Sven Quiz- The Answers!

Posted on July 30, 2012

Okay- if you read yesterday’s blog, get your answers ready- and see how much Sven history you know! (If you haven’t read it- go back and read it- come up with answers- and then return to THIS blog!) Here we go: 1. Sven fashion question- before I wore the current stylish tuxedo shirt- I wore that delightful overly-warm turtleneck sweater. Back before that, as “Son of Svengoolie”, I wore one of the official red “Son of Svengoolie” t-shirts- BUT- before that- what did I wear, in the shirt department? ANSWER: I would actually wear different shirts every week- mostly t-shirts with different pictures on the front. Yeah, I know- a real fashion statement. 2. Our show is now seen all over the country- but, back in the early 80s, our ‘Son of Svengoolie” show was seen on Field Communications stations in 4 cities besides Chicago. Name those cities! ANSWER: We ran in Philadelphia, Boston, Detroit, and San Francisco. 3. My mentor, the original Sven, Jerry G. Bishop, made a guest appearance on the “Son of Svengoolie” show- what was unusual about that? (No, it wasn’t that he lived in San Diego at the time…) for extra credit- what was the movie for that show? ANSWER: Jerry was NOT dressed in his Sven costume- he appeared as himself. The movie was “Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb” ( …I’m pretty sure… it WAS a long time ago...) 4. When I went to my very first local Emmy awards show (they were broadcast on TV back then), I was not wearing a tuxedo- why? (I have told this story before, so you COULD know the answer!) ANSWER: I was not originally invited by the station, even though I was nominated (ahem- and won)- the day before, the general manager made a big speech about how, of COURSE, they meant to include me , and here’s your ticket…and I didn’t have time to go rent a tuxedo. (Real reason I got the ticket- the man who did a Hispanic talk show on the station decided he didn’t want to make the trip in from Calumet City for the event- and had given his ticket back!) 5. True or false: Sven has sung for the “seventh inning stretch” at Wrigley Field. ANSWER: False- it’s been talked about, especially when a Cubs game has run on our station, but it’s never happened- yet. 6. True or false: I once spent New Year’s Eve sitting at a table with WLS-TV anchorman Joel Daly. ANSWER: True- in all my Sven splendor, I sat with him at a “New Year’s Under Glass” live telecast hosted by Robb Weller at the downtown Hyatt! Joel was very kind and a great guy.

Okay- we're going to stop here for today- how are you doping so far? I personally think that questions three and six might have been the most obscure- and that question one, quite honestly, may have been before the time of some of you.Nonetheless, don't loose hope- we'll have the rest of the answers for you tomorrow, along with how you measure up, score-wise. No fair Googling the rest of the answers before then!

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