More Power to Lon Chaney Jr.- Who Short-Circuits Various Lives as the “Man Made Monster”- Tonight!

Posted on June 3, 2023

This Saturday night on MeTV- an extra amount of electricity might seem handy as many of us start up our air conditioners -but it proves to turn a carnival performer into a deadly menace! We bring back what is considered to be Lon Chaney Jr.’s very first entry into true horror films in a literally shocking performance when a cruel and devious scientist uses Lon’s incredible tolerance for electrical current to transform him into the “Man Made Monster”!

The story, as many of our movies do, begins on a stormy night-with roads slicked by rain causing dangerous conditions that make a bus lose control and skid into a high voltage electrical tower, resulting in the tragic death of the driver and every passenger aboard- except one. That survivor is rushed to the hospital, but- the medical staff is astounded to find he has not only survived the accident- but is, in fact, hardly affected by it at all!


The attending physician, Dr. Lawrence, discovers that the survivor is none other than “Dynamo Dan”- a carnival sideshow star whose act involves him being exposed to high levels of electrical current as entertainment! All his prior exposure to huge doses of electrical power appears to have played a part in his surviving the accident that did in everyone else on the bus. The doctor, intrigued, invites Dan to move into his home research facility, to be studied and perhaps confirm that the “previous exposure” theory is valid.

Dan cheerfully moves in, and finds the place to be a great fit for him- because the doctor’s pretty daughter also lives there- and – he gets to play with the family’s dog. However, there lurks a dark cloud in this happy existence, that nobody suspects at first- provided by the doctor's in-house co-worker- Dr. Rigas. Rigas has his own agenda- he wants to prove a personal theory of his own-that living creatures can be altered and mutated to survive- strictly on electricity! While he’s been experimenting with lesser life forms, "Dynamo Dan” being there means the availability of a human subject! Rigas sets out to covertly experiment on the former sideshow attraction, while keeping his plans secret from Dr. Lawrence.

Experimentation begins, with Dan subjected to massive amounts of electricity, and Rigas never revealing the real reason why to his cooperative subject. This continuing procedure, however, changes Dan -both physically and emotionally. The Lawrence family soon takes notice, and are concerned about Dan’s well-being. Regardless, the experiment continues- and Rigas charges Dan with such devastating power that he becomes , literally, what his carnival moniker suggested - a human dynamo! Dan now emits an unearthly glow and possesses unfathomable raw electrical force- becoming an electrified zombie, completely under the control of the man who "created" him! Rigas commands Dan to do his bidding, unleashing his power on anyone who gets in Rigas’ way. This “Man Made Monster” soon is terrorizing the countryside – incredibly unable to be stopped or killed!

This 1941 film has some interesting special effects for its time, and definitely has some frightening moments. For those viewers who are used to Lon Chaney as the brooding, fatalistic Larry Talbot, or as the haunted characters he played in the “Inner Sanctum” series, it may come as a surprise to see Lon portraying such a happy-go-lucky fellow at the start of this film. Reportedly, this film was the reason that Lon was cast in his perennial role as Talbot, the Wolf Man. We'll tell you about the film’s players, and send up some clips from the film in Svensurround.


We also bring back a vintage visit from our friend, WWE Hall of Famer, best-selling author, and Santa Claus enthusiast, the one and only Mick Foley- who regales us with stories about himself and his family, his love of the Universal films, and the “20 Years of Hell” tour was on at the time (chronicling his astounding wrestling match with the iconic Undertaker, in which Mick took some horrendous falls off the top of a massive steel cage!) There is some dated material mentioned, since Mick ended that previous speaking tour, and his latest appearances are about different subjects. We’ll top off his visit, after the short movie, with Mick as the ONLY contestant in a game show especially geared towards him! Plus- take a look at our own sideshow, another visit from the vocation-shifting vampire Nostalgiaferatoo, and the much requested Svensurrounded episode of the old “Commando Cody” serial- and relive the fun of the 2018 C2E2 comics and entertainment convention at Chicago’s McCormick Place- including a look at some of the incredible costumes!

"Man Made Monster" lights up MeTV tonight at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check your local listings (or for time and channel. Remember that MeTV invites you to support our show by live-Tweeting during the program on Twitter-making us trend very high nationally every week! Our local Chicago viewers can again experience the fuzzy fright of the "Killer Shrews” on our main local station, the CW26, at 11 am.

Join us tonight as Lon Chaney Jr. leads the charge-and is “charged” with “battery”- or, becomes one!

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1MikeM 11 months ago
...and dat was Man Made Monster...and dat's da name a dat tune.
Engineer_Poelzig 11 months ago
Good thing for Fri. night MeTV+ to drift off with...
Klaatu 11 months ago
Someone will have more perseverance than anyone else to wait for the new blog and be first👍
PatS 11 months ago
Shucks. It's 20 after the hour and I'm giving up for tonight. See ya tomorrow with a Night-Monstrous satire.
Cartoondave 11 months ago
Goodnight see you for toons on the east coast
Klaatu 11 months ago
I feel like an idiot tapping the Refresh button time after time to see a new blog🤣🤪
DrFish28136 Klaatu 11 months ago
The pause that doesn’t refresh
Engineer_Poelzig 11 months ago
Looks like T & J will have TV of Tomorrow on in the AM
TheKodakKid 11 months ago
Well, I’m going to go play some solitaire. Check back in a couple of hands.
Katink TheKodakKid 11 months ago
In the spirit of "A watched pot doesn't boil," I will doom-scroll for a bit and check back in.
Cartoondave 11 months ago
Maybe we'll have a new blog before cartoons are on?
Engineer_Poelzig 11 months ago
Tomorrow-Tomorrow, It's only a blog away
Bill_K 11 months ago
late again?
TheKodakKid Bill_K 11 months ago
No, we were on time. The new blog, on the other hand . . .
Bill_K Mikeyyy 11 months ago

I didn't ask you earlier...are you doing better?
Mikeyyy Bill_K 11 months ago
I thought everything was ok, but the lens is sitting tilted so waiting to hear from eye dr.
Bill_K Mikeyyy 11 months ago
Sorry to hear that. Hope your eye doctor will take care of it.
Drang 11 months ago
Oh, jeeze, I almost missed the new... wait! What?
TheKodakKid 11 months ago
Has there been a Power failure at stately Sven Manor? Better call the Atomic Man before the night monster gets here.
Cartoondave 11 months ago
Don't tell me it's delayed again???? AAAAAAAAAGH!
Katink Cartoondave 11 months ago
Ok, I won't tell you that, Dave. (Who would like to tell him?)
TheKodakKid Katink 11 months ago
Not me. Maybe we could get abc123 to have the fan tell him.
deadringer42 11 months ago
Is it Saturday night yet?
Carl_N_Brown deadringer42 11 months ago
Tomorrow, tomorrow, just thinking about tomorrow
Katink Carl_N_Brown 11 months ago
It's only a day away🎵🎶🎵
Katink Jack 11 months ago
That explains why I couldn't find my red dress, Jack!
Carl_N_Brown 11 months ago
Tomorrow's movie has number of people congregating at dark and mysterious Ingston Mansion.
Sounds familiar.
I wonder if they'll serve potatoes?
Klaatu Carl_N_Brown 11 months ago
Will each of the guests get paid $10,000 if they spend and survive the night?
Carl_N_Brown Klaatu 11 months ago
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