Meet Filmdom’s First Black Vampire- it’s “Blacula” -Tonight!

Posted on May 6, 2023

Tonight on MeTV- it’s an American International early ‘70s update on a classic character (who actually is responsible for the whole plot!)- as America encounters the first black vampire in horror film history- “Blacula”!

In the year 1772, the distinguished African prince Mamuwalde and his lady love Luva have travelled to Transylvania to try to convince a nobleman there to end the slave trade. Little does he realize that this dignitary, Count Dracula, is the notorious king of the vampires- who scoffs at the anti-slavery request and tries to move in on Luva! Mamuwalde will have none of this, and ends up in a desperate battle with Dracula’s minions. With the prince restrained by the evil ones, the Count decides to pass on the vampire curse to this victim- and even names him- Blacula!


Dracula has Mamuwalde locked in a coffin, where he will spend ages unable to quench his thirst for blood- and locks Luva in the subterranean tomb to eventually starve to death.

200 years later, a bi-racial male couple ends up purchasing the contents of Dracula’s castle- including that coffin in the basement crypt- and transport their newly purchase items to Los Angeles. They make the mistake of opening the coffin- and becoming sustenance for the hunger-crazed vampire released from within!

At the funeral home where the black gentleman is being waked, we meet sisters Michelle and Tina, and Michelle’s boyfriend, Dr. Thomas. Little do they realize that Blacula lurks nearby- and he is amazed to find that Tina is a doppelganger for his lost love, thinking she may be her reincarnation. Tina is frightened by this strange man’s attention, and runs for home, dropping her purse. Blacula pursues her- only to be hit by a taxi cab- which brings on tragedy- for the taxi driver!

Enough dark misery- it’s time to celebrate, as Michelle and her friends enjoy a birthday gathering at a nightclub. Who should show up- but the sophisticated stranger in a cape- having “found” Tina’s purse, and wishing to return it. A phone call comes in for Dr. Thomas- with the news that the young black man’s body has disappeared from the funeral home! While this occupies his attention, Mamuwalde asks to see Tina again the next night- and gets riled when the inhouse photograph girl snaps a picture of the two of them- which proves dangerous, and just might provide a vital clue later on!

There is a sudden increase in murders in the city- with all the recent victims showing unusual signs of attack. Thomas must convince his police pal Lt. Peters that these are indeed the work of vampires- while Mamuwalde gets closer to Tina- and more of his undead victims strike!

This “blaxploitation” film stars some familiar faces, such as the amazing William Marshall as Mamuwalde, Thalmus Rasulala as Dr. Thomas, Vonetta McGee as Tina, and Denise Nicholas as Michelle. We also get a great character actor, Elisha Cook Jr, and the funky rock group the Hughes Corporation. This was one of the highest grossing films of 1972! We’ll talk about the cast, reveal how William Marshall advocated changes in his character, and point out some footage we’ve actually seen before. We’ll also bring you some new- and previously done- music, a few scenes from the film in “Svensurround” and more!


“Blacula” rises from the grave tonight at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time- and there will , as always, be plenty of live-Tweeting on Twitter during the program- if you join in, please make sure to use the hashtag #svengoolie.In the Chicago area, local viewers can again experience “Destroy All Monsters” at 11 am on CW26.

In answer to many questions we have received- the monthly drawing to win a retired rubber chicken has been suspended. The reason is, quite honestly, we have run out of chickens that, through wear and tear, are ready to be “retired”. Perhaps they are making them sturdier these days.

Meanwhile, we’ve got hot and cold running merchandise in our Svengoolie store- including the new Svengoolie throw blankets and the hot and cold beverage tumblers! Make sure to check those out- and- if you have ever wanted to be an official Svengoolie chicken thrower- Chicago’s Museum of Broadcast Communications could give you the chance! To celebrate its fortieth year, the Museum is having a “40 for 40” online auction of 40 unique radio and TV experiences as a fundraiser for the museum. You can bid on having the chance for you and a “plus one” to come to our studio and throw rubber chickens as part of an actual show taping! You can find all the items up for bidding at or through the link at – and bidding will end on Tuesday, May 16. Perhaps YOU will make a donation to the Museum- and get the rare opportunity to toss chickens at yours truly!

Meanwhile, join us tonight when Dracula creates “Blacula”!

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 during show

Kewrock 12 months ago
Please ditch the Spawn of Svengoolie filler. it's lame, and takes up too much time.
1MikeM 12 months ago
...and dat was Blacula...and dat's da name a dat tune!
Deleted 12 months ago
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Katink 12 months ago
So maybe he used up one of his nine lives, Kyle?
12 months ago
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Drang 12 months ago
He heard chicken was on the menu.😺
12 months ago
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Cartoondave 12 months ago
Wouldn't it be funny if the haunted house episode of TAGS had the "'Atta boy, Luther!" during every Barney Fife scene?
Katink Cartoondave 12 months ago
It would be, Dave! (Also, if Aunt Bea used some Bon Ami. . .)
PatS Cartoondave 12 months ago
Attaboy Barney?
1MikeM 12 months ago
The working title for THE GHOST AND MR. CHICKEN was RUNNING SCARED. That is also the title of the 1986 buddy cop action/comedy film with Billy Crystal, Gregory Hines and Jimmy Smits as the villain. Maybe Svengoolie could show that one sometime.
1MikeM 12 months ago
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Carl_N_Brown 12 months ago
Why does the ghost on the poster for the movie have four arms?
Drang Carl_N_Brown 12 months ago
So it can hold four different implements of mayhem?
Jack Carl_N_Brown 12 months ago
Mebbe it’s an allusion to how hip Hindu spirituality was in the mid-1960s?
Carl_N_Brown 12 months ago
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PatS Kyle 12 months ago
It's just a jump to the left...
PatS 12 months ago
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Carl_N_Brown 12 months ago
Will I make it to 12?
Mikeyyy Carl_N_Brown 12 months ago
This night has been dragging on and I'm already yawning!
TheKodakKid Mikeyyy 12 months ago
Yeah, Mikeyyy is just saying that to try to dull our sense of urgency. Like he needs any more advantage.
abc123 12 months ago
going for low hanging fruit again for my snack. Chicken wings. My sports game should be over by west coast show time, so hopefully I will be in a good mood...
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Cartoondave abc123 12 months ago
As I mentioned earlier this week I will be having McDonald's chicken Mcnuggets for my movie snack
Katink TheKodakKid 12 months ago
Hubby will probably make chicken soup, TKK😊 I think that they eat that in the diner scene.
Katink Mikeyyy 12 months ago
Thanks, Mikeyyy! We glued a picture from a catalogue to a little canvas, and Hubby made a little frame from wood scraps. The blood is catsup.
Cartoondave 12 months ago
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Klaatu 12 months ago
The funniest elevator scene ever! Were there any other funny elevator scenes? Atta Boy Luther!
PatS Klaatu 12 months ago
There's one in TITANIC (yes, the boat had elevators in First Class) but, ummm, better not to post it.
Klaatu 12 months ago
I’m getting my last project done (washing the car) before Svengoolie
Klaatu 12 months ago
Wow! Carolyn Jones on Wagon Train😍. Very young and cute!
Cartoondave 12 months ago
I just watched the trailer for RENFIELD and the guy who's playing Dracula looks more like Gargamel from The Smurfs
TheKodakKid Cartoondave 12 months ago
You mean Nicholas Cage?
Cartoondave TheKodakKid 12 months ago
Is that who it is, I thought it was Jim Carrey
TheKodakKid Cartoondave 12 months ago
Nope, it’s Nicholas Cage.
NoPersonalChicks 12 months ago
I have questions.
Drang NoPersonalChicks 12 months ago
28th infantry Division...?

Apparently not:
Named for a saloon:

Klaatu NoPersonalChicks 12 months ago
Is that next to the chicken place…Bucket O’Chicken?
1MikeM NoPersonalChicks 12 months ago
Maybe Svengoolie could show that one sometime. A young Bert Convy appears in this horror movie.
Aceman2 12 months ago
Klaatu Aceman2 12 months ago
Is that Don Knotts having road rage at Dale, now that he has his new driver’s license?🤣
daleuhlmann 12 months ago
Hey, group, I passed my driver's license test today and am now an official, card-carrying Westie!
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Cartoondave daleuhlmann 12 months ago
Hey dale make sure you remember that left turn to Albuquerque
Have the new neighbors been alerted?
If you don’t like the way I drive….get off of the sidewalk.
Catbat 12 months ago
Dale is right now taking his test at the DMV so he will be an officially licensed WESTIE!
Catbat Catbat 12 months ago
A card carrion one mind ya 😂😂😂😂😂
Klaatu Catbat 12 months ago
Tell him to do what everyone else seems to do here out West: Don’t stop at stop signs, drive 50mph in 25mph zone and most importantly, do the “Jerk Merge” whenever he can😳😳
MrsG Klaatu 12 months ago
Yes ! We call #1 the California Roll *_*
abc123 Klaatu 12 months ago
and drive 25 in the 50 zones...?
Klaatu 12 months ago
Will Sven do a parody this Saturday called “The Ghost And Mr. Goolie”?
CountCurt Klaatu 12 months ago
I certainly hope so!
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