Stomp Through the Swamp for Fright Tonight with the “Night Monster” - Tonight!

Posted on June 10, 2023

Since we had a man made monster for you last week on our show, tonight on MeTV we're bringing you some nocturnal nastiness-as a murderous entity begins to eliminate its victims, one by one-who risk staying the night, only to fall to the “Night Monster”!

In this 1942 chiller, guests are prepared for by reclusive invalid Curt Ingston, who inhabits Ingston Towers, the family mansion located far from town amidst the swamp lands. Tense times prevail in the house, because Milly, a young hired housemaid, doesn't like recent development around the mansion- slightly disturbing things like what appear to be blood stains in various areas of the house, and the odd behavior of Ingston's troubled sister Margaret, plus the lecherous advances of Ingston's chauffeur Laurie and a strange death that has occurred nearby. The death is attributed to some sort of legendary monster from the swamp- a creature whose very presence is rumored to be fearful enough to silence the nighttime croaking of the frogs that abound in the area! Milly rightfully wants out, and decides her job at the mansion isn't worth it- and, on her way out, she has a run-in with the sinister family butler Rolf, as well as the sleazy Laurie! But-we will see that she is not quite through with Ingston Towers yet...

Chauffer Laurie, having been turned down big-time by Milly, who managed to elude his less than charming overtures, heads into town to pick up the three renowned doctors who have been invited to the mansion to witness an amazing breakthrough that Ingston and his tenant, an Indian mystic named Singh have made. The three men, who, in the past, tried to treat Ingston for an odd sort of paralysis to no avail, are somewhat skeptical- not to mention wary of Singh's alleged “supernatural” powers. That may be a fatal mistake on their part!

Ingston's sister, the seemingly unstable Margaret, has also summoned a practitioner-one Dr. Lynn Harper, a psychiatrist. As this doctor makes her way to Ingston Towers, her car ceases to function- and when her attempt to get to the mansion on foot in the swirling fog becomes a little too intimidating, she is fortunate to be picked up by an acquaintance of Ingston's - mystery writer Dick Baldwin, who is also on his way to the mansion for one of his regular visits. Though Dick is greeted warmly by Ingston, Dr Harper’s presence seems unwelcome to most of the rest of the household- especially since, due to her car problems, she will be joining the three visiting doctors as an overnight guest. She joins Margaret and the rest for the evening's main event-in which Singh goes into a trance to demonstrate the mysterious miracle he and Ingston have been touting. The result is a bizarre and shocking display that upsets the witnesses- and is just the beginning of a night of terror, which brings death- and proof that a monster indeed stalks the night!

The cast includes Lionel Atwill, who we also saw as a doctor in last week’s film-as well as Bela Lugosi lurking as the family butler, along with others that we will fill you in on, as well as bringing you the usual Sven shtick, including a “Too Drawn Out” game, a song, some vintage “behind-the-scenes” fun with some current and past staff members, and, appropriately, since we are within a week of the anniversary of my first appearance as a horror host on TV, a look at the big event from 2018 at Chicago’s Museum of Broadcast Communications in which the Svengoolie display was unveiled.

"Night Monster" is on-why, this very night!- on MeTV! Tune in at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or, if you’re not sure, check your local listings (or at ) for run time and channel where you are. As usual, it’ll be a great night to live-Tweet during the show on Twitter- just make sure to use the hashtag #svengoolie. In Chicago, viewers will get a daytime look at a different monster- Lon Chaney Jr. as the "Man Made Monster"- at 11 am on our sister station, CW26.

Many thanks to the great crowd who joined us at Ozinga Field in Crestwood, IL, for a night of baseball with the Windy City Thunderbolts. We salute the fans, as well as the team (especially the catcher who put his own spin on taking the honorary first pitch from yours truly) and management. We signed autographs well into the 7th inning- and that’s no stretch of the imagination! Watch for our next public appearance, later this summer.

We are very near the release date of our first “Frank Miller Presents” comic book- we’ll let you know when to start looking for it in your comics store- and, we are trying to work out having it in our Svengoolie/MeTV store as well!

Join us tonight – no doubt we will be swamped by viewers who want to spend the evening looking for the “Night Monster”!

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 during show

1MikeM 11 months ago
...and dat was Night Monster...and dat's da name a dat tune.
Klaatu 11 months ago
Sorry to shock you, but THIS is the new Blog and I’m first😳😳😆
Katink Klaatu 11 months ago
Congratulations, Klaatu!
Mikeyyy Klaatu 11 months ago
Klaatu 11 months ago
This comment has been removed.
TheKodakKid Klaatu 11 months ago
I was about to ask if this made Vangooliac the new First Blogger, if there was going to be a shared trophy, or two entries with an asterisk in the record book?
Katink TheKodakKid 11 months ago
The dreaded asterisk. . . .
Deleted 11 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Katink 11 months ago
deadringer42 11 months ago
Call me Ishmael
11 months ago
This comment has been removed.
abc123 11 months ago
just popped in to upload my photos, and I find 80 comments. Had to check three clocks to make sure I was not the one who was off...
CountCurt 11 months ago
I think the best way to describe the current situation with the blog is “It was a dark and stormy night”. Many guests ( we bloggers) have arrived at the old house. However, we don’t know what is in store for us once inside the mansion.
Carl_N_Brown 11 months ago
Last Saturday NIGHT MONSTER shows 77 comments.
Previous Saturday MAN-MADE MONSTER shows 3111 comments.

Deleted 11 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Aceman2 11 months ago
Maybe. If the IT guy from MeTV is still around , he will fix it and recover the lost stuff. This blog is his baby. He added the count feature. I wish I still had his contact info.
Katink 11 months ago
Hey there, Aceman! Hubby wants me to tell you that Wonderfest 2023 ended recently, and you will enjoy some of the exhibits. You cans see them on YouTube. Revenge of the show: The dealer's room is a good one. Also Model Contest room, under Throttle Power.
Aceman2 11 months ago
Thanks, I’ll have to check it out!
Drang 11 months ago
It's off to work I go...

...Took last night off, and apparently it was Aych-Eee-Double-Hockey Sticks for the new guy... who called off.
Minion 1 took the night off because we don't need 4, and Minion 2 was allowed to take a laptop home so she can telework in case her medical condition flared up, which it has.
PatS 11 months ago
When I checked Mrs. G's comment (clicked on name), I got the nine-entry bloglet. With 8 entries. And none by Mrs. G. Whatcha doin', engineers??
Katink PatS 11 months ago
It will be interesting to see if the blog rolls over (again?) tonight, Pat.
Aceman2 Katink 11 months ago
🎶Anticipation, anticipation
Is makin' me late
Is keepin' me waitin'🎶
Katink Aceman2 11 months ago
Good song! (Remember when it was used for a ketchup commercial?)
PatS 11 months ago
At least we're still here. The worst part of the Blog Changeover fiasco (January 2018) was my being shut out for several weeks. And having all our comments from years past disappear. (They can be found with the Wayback machine, but it's tee-juss.) Hope this is a fixable glitch.
daleuhlmann PatS 11 months ago
Like tracking blood splotches on the floor that lead nowhere.
CountCurt 11 months ago
I basically didn’t blog for the last week. I was under the weather.

I did read a lot of interesting blog messages about the Night Monster.

One of the comments that I read was that the sudden silence of the frogs. I don’t think that this is unusual. Growing up with frogs near by, frogs always stopped croaking when noise was made walking through their habitat…. unless I was child monster. The same goes when walking through a grassy field with crickets. They stop stridulating. Stridulation is when crickets and grasshoppers rub their hind legs on their abdomen. The abdomen has ridges and so when the leg rubs the abdomen, it is the same affect as friction on an old washing board….the Darling Family on Andy Griffith would have been very familiar with that.
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Catbat Kyle 11 months ago
Hey Kyle I hope you see this. While we will miss you we hope you have a wonderful time with your daughter.
The Frndly app has record capability. You could record the show and watch it when you get home 😊 Safe travels
Catbat 11 months ago
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Kyle 11 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Catbat Kyle 11 months ago
Could do that 👍
1MikeM 11 months ago
They did the stomp, through the swamp! They did the stomp, through the swamp!
MrsG 11 months ago
It’s THE CURSE OF THE DEMON ! Wooooo Spooookie O_O
VanGooliac MrsG 11 months ago
That’s a pretty avatar MrsG ❤️
VanGooliac 11 months ago
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Deleted 11 months ago
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Drang 11 months ago
11 months ago
This comment has been removed.
CountCurt 11 months ago
He will deny it!
CountCurt 11 months ago
Oh yes, the unresolved Counter Caper.
Lynn 11 months ago
I had that thought too. We shall see...
Jack 11 months ago
Mebbe Anita knows who all our base are belong to?
Aceman2 Jack 11 months ago
I replicated your experiment with search comments - view in discussion with same results as you. There appears to be randomness bits of code that affect robots, the matrix, and the Sven Blog
Aceman2 Aceman2 11 months ago
I found the comments. There with LITTLE GIRL LOST.
TheKodakKid Jack 11 months ago
I had also tried the same experiment, with the same results.
Aceman2 11 months ago
I confess. I did it. I didn’t mean to but I done did it. How does I know? Because when anything goes wrong and I do mean anything- Mrs Aceman always tells me it’s my fault. You all have my apology but you don’t have to forgive me; she never does.
PatS Aceman2 11 months ago
"I'm a very responsible person. Whenever something goes wrong, I'm told I'm responsible." We got a new computer thingy a couple of days ago, and wow are things faster! But as they say also, "To err is human. To really foul things up, it takes a computer."

HELP! Our blog has fallen and it won't get up!
Catbat PatS 11 months ago
Aceman2 PatS 11 months ago
🤣🤣🤣 * 10 = 30🤣
Cartoondave 11 months ago
On my vacation from work so I should be here blogging most of the week and will definitely be here for Sven Saturday
TheKodakKid 11 months ago
Wow! So what did somebody do it get almost all of this week’s blog sent to the cornfield?

The list of possible suspects stretches from coast to cost.

On the bright side, at least it’s not a whole new commenting system, where we all have to go in and sign up again.
Jack TheKodakKid 11 months ago
Curiouser and curious! I’d love to speculate what got the blog sent to the cornfield, but I fear if I guess correctly I’ll be put on double secret probation, and I’ve already got the city eyeing the meadow of sunflowers in my front yard in an unfriendly manner.

I tried to “View [my comments] in discussion” a few times. The result is two comments from 7 months ago by DuanneWalton and Bill_K, and then a comment that preceded mine in the blog. I suspect this was the work of Special IT Consultant Melvin Weigel!
PatS Jack 11 months ago
I tried the same thing. When I went to "view in discussion" I got several comments from half an hour ago and the two from 7 months ago. (Loud and frustrated) HUHHH?? Why those? Surely the hackers have no reason to hack MeTV!
Cartoondave 11 months ago
So is the new blog or do we still get one at midnight?
Mikeyyy Cartoondave 11 months ago
It’s still this weeks movie so maybe was a glitch somehow. Just to make sure everyone stay in this blog and I’ll watch for the new one at midnight and if it does change over I’ll come over here and let y’all know.
Drang 11 months ago
It's a plot to get us to stop counting posts!
Drang Drang 11 months ago
The puzzling part is that I briefly saw two, and only two, blog posts from Count Yorga night.
daleuhlmann Drang 11 months ago
Yes, I did, too.
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