The Story Continues with "Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man"-Tonight!

Posted on April 23, 2022

Tonight on MeTV- we pick up the stories from the past two weeks of our show – as the tales of “The Wolf Man” and “Ghost of Frankenstein” continue in combination, with two of the top Universal monsters getting revived and forming an uneasy alliance when "Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man"!

We begin on the Wolf Man side of things-appropriately in a foggy graveyard at night! Two somewhat inept grave robbers break into the Talbot family burial vault- hoping to steal the valuables that are rumored to have been buried with Master Larry. Upon opening Talbot’s final resting place (as final as it can be in these movies), these two criminal geniuses make a couple mistakes- first, they remove the wolf’s bane covering Larry's body, and second, they fail to notice that it's the night of a full moon!

Jumping forward in time- we find an injured man, who has been discovered on a street in a far-away town, who has been hospitalized- and, upon gaining consciousness, tells the doctor that he is Larry Talbot. When the authorities check on his past- they tend not to believe him- since records show that Larry Talbot is dead and was buried!

Regardless, Larry knows who (and what) he is- and that he needs help that no hospital can provide. He escapes the institution, and searches out that one person who knows all about his cursed condition, who might be able to help him- Maleva the gypsy! She admits that his continuing plight is beyond any help she might offer- but suggests that stories have persisted of a great doctor who might be able to supply some answers- one Dr. Frankenstein!

However, those answers are not to be found. Their search for the doctor ends in the village where Frankenstein's creation caused horrible mayhem- where they are told, rather rudely, that the legendary doctor is long dead- and all that remains of his legacy is the rubble of his former castle. Upon arriving at the remains of the castle, an accidental discovery is made- the Frankenstein Monster, entombed in the frozen catacombs beneath the castle! Amazingly, it still holds a spark of life!

That is all it takes to give Larry new hope- that there might be a chance to cure his condition if he can only locate the late doctor's laboratory notes. He seeks out Frankenstein's daughter Elsa ( portrayed by a different actress than last week) to see if she might offer help in finding those vital diaries. Their meeting coincides with the village's Festival of the New Wine, which Larry, at the urging of Elsa and the local authority, begrudgingly attends -and has to sit through the beloved song bellowed by a goggle-eyed troubadour- "Fa Ro La, Fa Ro Lee!" As if that isn’t bad enough, more unfortunate coincidences follow- when a doctor from the hospital Larry escaped from arrives having tracked Talbot - while a certain recently defrosted monster decides to stroll into town! More trouble is on the horizon, as the doctor and Elsa try to help Larry- but the lure of restoring the Monster to full power, once again, proves to be too enticing for one man!

This 1943 film features Bela Lugosi as the Monster- which makes sense, since he played Ygor, whose brain was transplanted into the Monster at the end of “Ghost…” However, we'll talk about how the preview audience's reaction to his dialogue, etc., caused the studio to make some significant changes in the film. This was actually the first of the Universal “monster mash-ups”- the first time they had two of their classic monsters in the same film, leading to more down the line, like “House of Frankenstein”, “House of Dracula”, and “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein”. We'll talk about the movie’s cast, share some Sven shtick, and bring you another special segment from the Chicago Museum of Broadcast Communications’ special celebration of my 40th anniversary as Svengoolie!

"Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man" begins at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central on MeTV. If you are not sure of time and channel where you are, just check your local listings- or at . You can join in the live-Tweeting on Twitter during the show- just make sure to add the hashtag #svengoolie to your posts. And, yes, that finned frightmaster Sventoonie will again show up following our program! This morning on our local Chicago airwaves, viewers can review for tonight by watching “Ghost of Frankenstein” at 11 am on CW26.

Have you checked out the great Tervis drinkware in our store? ( Yes, “I have a store?!”- so many of you have asked why the commercial with that phrase and “no personal checks” has not been following the mail segment- we are working on a new version. Never did we think so many fans would miss those catchphrases!) Check out all the Sven merchandise, as well as taking a look at  the awesome new shirts coming from our new licensing partner FrightRags- take at look at !

We appreciate the many kind words about the passing of our friend Gilbert Gottfried-we are hoping to talk about him a little more in our show the first week of May, as well as in the next monthly newsletter.

Join us tonight on MeTV- when two monsters who cannot die try to battle each other to the death!

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 during show

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MrsG 9 months ago
Hey Katink I see you !
Watch they don’t beam You up !
Shayla 9 months ago
Almost there!! I’m gonna die!!😱😱
Shayla 9 months ago
9 minutes!!!!😱
The1Butler Shayla 9 months ago
Im at 19% battery power , thats probably not good .
Shayla The1Butler 9 months ago
Good luck my friend!! Looks like I have a bigger leap in the race than you!!🤣
The1Butler Shayla 9 months ago
Im closer to Svengoolie than you !
Shayla The1Butler 9 months ago
How ya figure??
Shayla 9 months ago
Tonight is the night in which I’ll be first!!🥇
Kyle 9 months ago
Watched MASH, then switched to rasselin, then back for Hogan's Heros, now reading Dune, listening to First Wave, and waiting for the new Svengoolie blog.
CrazyK Kyle 9 months ago
GODZILLA rules “rasselin” 😂 🦖
Kyle CrazyK 9 months ago
I'll give 2 to 1 vs Brock Lesnar.

And a rematch next week, odds depending on who the managers or corner people are.
CrazyK Kyle 9 months ago
You better get in on the Butler/Shayla bet 😂
Kyle CrazyK 9 months ago
Glad I didn't
Would have lost.
The exuberance of youth prevailed.
My money would have been on age and treachery.

Oh well, best 2 out of 3?
MrsG 9 months ago
Massage and moisturize those prized fingers my elite SvenBlog athletes !
You are now under one hour to prepare for the great race !
Last call to carb up !
📣 🖐 🖐 📣
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The1Butler Shayla 9 months ago
Hey buddy !Do you have any money i can borrow ?
Shayla The1Butler 9 months ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ohhhhh!!!! So what can you afford to lose??
The1Butler Shayla 9 months ago
My self respect is all i have 😞
Shayla The1Butler 9 months ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ya ain’t good at poker are ya!!
Shayla 9 months ago
Just under an hour till the new post!!😁❤️
The1Butler 9 months ago
I anit feeling bad yet , but im dancing with the Asian Sensation 😳 i hope i dont get it .
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The1Butler CrazyK 9 months ago
Ok , yeah i came home at the end of the movie and i was snockered and fell asleep 😂
CrazyK The1Butler 9 months ago
“Snockered?” haven’t heard that for awhile! HAHAHA 😝 👍
The1Butler Shayla 9 months ago
Im vaxed and got it , i want my vax money back !
Shayla The1Butler 9 months ago
abc123 9 months ago
Congrats to Sven for his latest Rondo!
Jack 9 months ago
CrazyK, re: an earlier mention of Frank Miller, did you see the _Rorschach_ limited series, by DC? It started October 2020 and ended September 2021.
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gabste CrazyK 9 months ago
I have the death of superman !
gabste MrsG 9 months ago
Cool MrsG !! 🤗 I have a ton of comics. All of Spawn
CrazyK gabste 9 months ago
That’s so cool 😎
I don’t know about you but it was hard to hang onto these 😂
gabste CrazyK 9 months ago
Yes. I have them in bins right now. I always kept them in plastic bins
MADave 9 months ago
Ok who's ready for more Mason coming to Metv 1 week from Sunday?
The1Butler deadringer42 9 months ago
Perry Masonary !
Shayla MADave 9 months ago
Yayyyyyyy!!! Can’t wait!!
MADave Shayla 9 months ago
I wonder if that will replace Monk or if he's going to be moving to a different time, I wasn't much into Monk but I prefer Perry
Shayla MADave 9 months ago
Not sure!! Just like u, I prefer Perry as well!!
Jack 9 months ago
This morning, moved by a comment of Dale’s, I tried to find an image of the Frankenstein’s Creature as a werewolf. Very slim pickings—I found two, and neither were any good. Thanks to the wonders of the Google image search, however, I did find a very good NEW YORKER article from 2018 about _Frankenstein_ the book: The Strange and Twisted Life of “Frankenstein,” by Jill Lepore. The link follows:
SvenAdministrator 9 months ago
Svengoolie has again been voted favorite horror host in the Rondo Awards.
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MrsG Tygercat 9 months ago
Aw Tygercat , most awesome post !
Sven will Love it !
♥️ 🖤 🎩 🖤 ♥️
Shayla 9 months ago
Dave: You are todays winner!! Congrats!!😁🏆
MADave Shayla 9 months ago
In cowardly lion voice: aww shucks folks, I'm speechless!
Shayla MADave 9 months ago
MADave 9 months ago
Hey group forgive me if I asked this before but what episode of Star Trek does the following come from?
Bones: Do me a favor Spock and don't say it's fascinating?
Spock: No but it IS interesting!!
Jack MADave 9 months ago
According to Memory Alpha, that exchange comes from the episode “The Ultimate Computer."
Lucyc MADave 9 months ago
And Dr. McCoy rolls his eyes in response.🙄
Catbat 9 months ago
Well I'm off work cold beer in hand. Let the weekend begin!!!
Mikeyyy Catbat 9 months ago
Aceman2 Catbat 9 months ago
Hi Catbat! Let’s share a klink.
Aceman2 Mikeyyy 9 months ago
How’s that eye doing? I hope
you’re improving.
MADave Catbat 9 months ago
Good luck tonight
Kyle Catbat 9 months ago
Doctor said no more beer for me. Had to switch to bourbon.
Mikeyyy Aceman2 9 months ago
Slowly but will be a while yet.
1MikeM Catbat 9 months ago
CrazyK 9 months ago
Bela meets Lon 😂
daleuhlmann CrazyK 9 months ago
Great pics, Crazy K!
Shayla CrazyK 9 months ago
2 VERY handsome men!!❤️😁
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