a guest at the "House of Frankenstein"!

Tracking the chronology of the films in Universal’s Frankenstein series, this 1944 feature is definitely the follow-up to “Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man”. It all begins on a stormy night, in a desolate prison where Dr. Neimann, a twisted scientist, is incarcerated for his unspeakable experiments which authorities have labelled as crimes against nature! After physically threatening a guard, Neimann lectures his cellmate, the hunchbacked Daniel, on his experiments and the theories he has, based on the work of his idol, Dr. Frankenstein. Suddenly, the powerful storm causes major destruction and this provides an escape for the two convicts!

Struggling away from the prison down a muddy road in the midst of a driving rain, they encounter a stalled wagon, actually a traveling "house of horrors". The dastardly duo helps the proprietor get back on the road-but they are hardly Good Samaritans, as they help themselves to both his wagon- and his identity! Neimann reasons that by disguising himself as the showman, they can travel incognito on their quest to discover Dr. Frankenstein's lost secrets of creating life. At this point a very willing accomplice, Daniel has his reasons- he hopes that the doctor will use his knowledge to operate on his misshapen back, and make him look like a normal man.

In order to maintain their cover, the duo join a small village's fair and become a sideshow attraction, displaying the collection of oddities they have purloined. One of the local authorities in the crowd thinks he recognizes this showman- but can’t quite place who he is. Angered by the man’s suspicion, Neimann unwittingly removes a stake from the remains of Count Dracula- reviving the vampire! He warily makes a deal with the count, offering him protection if he helps in Neimann’s quest for revenge. The count agrees, but soon goes off on his own fiendish agenda, including murder and enlisting a lovely young bride to join him among the ranks of the undead!

Fleeing from this village and Dracula’s treachery, Neimann’s travels finally bring him closer to his main objective- the ruins of Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory. A stop at a nearby gypsy camp adds one more passenger to their wagon- a pretty young gypsy girl whom Daniel rescues from misfortune! The gypsy immediately captures the deformed man’s heart, in spite of the possibility that his condition may keep her from returning his affection- all the more reason to get Niemann to cure his plight!

They continue to the actual ruins of the Frankenstein castle - and stumble upon frozen underground catacombs- where they find the frozen bodies of the Wolf Man and the Frankenstein Monster (again, liking to the last film, the result of the water flooding the castle at the end of “Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man”)! They thaw the Wolf Man out first- and he reverts to his human form of Larry Talbot - but the Monster, still in a weakened state, must receive some treatment soon if he is to be restored to full consciousness and power.

They decide to take him to Neimann's own abandoned laboratory- but, along the way, Daniel is dismayed and angered to find that the gypsy girl he desires now finds Talbot attractive! The mad doctor sets to work – with a plan to heal the Monster, and take revenge on the locals who sent him up the river. It becomes evident that mere jealousy isn't the only reason Daniel and Talbot are at odds- both want to be brain donors for the Monster, which would eliminate the donor’s problem, be it the curse of the full moon or physical deformity. Neimann's promises to both men go by the wayside as he works towards what HE wants- restoring the Monster to full power and having it at his command to get revenge! Meanwhile, the suspicious villagers have reason to believe that something sinister is going on at Neimann's old place... setting the stage for another torch and pitchfork reprisal- and a final battle between legendary monsters!

This film was the original “monster mash-up” film, bringing together many of Universal's " big three" monsters (the Mummy would also have been a part of the roster, but that didn’t pan out). For the first time, John Carradine takes on the role of Count Dracula (a role he would again take on in the next "monster rally" film, "House of Dracula”), and big Glenn Strange makes his first appearance as the Frankenstein Monster. Of course, we have the only man to ever play Larry Talbot in the classic era of Universal monster films, Lon Chaney Jr in his unforgettable role- and it’s all topped off by the addition of the era’s King of Horror, Karloff! We'll fill you in on the whole cast- and there’ plenty of Sven fun in store- we bring you a song, visit one of our frequent haunts-and present a vintage chat with a real expert on Universal monsters (as well as being a hilarious comedian)- our friend the late great Gilbert Gottfried! Plus-some celebrity interviews- the gorgeous Gwengoolie makes an appearance-and I take rides both in a car (in a segment inspired by a famous online podcast) and on a boat in some vintage fun. We even have a clip from the flattering “Svengoolie Day” held in- Berwyn!

The “House of Frankenstein” opens its doors to you tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 pm central, or check listings in your area ( or at www.metv.com) for when and where you can see us. MeTV invites you join the legion of fans who live-Tweet along with the movie on Twitter during the show- just be sure to use the hashtag #svengoolie. In the Chicago viewing area, it's a Saturday morning encore of Doug McClure visiting “The Land That Time Forgot" at 11 am on CW 26.

Watch for a new Sven clothing item this month! And, tune in tonight for all-star scares with Universal’s top terrors on MeTV!

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 during show

Svenboy 12 days ago
Watched 1989 puppet master for the first time tonight. That was an odd movie !😀
PARANORMA Svenboy 12 days ago
Am a fan of the odd. Aside from the terrific stop motion, like that the puppet creatures go after the *real* monsters, basically in self-defence.
Cartoondave 12 days ago
I won't be blogging as much due to my wifi it got worse after we got our new cable boxes a few weeks ago I don't understand why that was an issue but I guess things happen right?
Just a suggestion: check which channel your router is using and find a utility that tells you what other nearby networks are using. There are supposed to be a whole bunch of them but the latest wisdom I hear is that you not only want to avoid sharing a channel, but also to avoid adjacent channels.
I'm talking about my phone not my tv
BEATNGU2 12 days ago
This is one pricey bucket...,.
abc123 12 days ago
I heard a rumor that the new blog goes live at 12:05/9:05 tonight. ... what, no one believes me? Why?
abc123 abc123 12 days ago
also, heads up my frozen bear fans. at least you were there...
Mikeyyy abc123 12 days ago
Oh Realy now?
Drang Mikeyyy 12 days ago
It's to make sure I have time to get home from work in time. 😁
PARANORMA abc123 12 days ago
Maybe because mine never shows up until later on Saturday?
Deleted 12 days ago
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12 days ago
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12 days ago
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12 days ago
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CountCurt 12 days ago

Here is an appropriate beverage picture.
On one of the Star Trek Series, one of the Star Fleet Officers shares that she used to be a bar tender and one of her most popular cocktails was “Seven Of Limes”. I had a chuckle. The actor has a very dry humour.
BEATNGU2 CountCurt 12 days ago
Very cool CountCurt
Very cool
The1Butler 12 days ago
Very quiet here ,only birds and one little plane going so slow sounds like a tractor 🤠
daleuhlmann 12 days ago
Glenn Strange had always credited Boris Karloff's generosity in having stayed on the set of HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, even after he had finished his own scenes for the day, to coach him in the Frankenstein Monster role. Karloff was battling back poblems again at the time and was nibbling on crackers to help himself gain weight, yet he still took the time to help out his fellow actor. His coaching could be seen in Strange's growling, and flailing his arms and outstretched hands while fleeing from the villagers in the film's abrupt climax.
PARANORMA daleuhlmann 12 days ago
Doesn't surprise me at all.
Klaatu daleuhlmann 12 days ago
Funny how we can identify the actor who played Frankenstein through the makeup. Karloff had THE Frankenstein look, others paled in comparison.
CountCurt daleuhlmann 12 days ago
That elevated Karloff from being an actor to an artist & mentor.
daleuhlmann CountCurt 12 days ago
Very much so, Count!
daleuhlmann Klaatu 12 days ago
I agree, Klaatu!
daleuhlmann 13 days ago
Some plot ideas from HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN clearly influenced Hammer's THE EVIL OF FRANKENSTEIN. For example, in the Hammer film, the Baron and his assistant, Hans, travel incognito to the town where Frankenstein had earlier been ostracized for his experiments. Similarly, escaped prisoners Niemann and Daniel "hide out in the open," so to speak, when traveling in disguise as Lampini and his assistant, even to the village where Niemann, fifteen years earlier, had been arrested for his own experiments. Then, in TEOF, Frankenstein and Hans discover the Baron's original creation, encased in ice, which is how Niemannn and Daniel discover the frozen Monster (as well as the Wolf Man). Finally, in EVIL, an unscrupulous hypnotist employs the Monster as an instrument of revenge against his enemies, just as Niemann had used Dracula against Mayor Hussman.
PARANORMA daleuhlmann 13 days ago
How much we're too dim to notice, and how much it's too fun to really mind?
daleuhlmann PARANORMA 12 days ago
Good question, Paranorma! I would go with the latter answer.
PatS daleuhlmann 12 days ago
But even earlier, Ygor used Frankenstein's monster to get back at the local folks who had sentenced him (Ygor) to hang. That wonderful Lugosi grunting voice -- "He... does things for me."
PARANORMA 13 days ago
Aaaaaand, now we just lost Dabney Coleman (92).
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VanGooliac Aceman2 13 days ago
Coleman was also the boorish author who ran afoul of telekinetic Chevy Chase in MODERN PROBLEMS.
Can't argue that, NPC. And (IIRC) will add the exasperated diner owner in the original "Roseanne".
Cartoondave Aceman2 12 days ago
I never heard of the last 3 movies but yes he was a really good actor
CountCurt 13 days ago

I always knew that Julie Newmar was leggy but I didn’y realize that she was so tall.
Drang CountCurt 13 days ago
Five foot eleven inches of Stupifyin' beauty.
CountCurt Drang 12 days ago
Wow I never realized that she was that tall.
Katink CountCurt 12 days ago
So Elizabeth Montgomery isn't short, just average height.
CountCurt Katink 12 days ago
Hi Katink. Yes it looks that way.
The1Butler CountCurt 12 days ago
Purrrrrrfect 🐱
NoPersonalChicks 13 days ago
63 years ago today, Groucho, along with announcer George Fenneman, taped the last episode of "You Bet Your Life." It would be a great addition to MeTV's repertoire.
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I remember when my Metv affiliate aired GET SMART after the 10pm news and Svengoolie was shown 1 hour later when most of the east had it at 10 but now he's on a decent time but I still seem to doze off at 10
The1Butler Cartoondave 12 days ago
Get smart , Daniel Boone and Land of the Lost. ! Had some good shows years ago.
CountCurt The1Butler 12 days ago
MeTV definitely needs a reboot.
I think the last update is when they added All In The Family last year. I do have trouble with two hours of MASH. My MeTV motivation comes from Svengoolie and the Saturday NightSciFi line-up.
I understand why some of y'all like the prime-time Big Broadcast, but I prefer back when it aired a couple of hours later. It makes the spooky flicks spookier and is reminiscent of the old local UHF (look it up, kids) and even later-night campy horror theater shows. 
Deleted 13 days ago
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13 days ago
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13 days ago
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12 days ago
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NoPersonalChicks 13 days ago
A reunion of the two remaining Monkees three years ago today. We would lose Nez seven months later. I was a teenager 5 minutes ago. What the heck happened?
Klaatu NoPersonalChicks 13 days ago
Dang🥲. The good thing is that we will NEVER be that old😳
PARANORMA Klaatu 13 days ago
Second your dang, though I think I'm already twice as old...
The man that lead me to a lifetime of drumming.
CountCurt 13 days ago

Happy Freaky Friday! The day before Scary Svengoolie Saturday.
Deleted 13 days ago
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13 days ago
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13 days ago
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13 days ago
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13 days ago
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Drang 13 days ago
Le Ardent Octopus!
Drang Drang 13 days ago
According to Google Translate, it should be "La pieuvre ardente".
CountCurt Drang 13 days ago
Correct. In French, the adjective always comes after the noun ie
The black cat. La chat noire
There are exceptions. There are about 14-15 adjectives that come before the noun ie short, tall, young, old
CountCurt CountCurt 13 days ago
Sven blog appropriate references
La maison hantee ( the haunted house). There is an accent above the “e” that I cannot add. Haunted comes after the word house.
La vielle maison (the old house). The word old comes before the word house.
I will probably be reminded that the blog is English only.
Drang CountCurt 13 days ago
Experience shows that limited use of foreign languages, especially as part of commentary such as this, is allowed.
PatS CountCurt 12 days ago
(Belatedly) When I need accents or odd print characters, I look up "ALT codes." Several sites with a lot of umlauts, tildas, hacheks and other thangs. Works when I'm at a computer keyboard; not sure how to do these on a phone.
daleuhlmann 13 days ago
I'm sure that, even under water, Pepe stinks!
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