Mid-week Holiday < Extended Weekend

Posted on July 5, 2012

Yes, a mid-week, single -day holiday like we have just experienced is definitely not as good as one that is closer to one end of the week or the other, and can be turned into an extended weekend. I know some people opted to just take this whole week as a vacation week, but, I’m saving mine for later in the summer, and , besides, I’ve got some Sven appearances coming up this weekend that I need to be on duty for- let’s summarize those briefly, once again… This Friday night, take me out to the ball game-and/or- send me to the Slammer! Better make that plural- Slammers- since I’ll be headed to Silver Cross Field to enjoy the fun of a Joliet Slammers game! If you’ve never attended one of these minor league baseball games, you’ll find that it’s major league fun! The Slammers will face off against the Normal CornBelters (and not the Abnormal CornSuspenders)in Frontier League action- and there will be lots of excitement, since , in my honor they have dubbed the night “Friday Fright Night!” How could it be anything else, with yours truly there to sign autographs, take photos with you, and get involved in some of the extra activities that take place to augment your enjoyment of the ball game?!Will I have a baseball –themed outfit to help keep me cool in the hot weather? You’ll just have to show up and see! Of course, you have to stay after the game for the great fireworks display as well! It’s definitely affordable fun for the entire family- tickets start at just $5 !!! Plus- what a variety of foods to keep you well-fed: pizza, hot dogs, nachos, tacos, grilled sandwiches, burgers, Italian beef, pulled BBQ sandwiches, sausages, your favorite beers, even healthy and gluten-free snacks! You can also visit the Joliet Area Sports Hall of fame on the premises. If you need to cool off- there’s even a misting station you can stroll through for a refreshing spritz! Come out Friday night- I’ll see you there! More information is yours at www.jolietslammers.com Then, after you watch all the Sven programs on Saturday, spend your Sunday at a great event with more food and fun- the Lake in the Hills Rockin’ Ribfest- rockin’, because they have live bands rocking out to entertain you- and ribfest, because- well, why do you think? Because beautiful Sunset Park -5200 Miller Road-is the place to sample delicious ribs from experienced barbeque chefs from around the country-including local favorites! You can try their delicacies, with a variety of sauces and sides, and- once again- your old pal Svengoolie will be there to sign autographs, and pose for pictures with you (bring that camera- and make sure the batteries are charged, and there’s still some memory left!) I’m there from noon to 2 pm, but- why not make a day of it? The gates open at 11 am, and the fun continues until 7 pm Sunday night. Tickets are only $5 for those 13 and up-those under 12 get in free when accompanied by an adult! For more information- check out lithribfest.com …and that’s just the beginning of the July part of our Sven summer tour! I’ll drop brief reminders of these two events in the next few days- but, next week- we hit two more locations- with more to come, both this month and next! And then, of course, we start easing into our fall schedule, which looks like it’ll start in September and head for Halloween! Looks like we’ll be getting more opportunities to meet many more Sven fans!

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