Revenge is a Dish Best Served- Unseen! Witness the "Invisible Man's Revenge"-Tonight!

Posted on March 2, 2024

Tonight on MeTV- appropriately starting off the month known for a certain type of madness-we find an escapee from a psychiatric hospital making a scene by being unseen-when the great John Carradine uses him to experiment with his latest discovery – making him invisible and ready to seek vengeance on the business partners who double-crossed him-while risking his sanity even more- in "The Invisible Man's Revenge"!

In this story line, which is bit different than those of the previous “Invisible Man” films, a young man -one Robert Griffin (no relation to the original H.G. Wells Griffin) who suffered amnesia after an attack in the jungle and was committed to a mental institution finally remembers his past-which leads him to find the Herrick family who were with him in the jungle. They have become wealthy thanks to the diamond field they discovered on that fateful trip- and Griffin arrives at their home to demand his share of the riches, accusing them of leaving him to die. The Herricks say that they thought he was dead and not injured- but Griffin thinks they have double-crossed him. They claim that there are no more riches- that all the wealth is gone, due to some bad investments. One thing that ISN'T gone is the Herricks' beautiful daughter, whom Griffin always had- and still has- eyes for- even if she is already engaged to a young reporter!

When he continue to make demands, his former partners drug Griffin and, after searching him, find their old written agreement of partnership they toss him out into the rain-where a local cobbler finds him and brings him to shelter. Upon hearing his story, the cobbler first tries to use the information he got from Griffin for blackmail, and once involved, the authorities demand Griffin leave the area. Not sure where to go, after some aimless wandering, he stumbles upon the home of one Dr. Drury ( Carradine), who has developed a serum that causes invisibility- but is in need of a human subject to try it out on! Griffin agrees, and use his invisibility to take vengeance and control over his enemies- endangering all those both for and against him -as his madness grows!

This 1944 entry in Universal's "Invisible" series features movie and TV hero Jon Hall, along with film comedian Leon Errol, with Universal horror leading lady Evelyn Ankers and stock villainess Gale Sondergaard. We'll tell you all about the cast, review some of the invisibility effects, and-naturally- bring you some Sven fun, including our blatant bloopers in “The Oops Files”- a semi-salute to our own Doug Graves- visits from “Dr. Z” (courtesy of Dana Gould) and Nostalgiaferatoo, who always turns up like a bad penny-some memories of our late friend Gilbert Gottfried on the anniversary of his birth, and more!

The Invisible Man's Revenge" will be seen (aren't you sick of those contradictory references?!) tonight on Me-TV at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 pm central- if necessary, check your local listings for the station and time in your area. Once again, we have been among the most Tweeted-about subjects on Twitter while our show is airing- you can join in on the live-Tweeting, and make sure to use the hashtag #svengoolie . In the Chicago viewing area, there is the chance to get one more lesson in “How to Make a Monster” at 11 am on CW26.


You have the chance to order the latest Sven St. Patrick’s Day shirts- and more- in the MeTV Mall! We’ll have what you need for the wearing of the green (NOT the gangrene), as well as other popular items like the Svengoolie collector’s lunchbox- perfect for carrying your corned beef and cabbage sandwich! Eww…on second thought, you might just want to display it…

Join us tonight on MeTV for the tragic tale of a man’s descent into invisible madness!

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 during show

DOCTORLCB 1 month ago
DOCTORLCB 1 month ago
BEATNGU2 1 month ago
Where is Smilodon, he’s usually around at this time, I hope all went well with his check up today. Good positive Vibes out to him.
DOCTORLCB 1 month ago
I saw his movie at The Granada Theater and I remember the special glasses
I was 9 years old and the glasses made the ghosts very scarey,
Mikeyyy 1 month ago
Haven’t heard anything from kk or drang.. Makes me think they’re plotting some evilness tonight..
Klaatu 1 month ago
There was a recent attempt to ban this photo/image because of…well, I’ll not comment here. My dad, his brothers and my uncles were all part of this celebration. How dare they😡😡
BEATNGU2 Klaatu 1 month ago
The ridiculous edict was overruled by higher ups and the person responsible was given a good old fashioned tongue lashing.
BEATNGU2 FKrueger 1 month ago
All that and a sack of potatoes 🥔
BEATNGU2 FKrueger 1 month ago
Thanks Freddy !
Jack FKrueger 1 month ago
El llama es un cuadrupedo.
FKrueger Jack 1 month ago
1MikeM Jack 1 month ago
"A moose once bit my sister" "Mind you, moose bites can be pretty nasty..."
DOCTORLCB 1 month ago
William Castle is in the movie 13 ghosts as a cast member,
Klaatu DOCTORLCB 1 month ago
Is he Ghost #13?
IMDB has him as an uncredited part
Jack DOCTORLCB 1 month ago
William Castle appears as himself, in an introductory segment, as he was wont to do.
BEATNGU2 1 month ago
Compared to today's astronomical medical bills I’d say this one is a height challenged invoice.
Klaatu BEATNGU2 1 month ago
Wow! Those were the days😳. Now a box of tissues would equal that entire bill.
The medicine bill would be high, a new tx for multiple myeloma is $500,000

Aceman2 BEATNGU2 1 month ago
$123.50 in 1956 is worth $1,400.35 today. I don’t think I could get stitches for $1400.
BEATNGU2 Aceman2 1 month ago
Those must be Dr. Bombay prices ! 😂
TheKodakKid Aceman2 1 month ago
You’d be lucky if your co-pay was $1,400.
BEATNGU2 1 month ago
Its no wonder there were so many 1950’s monsters born out messin with atomic ☢️ Energy.
Kids & Uranium ?
Great 👍🏻 Pairing.
Now for the plutonium !
daDoctah BEATNGU2 1 month ago
I believe plutonium is now classed as a "dwarf element".
BEATNGU2 daDoctah 1 month ago
Dwarf is certainly not P.C
Its height challenged now
Klaatu BEATNGU2 1 month ago
Back then, they made death and danger seem like so much fun.
BEATNGU2 Klaatu 1 month ago
I believe we all had a bit of those hazardous experiences.
Youngsters today are bubble wrapped.
Sheldon's character on big bang theory would have this game
PatS BEATNGU2 1 month ago
I found a 1950s magazine with an article about prospecting for uranium. Apparently it was considered a get-rich-quick opportunity even for amateurs, like a Gold Rush. Perhaps the ones who lucked out were the ones selling the picks and Geiger counters.
Katink 1 month ago

Working on tomorrow's dessert👻
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Katink 1MikeM 1 month ago
Thanks, MikeM! It was fun!
PatS Katink 1 month ago
And of course when they break you have to dispose of the evidence -- and when they break the calories all leak out, right?
Katink PatS 1 month ago
Absolutely, Pat! I read it on the internet, so it must be true!
Mikeyyy 1 month ago
Hmm nice bunch of quotes to pick from. There’s a few that caught my eyes.
Katink Mikeyyy 1 month ago
I wonder if we will pick the same one, Mikeyyy?
BEATNGU2 1 month ago
Don’t forget !
Klaatu BEATNGU2 1 month ago
Do it AFTER Svengoolie👍
Cartoondave Klaatu 1 month ago
I always do
daDoctah BEATNGU2 1 month ago
Around here, the rule is "don't do anything to your clocks, but set any timers you have for recording broadcasts from other states to record one hour earlier, and don't change any timers for broadcasts from other countries for another month".
Engineer_Poelzig 1 month ago
Evening All!
Unwinding, & looking forward to a fun time tomorrow!
Cartoondave 1 month ago
I should've used this line for last week's movie I see nothing, I know NOTHING!
BEATNGU2 1 month ago
Hope & Pray everything went well with Smilodon’s VA Checkup today 🙏🏻
Klaatu BEATNGU2 1 month ago
Ahhh yes. Thanks for the reminder👍👍
BEATNGU2 1 month ago
As I am a big Kong fan my wife surprised me today with this amazing collectors edition directors cut Original “King Kong” 2 disc DVD set, it comes in an embossed metal case with Cards, replica of the Original Grauman’s Chinese Theatre premier programme booklet. Gonna watch tonight.
Cartoondave BEATNGU2 1 month ago
What a neat surprise
RobBarnes BEATNGU2 1 month ago
Those Tin Cases offer more protection than any other type of case or cover. Usually they come with a bunch of extras also which sometimes are just as interesting as the movie(s). Nice pick up!
PatS 1 month ago
If you're planning to send a birthday card to Sven's alter ego, Rich Koz, better mail it soon. He's turning 72 next Tuesday 3/12. Many happy returns and many more!!
RobBarnes PatS 1 month ago
Same month and day as my Dad's.
DrSerizawa 1 month ago
Happy 79th birthday to the last Monkee, Mickey Dolenz. Veteran child actor of Circus Boy he and his 3 screen buddies did face some faux horror in a couple of episodes.
Not much of a stretch since he's a vampire.
The Monkees had a pretty good opening act for a very short time...

Happy Birthday Mickey
Jack NoPersonalChicks 1 month ago
I can figure out why Lennon and Nilsson and together, but everybody else’s connections remain a mystery.

Mebbe Mickey Dolenz was trying to be the Zelig of rock-and-roll, but he ended up being more of a Forrest Gump...
I can only imagine some of their after show parties back at the motel.
Klaatu 1 month ago
This is for Svenboy who loves Disneyland. I purchased the entire slideshow presentation and I can watch any time. You are invited, but be ready to imbibe in my classic cocktails.
Klaatu Klaatu 1 month ago
This is the kind of historical images that await you Svenboy
DrFish28136 1 month ago

On this day in 1967, Lost In Space aired "Revolt Of The Androids." Officially, this served as the twenty-fourth episode in the program's second season, and here's the plot summary as provided by

"Verda's sheltered by the Robinsons after she's marked for destruction by the Celestial Department Store. To that end, the store dispatches a killer android: IDAK (Instant Destroyer And Killer)."
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