There Could Nevermore Be Terror Like Lugosi and Karloff in “The Raven”- Tonight!

Posted on December 3, 2022

Tonight on MeTV-we've brought back a 1930s classic that has not aired in a while- featuring Universal's two top horror stars of the era- as Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff show their Poe-tential in "The Raven"!

Though the credits say it was “suggested” by the famous poem by Edgar Allan Poe, it only has minimal connections to that poem. You see, Bela is Dr. Vollin-a retired doctor who's obsessed with Edgar Allan Poe- so much so that he even has a sort of basement museum featuring various hideous torture devices from Poe’s stories ( I guess everybody has to have a hobby). Though retired and mainly doing research, he is approached by an old friend, Judge Thatcher, to operate on his daughter Jean, a young dancer who has suffered a terrible accident. Bela seems rather insensitive to the plight of others, but finally agrees to operate to save the young woman’s life.

And save her life he does- but, in the process, he becomes infatuated with the lovely, much younger, woman. He has hired her boyfriend Jerry as an assistant, but only as what he considers a consolation prize for when he, Vollin, steals his girlfriend. That may not be as easy as he seems to think, when Jean politely sidesteps his advances, and the judge expresses his disapproval of the much older Vollin’s pursuit of his young daughter.


There is a new arrival- a stranger (Boris Karloff) who turns out to be Bateman, an escaped murderer and thief who has heard of Vollin’s work, and wants him to do some plastic surgery on his face. Tired of his life of crime, he wishes to start anew, feeling that, without his recognizable ugly face he will be left alone. Vollin says he will do the surgery in exchange for some very illegal acts, but Bateman really does want to go straight, and refuses. The doctor finally consents to do the operation- but double-crosses Bateman with hideous results that Vollin will only undo if the criminal does what the asks. Bateman has no choice but to agree.

A fiendish scheme is put into action, as Vollin invites Jerry and Jean to join a group spending the weekend at his house, including Jean’s father the judge. Thus begins a dark and stormy night of horror, as Vollin carries out his dastardly plan, and utilizes his various Poe torture devices, like the blade from “Pit and the Pendulum” to get what he wants! Will he make poor Jean his own personal "Lenore"?

This 1935 Universal classic- the second to combine the talents of Bela and Boris as headliners- once again shows the creepy richness of atmosphere of that era's Universal horror films. We'll fill you in on the cast- provide some Poe-tential comedy bits, have a new visit with our friend “Lost in Space” star Bill Mumy, and – bring back a Sven featurette that many of our viewers want to see again-a chunk of the old "Flash Gordon" serial done completely in "Svensurround"! watch for a few highlights of the “Spawn of Svengoolie” auditions as well.

“The Raven” flies onto MeTV and lands on your TV screen tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. For those wondering, yes, we are still on Twitter- as are the many viewers who continue to live-Tweet during the show, using the hashtag #svengoolie- and you are invited to join in. And our show returns to CW26 in Chicago this morning (after last week’s pre-emption for the high school football championships) with “The Crawling Eye” at 11 am.


Next Saturday, December 10th- Sventa Claus will be making his only public appearance for this year- at the Christmas Mystic Market, benefitting Sacred Space Animal Sanctuary and Rescue. It takes place at Soundgrowler Brewing Company in Tinley Park, IL, with Sventa only there from 2 to 4 pm. You can find more information under the “appearances” tab here on our website.

Sventa will also make a cameo appearance in the “Toon In with Me” holiday special “Tiny Toony’s Christmas Carol”- Monday the 5th on MeTV! Check your local listings for the time.


And, while we’re talking the holidays, let me again remind you that now is the best time to order your Sven merchandise gifts from the MeTV Mall! We have a wide variety of items, sure to please the Sven fans on your list! Click on the store tab and find the perfect gifts!

And- tune in to MeTV tonight- when, instead of the prancing and pawing of each little hoof- suddenly there will come a tapping, rapping at your TV screen- ‘tis “The Raven”!

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 during show

1MikeM 18 months ago
...and dat was da Raven...and dat's da name a dat tune!
Carl_N_Brown 18 months ago
Ed Sullivan, really big shew salesman.
Cartoondave 18 months ago
Is it me or is this the longest push to midnight?
Carl_N_Brown Cartoondave 18 months ago
It seems like it's taking forever.
Or may it's because it would be an hour later already if we were under daylight saving time.
deadringer42 18 months ago
Spending the night at a friends cottage on the cape with several lodge brothers. And yes we are watching svengoolie recording. Watch the august 13th Dracula episode where Sven mentioned our BBC7 trip to witches dungeon. Now watching the ghost and mr chicken, because we can.
Good luck at the races tonight.
abc123 18 months ago
Had a fun week. Did not get to see if anyone added snack ideas to my post a few days ago about Atomic Fireballs. I will be ready for the first post race.
Katink abc123 18 months ago
I missed it abc! No themed meal or Eastie viewing of the film either because this oh s the second part of the Christmas program's run. Two shows tomorrow and a Sunday matinee left. 🎄🎵🎶🎵
PatS abc123 18 months ago
Since "Frank Buchanan" is a gangster who was deported to Italy, how about something Italian? Or throw in Germanic for the Nazi doctor who creates the Creatures. Or something inside of another food (rouladen?) for the implants in the dead men's brains.
Katink PatS 18 months ago
Rouladen sounds fabulous, Pat!
VanGooliac PatS 18 months ago
How about turducken ?
Cartoondave 18 months ago
I have a question regarding Tweety & Sylvester cartoons, what's the difference between the original release and the Blue Ribbon re-release?
Klaatu Cartoondave 18 months ago
Hmmmm, good question. Digitally remastered? An added cartoon or two? New artwork?
Jack Cartoondave 18 months ago
Blue Ribbon reissues began in September 1943, as a cost-conserving measure to counter the effects of the grueling schedule producing animation for the Army and Navy training films and the loss of animation staff to the war effort. The original front-and-end title sequences were altered for the reissues, and it only applied to shorts that had already been produced in color. [Looney Tunes Wiki and Wikipedia]
Cartoondave Jack 18 months ago
Thanks Jack
Klaatu 18 months ago
Good luck to the New First Blogger, whomever that will be. I’ve given up trying because I use my phone on the Blog, and when I hit refresh (to load the new Blog), it takes forever to load the new pages of info and ads, and I don’t even come close. I know, Boo Hoo🤣🤣.
TheKodakKid Klaatu 18 months ago
Hmmm. I use my phone too. Has caused slight delays at times. However, I have gotten first blogger a few times too. I think it has more to do with the fickle internet gods.
Klaatu TheKodakKid 18 months ago
Probably. I just know that even when I refresh the regular Blog page, my phone reloads at the top and it takes forever to even scroll down to the comment block. I’ll stop complaining 🤣🤣
PatS Klaatu 18 months ago
I'm happy when I get into the top ten; sometimes it's the top 30. I'm dinking around on the blog (and elsewhere) before 11:00 CST, so I open *another* blog file to Refresh and post on. Keeping an eye on the computer's clock which has no seconds on my machine. If I jump in too fast I get "stuck in traffic" or something. A mere transitory bit of fame anyway, right? Maybe on a rig that wasn't cobbled together from thrift-store components...?
Drang 18 months ago
Happy Birthday Rear Admiral "Amazing Grace" Grace Hopper.
TheKodakKid Drang 18 months ago
Mothra would rather face Godzilla than her.
Drang TheKodakKid 18 months ago
Jennifer Lawrence never heard of her...
Drang TheKodakKid 18 months ago
Here's the 60 minute feature on her:
Tygercat Drang 18 months ago
I was fortunate enough to meet her on two separate occasions, both of them when she addressed classes I was taking. I have two of the famous nanoseconds she handed out. I was delighted when the Navy named a new ship for her (USS Hopper, DDG-70, a guided missile destroyer). "Amazing Grace", indeed.
Mikeyyy 18 months ago

Mikeyyy Mikeyyy 18 months ago
Holliday recycling!
CrazyK Mikeyyy 18 months ago
That’s hilarious Mikeyyy!
Even more hilarious, I have one, it’s hanging right next to my Scooby Doo Mystery Machine ornament in my garage 😂
Jack TheKodakKid 18 months ago
That’s some haint tree, Kodak!
Thereman 18 months ago
Went to the University to get my annual biometric screening; happy to say the numbers are good. The sight when I came out:

It's one of a small army of food delivery droids working on campus. Watching them navigate traffic/ obstacles/ people, the technology is really quite impressive. When they started (2021) the cost for delivery was $5. They were hoping to drive it down to 50 cents- don't know if that's happened.
So here we go: Sky bridges from the Jetsons- now a reality.
Droids from Star Wars- now a reality.
Wonder what's next?
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Thereman Jack 18 months ago
Progress! It always comes at a cost!
Thereman Aceman2 18 months ago
My guess is that pre-arranged in the menu cost. Or maybe they just call it a “service charge.”
Thereman NoPersonalChicks 18 months ago
Curiously enough, I was wondering what happens when we get a bunch of these running around- just like in Star Wars! Imagine the possibilities when such devices take to the air- just like in Star Wars! Oh, the possibilities…
Thereman Lynn 18 months ago
Many thanks, Lynn!
NoPersonalChicks 18 months ago
Christmas is just 16 days away. Looks Like dad will get his Silent Night, but will no doubt pay dearly later.
MrsG 18 months ago
Received a few Christmas cards so the Spirit is creeping in me heart and so my first greeting must go to You , Svengoolie & Crew , and ALL SvenBloggers too ~
Not too soon to reflect on the year and ALL that we’ve been through , both heartaches and celebrations ~
Regardless of beliefs , may the magic of the Season , and the SvenBlog , bring comfort and joy ♥️ 🎩 💚

Aceman2 MrsG 18 months ago
Thanks MrsG and the same to you.
MrsG Aceman2 18 months ago
Beautiful Aceman ~ love the starburst effect of lights outside too !
But I don’t think that Merlin will be happy with the space invasion of his perch !
^_^ meow
Aceman2 MrsG 18 months ago
He still jumps up and makes room for himself.
Thereman Aceman2 18 months ago
Good boy, Merlin! Pay no attention to those humanoid decorations!😺
TheKodakKid 18 months ago
Today’s historical highlight:

On this date in 1965, the first animated special featuring characters from “Peanuts” comic strip premiered on television. “A Charlie Brown Christmas” has been a holiday tradition for many people since then.
CrazyK TheKodakKid 18 months ago
Cool, here’s a pic
Klaatu TheKodakKid 18 months ago
Originally only on CBS?
Thereman TheKodakKid 18 months ago
Now that my other morning biz is done, I was just going to post on this one. Yes, it premiered on CBS, although you know it's a different world when it is now exclusively on a streaming service. Bill Mendelssohn, producer of the animated Peanuts specials, said it was "something of a miracle that it worked. I was a documentary producer, asked to do a 30 minute cartoon. Vince Guaraldi had never scored any film before." Guaraldi (1928-1976) was a jazz pianist who became incredibly influential through his work on the Charlie Brown specials. Mendelssohn asked him to write a theme for the upcoming film, and Guaraldi called him in tremendous excitement, insisting he play his theme over the phone. "Even in the low def sound of a long distance call in 1964," Mendelssohn later recalled, "as soon as Vince started playing the opening bass riff, I knew we had a hit. I don't believe there has ever been a set of characters that are so associated with their accompanying music. Nor do I think we could have achieved this success without the music." Indeed, in that time, when Peanuts was a top cartoon strip, lots of people reported they could not read the comic without mentally hearing "Linus and Lucy" at the same time.
Pianist George Winston has openly said that Vince Guaraldi's work "Was the inspiration for my whole career. Try to write a three minute piece for solo piano that's perfect," adding, "I'm still working at it."
Also remarkable in this feature was the song "Christmas Time is Here." Every year, tons of artists release their (frequently dreaded) Christmas albums, with the ultimate hope of adding a tune to the standard (translation: tremendous!) list of carols and songs. By 1965, lots of people had given up, declaring it "had all been done." Guaraldi proved them wrong.
So, who is everybody's favorite character? I bear a remarkable resemblance to Pigpen, according to the wife. I don't know how many times I have to keep reminding her, she knew it was a dangerous job when she took it.
CrazyK NoPersonalChicks 18 months ago
I just zoomed in on Pigpen and he does look pretty happy! 👍😂
Mikeyyy NoPersonalChicks 18 months ago
Im a bit like Charlie brown and pigpen! I do have a suspicion that Linus and Schroeder end up as bachelor roommates... Maybe Charlie brown also seeing as Peppermint patty flirts with him, but he has eyes for the lil red haired girl...
deadringer42 TheKodakKid 18 months ago

My wife prefers a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Take something that looks pathetic and turn it into something beautiful. I think she feels sorry for the less fortunate trees.
MrsG 18 months ago
Good morning Westies ~ looks like Yinz are having FUN ~ I completely missed the EastTooners ~

CrazyK MrsG 18 months ago
Good morning MrsG! Happy Svengoolie Saturday Eve to you! 🎩
Mikeyyy MrsG 18 months ago
I missed it too, I slept in today!

All this rain has me messed up more than usual.
Thereman MrsG 18 months ago
Good morning MrsG!
Klaatu 18 months ago
Wow! According to Toon In, Laverne Harding was the first woman who was given credit as an animator for toon animation🤔🤔.
CrazyK 18 months ago
Haha! Toony said he learned to speak English from Little Quacker who guest starred in this 1955 Tom & Jerry toon!
Both Toony & the cartoon were hilarious! 😂
CrazyK 18 months ago
“FanTastic Friday!” 🥳
Now Watching…
daleuhlmann 18 months ago
I had earlier mentioned the similarities between the 1935 RAVEN and that same year's MAD LOVE. Another horror film heavily influenced by last Saturday's Karloff-Lugosi film was PRC's 1944 chiller THE MONSTER MAKER. In that dinner-winner, J. Carrol Naish starred as a scientist who becomes obsessed with the young daughter of a concert pianist, who is already betrothed to another man. When her father objects to the scientist's plans to make his daughter her own, he gets revenge on him by injecting him with a serum that quickly causes acromegaly. The movie also features a killer gorilla, as well as future Frankenstein Monster Glenn Strange, as a strong-arm henchman.
MrsG daleuhlmann 18 months ago
Sounds like our kind of movie Dale ~
📣 Hey Sveeen !
daleuhlmann MrsG 18 months ago
Oh, yeah!
PatS daleuhlmann 18 months ago
You mean it wasn't Dr. Deemer who first created instant growth hormone? (TARANTULA)
PatS 18 months ago
Dale asked me to put together a satire for Jean, the dancing heroine of THE RAVEN.

Well, 1969 was quite a year. People landed on the moon. The Tate-LaBianca murders. The Beatles released 'Abbey Road.' And Maggie Smith had her breakout role (at age 35) in THE PRIME OF MISS JEAN BRODIE, a film about a spunky 30-ish teacher in a girls private school in Scotland. Its score included a song, 'Jean', with little to do with the movie -- music by Robin Spielberg, words by Rod McKuen. McKuen's recording didn't catch on, but a singer named Oliver (William Oliver Swofford) did a version that made it to #1 on Billboard's Easy Listening and sold over a million copies. Even more amazing, it was a waltz-time ballad, with lots of lush strings in the orchestration by Bob Crewe, smack in the middle of the psychedelic era.


Jean, Jean, hurt her cute head
The injury's not routine
Though her chances are low / Vollin operates, so
She's soon to recover (keen)

Jean, Jean, just glad she's alive
Performing her Raven scene
Doc Vollin's impressed / But he's getting obsessed
He's obdurate, obscure and obscene

> Judge Thatcher tells Vollin, this don't feel right
> Then a strange invitation to stay overnight
> Why visit Doc Vollin? We know he's just trollin'

For Jean, Jean -- wake up and dread
This isn't a choreographed dream
See that big swinging blade?
Dad might soon be filleted
The Doc wants revenge -- man, he's mean

Jean, Jean, these walls are a trap
You'll soon get caught in between
Just run if you can / (Jerry's no better man)
Run for your life, bonnie Jean!
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Jack PatS 18 months ago
Your post works for me on so many levels, Pat! There’s the song parody itself: brilliant as usual! There’s all the background information, which is right up my alley: I don’t know which I look forward to more, the parody or the history. And there’s the added lagniappe that you wrote it on spec—a consumate professional even when you’re not being paid!

In 1969 I was aware of these names and events, but not quite clear of how they fit together. Most of my pop cultural information came filtered through Saturday cartoons, comic books, recent live-action Disney movies, and reruns of _The Addams Family_ and _The Munsters_. I’d hear “Jean” on the radio, and later in the 1970s when tape cassettes become common, my mom had a recording of it sung by Johnny Mathis. Since Maggie Smith was an up-and-comer, _The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie_ was invoked whenever she appeared, but I didn’t make the connection to the song. The car radio was controlled by the parents, so I’d heard Oliver singing “Good Morning Starshine,” altho’ four years later I couldn’t make the connection to the Dickens musical the elementary choir was putting on (there wasn’t any). Altho’ Rod McKuen wrote songs I remember from childhood, I didn’t knew who he was until I met a girl in high school who was really into his poems. I have since reassembled these as some sort of personal archaeology. Seeing you put them in context confirms I didn’t imagine it all.
MrsG Jack 18 months ago
One of the best reviews ever Jack ~ made me read PatS’s *satire* ALL over again , and enjoy it ALL the more *_* *_*
Katink PatS 18 months ago
Love, love, love this, Pat!
deadringer42 PatS 18 months ago
My sisters name is Jean.
Great stuff.
Catbat 18 months ago
Good Svengoolie 🎩 Saturday Eve Morning All!
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