Take It from Vincent Price-Getting Scared by This Movie Will Unleash “The Tingler”- Tonight!

Posted on October 15, 2022

“Svengoolie’s Halloween BOO-nanza” heads back into the scary gimmick-laden world of William Castle tonight on MeTV-featuring the great Vincent Price discovering a creepy creature that supposedly lies patiently dormant inside us all-until we are given a strong fright- which unleashes the power of- “the Tingler”!

This 1959 horror introduces us to Price as Dr. Warren Chapin, (not to be confused with child actor Lauren Chapin from the old “Father Knows Best” series). He’s a pathologist, struggling to continue his research on the effects of fear on humans between his stressful interactions with his beautiful, but unfaithful and scheming wife. He finds comfort in the more pleasant relationship he has with his wife’s younger sister, and with her boyfriend, who helps Chapin in his work.


When Dr. Chapin does an autopsy on a man who went to the electric chair-he is shocked (no, not like the victim!) to find the man’s spine has been shattered- because mere electricity would not do that. Chapin theorizes that something tied in with fear itself made that happen- and so, playing off the fact that one’s spine tingles in situations of fright-he names that something “the Tingler”.

He meets the executed man’s brother- Ollie- a weird little man who runs a theatre specializing in silent films. Ironically, Ollie’s wife is also silent- a deaf mute- and while the doctor is visiting them and accidentally cuts himself, the woman faints dead away at the sight of his blood! Chapin theorizes that she does so as a release from her fear- and wonders if, since she is unable to scream- perhaps it is screaming that diminishes the Tingler’s power. He heads home, only to observe his wife cheating with some other man. Figuring he has a chance to check his screaming theory, he stages a confrontation that will definitely trigger fear in the horrid woman. After the faux frightful encounter, he x-rays her, which shows him that some bizarre centipede-like creature grows on the spine as fear sets in- ladies and gentlemen, he has discovered the actual Tingler!

Chapin, eager to learn more about fear, subjects himself to an LSD trip (the first ever depicted on film!)- but, to no avail. Meanwhile, quite the opposite happens at the apartment of Ollie and his wife- when she awakens to all sorts of unexplainable horrors- and the poor mute woman DIES of fright! Ollie brings her body to Chapin, who performs an autopsy- and finds the now-enlarged live Tingler on her spine. He removes it and, after some slight turmoil, imprisons it in a box. Of course, the Tingler escapes, and ends up on the loose again and again- eventually in the silent movie theater, where Chapin’s theory that the only defense against the creature is to scream gets put to the ultimate test!

This is another film that Sven fans have asked to see again- and both those familiar with Castle’s films and first-time viewers will enjoy the exploitative horror. Just as we explained the gimmick used in Castle’s “13 Ghosts”, this time we explain how Castle’s presentation of his process for this movie called “Percept-o” worked- plus, we introduce you to our cast, and offer you a home tutorial that will tickle your tonsils- as well as bringing you a song! We also discuss the appearance of some color in the black and white movie- about which there are all sorts of theories, some incredibly far-fetched!

"The Tingler” starts tingling tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or if you’re unsure of when we run in your area, check time and channel in your local listings or at www.metv.com. MeTV reminds you to join the legions of Sven fans live-Tweeting during the show on Twitter- and make sure to always use the hashtag #svengoolie – that helps insure that we end up in the top trending topics being tweeted about on Twitter during our airtime. In the Chicago viewing area, "It! The Terror from Beyond Space" blasts off, one last time, at 11 am on CW26.

We need to say thank you to the amazing number of fans who came to see us at the New York Comic Con last weekend- our MeTV booth was kept busy by the long lines for us stretching all along the convention floor! We’ll talk about this great event more in the next monthly newsletter coming out November 1st (sign up for free by clicking on the banner for it here on our website)- including the exciting information about the Sven comic books coming out next year!

‘Tis the season to trick-or-treat yourself to some Svengoolie merchandise-including all our fantastic artists shirts, the Sven button-up shirt, the new Sven/Kerwyn bobble head, new Svengoolie Uncrypted button set, and more! Just head to our ( “I have a-“) store on our website!

And- if you think THAT sends a tingle of excitement down your spine- tune in to MeTV tonight- and be ready to scream for your life!


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1MikeM 1 month ago
...and dat was Bonzo and Dracula Go to College...and dat's da name a dat tune!
PatS 1 month ago
Nupp... 11:01 CDT and nuthin'.
scottieO PatS 1 month ago
"Everything Old Is New Again"?
PatS scottieO 1 month ago
I'm guessin' it's like the what's-showing schedule spot on the MeTV page. A given day starts at 5 AM and goes until 4:30AM the next calendar day. Shall we re-muster at 5 (6 EST)?
PatS scottieO 1 month ago
Oops -- 11:06 -- here we are!!
Cartoondave 1 month ago
Good luck to first blogger goodnight!
Mikeyyy Cartoondave 1 month ago
Dave it was great having you as First blogger this past week!
Katink Cartoondave 1 month ago
Looks like your reign has been extended, Dave!
FKrueger 1 month ago
I'm giving 3 to 1 odds that the new blog won't be up at midnight. Any takers?
abc123 FKrueger 1 month ago
Does not look like it...
Cartoondave FKrueger 1 month ago
Probably 8am like last week
Katink 1 month ago
Hi, all!!! Hubby and I are at the hotel for his big model show. I will post some pictures of his entries when I can get the blog and my email working on my tablet. (Don't know how so many of you do all of this on your phones!)
Mikeyyy Katink 1 month ago
Hello Katink! I dont know how they do it either...
Aceman2 Katink 1 month ago
Looking forward to seeing his work!
Engineer_Poelzig Katink 1 month ago
Wish him luck!
I've been to a few of those, and got stuck having to be a judge. (Takes time away from kit trading)
Katink Engineer_Poelzig 1 month ago
Thanks, EP! He has already picked up a few things. . .
Katink Aceman2 1 month ago
Thanks, Aceman!
Katink Mikeyyy 1 month ago
😉 My eyes are too old and my fingers are too fat, Mikeyyy!
Carl_N_Brown 1 month ago
2 hrs 27 minutes til midnight.
If I don't stay awake, I'll see you all tomorrow.
CountCurt 1 month ago
I heard the same background song on two episodes of Perry Mason. It was instrumental but catchy. I realized that I had heard it before. It was on Gilligan’s Island. The Honey Bees ( Ginger, Maryanne and Mrs. Howell) sang it. The song was called “You Need Me”. I like the guitar sound in the Gilligan’s Island. It gave it a surfer sound.
HoosierBuddy 1 month ago
This meme is schtollen. 🍞
FKrueger HoosierBuddy 1 month ago
Can I have a little bit of peril?
I know for a fact hoosierBuddy has some nonpariels in his cupboard waiting to be used in his stollen this coming holiday season. I'm tyring to get him to switch to candied fruit this year. I lost a tooth to one of those silver BB things a couple years back.
The non pariels put me in peril you could say
You had me totally confused until I looked up what nonpariels are. Mrs. Krueger also told me what they are. I learned something new today.
PatS HoosierBuddy 1 month ago
Like these a lot! And of course there are all those Bugs Bunny titles -- Earl of Cloves, Sir Loin of Beef... maybe Lord Agoshen?
JohnBlair 1 month ago
Hey little sister, who is it you're with
Hey little sister, what's your vice and wish
Hey little sister, shotgun (oh yeah)
Hey little sister, who's your superman
Hey little sister, shotgun
It's a nice day to start again
It's a nice day for a white wedding
It's a nice day to start again
MrsG JohnBlair 1 month ago
🎶 YAY Billy Idol 🎶
Almost a black and white wedding. The monster toasted his bride, pretorious and himself in the process. Fire... baaaad
PatS SirPhyllisDiller 1 month ago
Oooh, spoiler alert!
Engineer_Poelzig 1 month ago
I laser cut a stage for Sven, and a custom Coffin lid.
I'll take a better pic later with everything lit up.

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PatS Engineer_Poelzig 1 month ago
Nice arrangement! I hadn't seen a glow-in-the-dark rubber chicken before.
VanGooliac 1 month ago
Greetings fellow gooliacs!
I am blogging for the first time from Vancouver , British Columbia , Canada. I get my MeTV from KVOS Bellingham,WA

Loved the Tingler last week and now looking forward to a destination wedding in Visaria with The Bride of Frankenstein
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Lynn VanGooliac 1 month ago
Welcome, VanGooliac!
PatS VanGooliac 1 month ago
So we are now officially not only national but international! Hope we can get a few bloggers from Mexico to join in. Welcome!
Cartoondave 1 month ago
Just arrived here in Laconia New Hampshire spending time with sis and brother in-law for the weekend won't be competing for first blogger later tonight and definitely no cartoons tomorrow but will try to be here for Sven
Aceman2 1 month ago
He has such a friendly smile and greeting. Hope to see him again real soon.
DrFish28136 1 month ago
Game Show for the Ages and the Aged

Klaatu DrFish28136 1 month ago
Ha! I should be a contestant
MrsG DrFish28136 1 month ago
Hahaha Love this ~ yep , I’m in !
PatS DrFish28136 1 month ago
I'd like Jeopardy better if it had all questions before 1970... Stuff like sitcoms or computer slang trip me up every time. What would REALLY be fun is getting on the team writing the clues!
Aceman2 1 month ago
Drang Aceman2 1 month ago
Did they mean "fearFUL" or "fearSOME"???🤔
PatS Drang 1 month ago
Good catch, Drang. Why couldn't they just say "scarier"?
Aceman2 Drang 1 month ago
I think they meant fearSOME but that 1935 spellchecker did them in
Aceman2 1 month ago
Va Va Va Voom !
MrsG Aceman2 1 month ago
Ooo la la Aceman ~ c’est magnifique !
Klaatu 1 month ago
I’m watching my Svengoolie recording of The Crawling Eye (before work🤣), and at the opening shot of the mountain climbers with the man falling, WHY, tell me WHY does every mountain climbing rope have a frayed spot that snaps and breaks?? Isn’t it necessary check the ropes for wear and tear before climbing? Just curious. Oh well..I owe I owe, so off to work I go.
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MrsG DrFish28136 1 month ago
Oooo now there’s another groovy avatar ~
PatS Klaatu 1 month ago
Maybe same reason every female fleeing a monster MUST trip and fall?
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