Jumping From the Swamp To Your TV in "Frogs" - Tonight on MeTV

Posted on September 3, 2022

Tonight on MeTV- we add some heat and humidity to your Labor Day weekend – as a Florida swamp becomes the battleground between humans and amphibians, as reptiles and various other creatures are out for revenge against the polluting ways of mankind- heralded by the arrival of- “Frogs”!

This 1972 horror film starts off calmly enough- with Pickett Smith, a wildlife photographer, canoeing through the waters of a swamp, taking photos of various plants and creatures while noting evidence of pollution throughout the area. His canoe is unceremoniously overturned by a speedboat driven by a boozy young man, and he is taken aboard the craft to meet the wealthy young idiot Clint and his pretty sister Karen. They offer him the chance to come dry off at their palatial family mansion, where he meets the patriarch of the family- the wheel-chair bound grump, Jason Crockett, who invites him to stay to join in on his annual combined celebration of his birthday and the 4th of July. It’s obvious that Jason runs his plantation- and his family- with an iron hand, and that there is little doubt that his business methods are responsible for the pollution Pickett has observed.

Also observed is that the area seems to be overrun with frogs of various sizes, and Jason, not very fond of their presence, has sent out his man Grover to spray pesticide (great idea! Add more pollution!) to solve the problem. Little does he realize the problem is already well on its way out of hand.

Pickett meets several other members of the family, as well as the house staff- and surprisingly seems to meet with Jason’s approval. He is even asked to check on the whereabouts of certain missing people- and his findings are not good. He has also found an unusual number of swamp creatures all over the area- many more than are normal. As employees and family members become victims of attacks by the different animal species, it’s suggested that the family should leave the area- but Jason refuses to let anything interfere with his celebration, and demands that they stay! ( It’s his party, and he’ll die if he wants to…) Things only get worse, and escape begins to seem impossible- as the frogs advance in number and no human is safe!

This movie was made during a time when ecology was becoming a major concern, and it is considered to be part of a group of films known as “eco-horror” in which nature fights back against the population polluting and destroying the natural world. It boasts some big name actors- from Ray Milland and a very young Sam Elliot to well-known TV actress Joan Van Ark. We’ll tell you about the cast, and some background on the production, as well as bringing you a song- and watch for a brief greeting from a major star and Sven fan who faithfully watched my shows when he was just local to the Chicago area- and still tunes in today! And, for those who have seen the original poster promoting the film- no, there is no huge frog big enough to swallow a human and have its hand protruding from its mouth- but there are enough deadly creatures around to make up for that! We do warn you that there are some scenes that may not be suitable for all viewers -especially those who don’t like snakes, frogs, and other creepy crawly things!

“Frogs” invades your TV screen tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. Once again last week on Twitter, so many viewers were live-Tweeting during the show that we were trending within the top ten topics for the whole program. Feel free to join in, using the hashtag #svengoolie. This morning, local Chicago area viewers get to marvel once again at the amazing special effects that turned dogs into- well, dogs with wigs and false teeth- in “Killer Shrews” at 11 am on CW26.

Tonight, however, we progress from dogs to frogs- as cold-blooded creatures become cold-blooded killers! And-just a reminder- make sure you check out the latest amazing t-shirt in our artists series, by Bill Morrison, in our store! You’ll find it and other wearable works of art available there- with more to come!


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 during show

The1Butler 22 months ago
Look who jumped in the race !
Mikeyyy The1Butler 22 months ago
Hello Betty!!
PatS The1Butler 22 months ago
The lovely modern Ms. Boop! I miss the garter, tho.
Katink The1Butler 22 months ago
Definitely post-code 😉
The1Butler Katink 22 months ago
I posted a tame betty , theres some wild ones 😍
The1Butler 22 months ago
You are feeling very sleepy 👁👁
DrFish28136 22 months ago
Drang DrFish28136 22 months ago
Should be corgis.
Katink Drang 22 months ago
Eye think my Coco should be a Royal Corgi for Halloween 🐶🎃
Drang Katink 22 months ago
PatS Katink 22 months ago
Then *you* need a lovely colorful hat and matching coat!
Katink PatS 22 months ago
Yes! That would be cool, Pat!
MrsG 22 months ago
Eye y-eye y-eye Katink who is Your little friend ? ! ? !
👽 🛸 👽
Katink MrsG 22 months ago
Eye think her name is TakeMeTo YourLeader?
The1Butler Katink 22 months ago
ET go home 👽😂🤣
MrsG Katink 22 months ago
S W E E T *_*
Katink MrsG 22 months ago
She seems very nice, MrsG. Maybe I'll bring her to next week's Svenette dance team practice 👽👣👩‍🚀
MrsG Katink 22 months ago
Early for tutu fitting *_* 🩰
Katink MrsG 22 months ago
Right, MrsG! And she'll need to fill out the paperwork and read the handbook.
Katink Katink 22 months ago
Plus watch the welcome PowerPoint presentation.
Klaatu 22 months ago
I’ll miss the Race To The New Blog because I just started watching lady weeks 5hrs of Loony Toons.
abc123 22 months ago
My files are all uploaded
My verse is not too bloated
When the clock strikes 9
The first post shall be mine
The1Butler abc123 22 months ago
Ive got faith in you 👍🏻
The1Butler 22 months ago
8 nothing Tigers in the 6th . 🤞🏻Plenty of time to blow it .
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MrsG Aceman2 22 months ago
That logo always plays tricks on me ~
The1Butler MrsG 22 months ago
Thats the old English D
Drang The1Butler 22 months ago

I was in Korea, but my sister went to the last game at Tiger Stadium. I was able to listen to the game on the "radio" (which was an audio channel on the cable TV was had in barracks.)
The1Butler Drang 22 months ago
Sweet ! I know a lady in Detroit that has a picture in her living room of that last game 👍🏻
Tigers just won 10 - 2
MADave 22 months ago
My mom ate my Sbenhards Danish so I'll have to settle for my usual popcorn oh well!
Mikeyyy MADave 22 months ago
Oh no!
MrsG MADave 22 months ago
Aw that was a nice treat for Mumzy ~ She Loves You more ♥️
MADave MrsG 22 months ago
I was saving it for tomorrow night but I think we're going to order some
MADave 22 months ago
Will Mikeyyy make it 4 wins in a row?
Will there be a new winner?
Will there be a female winner?
All this and more later tonight
Same Sven time Same Sven channel
Mikeyyy MADave 22 months ago
You sound like the ending of Batman!
MADave Mikeyyy 22 months ago
That was the idea haha!
The1Butler Mikeyyy 22 months ago
You must do your part as a good citizen robin 🦇
MrsG 22 months ago
*Quads* is beginning to sound pretty good Mikeyyy ! ! ! !
Carl_N_Brown 22 months ago

Blue sky, silver moon
MrsG Carl_N_Brown 22 months ago
Oh the most beautiful shot Carl_N_Brown ~ Bella Luna !
I tried to get a shot too as the full moon was leading me home from good old Sahside ~ betcha can’t tell the moon from the street light ~

The1Butler MrsG 22 months ago
Moons on the left 🌛
MrsG The1Butler 22 months ago
Yes , appears much smaller in pic *_*
The1Butler MrsG 22 months ago
Yep cameras just cant capture the real thing
The1Butler The1Butler 22 months ago
Nice pic though
MrsG The1Butler 22 months ago
Thanks Butler ~ glad to be home for SvenEve ~ the Luny Toons we’re out !
Klaatu 22 months ago
I’m waiting for the plethora of puns and funny bits about eyeballs, like the traditional “The eyes have it.”
The1Butler Klaatu 22 months ago
I wouldn't stoop so low
Katink The1Butler 22 months ago
Eye wouldn't, either.
Drang Klaatu 22 months ago
I just can't see it.
Klaatu 22 months ago
Is the day before worse than the morning after Svengoolie? Luckily neither one requires we take a pill of some sort.
The1Butler Klaatu 22 months ago
Just a boozter 🥃
MrsG The1Butler 22 months ago
AhhHaaHAHA ! I get it ~ good one You FUNeee FUNeee Man !
The1Butler MrsG 22 months ago
It just came to me 😂
Aceman2 22 months ago
Aceman2 22 months ago
Aceman2 22 months ago
MrsG Aceman2 22 months ago
ALL lookin good Aceman *_*
Aceman2 MrsG 22 months ago
Thanks MrsG.
The1Butler 22 months ago
Grass is mowed and thinkin about midnight 🤣😂🎩
Mikeyyy The1Butler 22 months ago
Just made a snack run cause we have rain coming tomorow..

The1Butler Mikeyyy 22 months ago
Gotta make you earn 4x !
Mikeyyy The1Butler 22 months ago
It’s like the Olympics. I’m going for the quad!
deadringer42 22 months ago
The1Butler deadringer42 22 months ago
Wow thats 3D ! Or 3S
Klaatu deadringer42 22 months ago
I love it! But you also need Lagavulin and Laphroig.👍🥃
deadringer42 22 months ago
Mikeyyy deadringer42 22 months ago
Your all set now!
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