The Illinois Chicken Necklace Embargo

Posted on August 10, 2012

Before we get to the shocking embargo story- let me again give you the details for my appearance at Flashback Weekend this Saturday afternoon. It’s the big ten year celebration of Flashback, and I’m always honored to be invited back to this amazing horror/sci fi convention, where it’s my pleasure to meet new and old friends and to host the always-entertaining costume contest! I’m back there this Saturday, and will be signing and posing for photos with you- for free (though there is an entrance fee to Flashback, just like any other convention)- and we will have the Sven glow-in-the-dark t-shirts for sale (we ran out last year- we’ll try to bring an ample supply this time!) as well as our Sven collector’s button sets. PLEASE note- if you want an autograph or picture- please get in line for it – early, if possible- during our signing session- when we’re in transit or doing the costume contest, we can’t accommodate you. The signing is set for 2 pm until around 4 pm- then- we move on to the costume contest! (No registration for that is necessary- just be ready to get in line when it’s time for the contest!) There’s plenty of celebrities, a great dealer’s room, and much more at Flashback, so- don’t miss it! The actual convention goes from today through Sunday- but I will be there Saturday afternoon ONLY. For all the information you’ll need- go to – oh, and by the way- it gets very congested in that area, since Wizard World is going on at the same time- leave extra time for fighting traffic and finding parking! Flashback is at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare on River Road In Rosemont-and it’s going to be bigtime fun! Now- you may or may not know this, but my rubber chicken necklace was a gift from some friends who brought it back for me from New Orleans (and have subsequently brought me “replacement parts” for it!) Anyway, longtime fan Hans sent me a letter telling about how he had found a website with a rubber chicken section that included, among the items, rubber chicken Mardi Gras beads- in other words, the same type of accessory yours truly wears. Hans, who has dressed up as a Sven clone on various Halloween occasions, decided that would be a fine addition to his costume- and tried to order a few. When finalizing his online purchase, a message came up- and he sent me a screen shot of the order form- saying that there is an Illinois statute that prohibits the item to be shipped to this state! WHAT? There is a law that prevents chicken necklaces to be sent to this state? For what reason? Is there some legislator somewhere in this fair state who isn’t a fan of mine- and slipped that statute in along with the ban of liquor-laced energy drinks or hallucinogenic bath salts? Anyway, Hans had the necklace order sent to his sister in Minnesota- and she brought them to him on her next visit. Hans speculates that it’s a good thing she wasn’t pulled over as she crossed the state line, and found to be in possession of an illegal accessory. He will be looking over his shoulder nervously this Halloween, hoping no officer stops him while he is wearing said item (don’t worry about me being hassled, folks- I’m a licensed professional.) By the way, if you’re interested, the Illinois statute that prohibits the shipment is statute 410 ILCS 45. If you doubt me, look it up. Just don’t order one…

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