Join the Expedition to a Dangerous World- It's the Classic "Forbidden Planet" Tonight!

Posted on June 18, 2022

Tonight on MeTV, we are happy to bring back an important science fiction film from the 1950s that had great influence on many future productions- and provided us with one of the most recognizable and iconic mechanical characters in history! It’s a mission to go to where some men have gone before- and a new expedition wants to find out why they haven’t heard anything from them- as they try to uncover the secrets of the “Forbidden Planet”!

We join the starship C-57D – a top of the line craft in the 23rd century- as it heads to the far away planet Altair IV, where an initial expedition was sent 20 years previously- and never heard from again. As they prepare to land, a radio warning comes from the surface- warning them NOT to set down, since their safety on the planet can’t be guaranteed. Regardless, Commander John Adams and his crew touch down- and are met by a unique robot beyond any scientific creation they’ve ever seen. The robot- Robby- brings them to the compound of one of the previous expedition’s scientists, Dr. Morbius- where the doctor reveals to Adams, his lieutenant Jerry Farman, and ship’s doctor ‘Doc” Ostrow the fate of that earlier group- they were all killed by a strange “planetary force” which he does not explain. For some reason, only Morbius, his late wife, and their daughter Altaira were immune to this force and survived. Morbius wants to send them on their way back home, but the crew must wait for further commands from Earth before they can leave. Meanwhile, we get our first look at that daughter- a gorgeous blonde knockout that immediate creates some rivalry between the men! She’ s never been among young men before, and finds them fascinating- but also confusing!

The men return to their ship- but, that night, there is some sabotage done to their equipment by an unseen invader. Adams wonders if this might be tied in to that “force” that was mentioned- or if somehow Morbius found a way to sneak Robby in to do his dirty work. But- how could the hulking robot get onto the ship without someone seeing him?

Going to the compound to confront Morbius, Adams has a tender moment with Altaira- which is almost ruined when a previously tame pet suddenly attacks! Still looking for answers, and invading Morbius’ office, they finally get some astonishing answers from the scientist- about the planet’s original highly advanced race, the Krell! He explains their fate, and demonstrates some of the amazing machines within their huge atomic complex- including a machine that can boost one’s intelligence- but causes great strain on the typical human mind. While Adams argues that all this scientific wonder should be turned over to earth- Morbius refuses, for he feels humanity is just not ready for it (in his estimation)!

Meanwhile, a force field is set up around the Earth spacecraft for protection. Sadly, it seems to have no effect on the invisible intruder! Morbius warns the crew that he has had “premonitions” of further attacks-much like what wiped out his companions- and Adams must find out what the force is- before his crew meets the same fate!

This incredible full-color 1956 classic stars Leslie Nielsen before he became a dead-pan comic actor; Walter Pidgeon as Morbius; and the lovely Anne Francis as Altaira- along with a lot of familiar actors, many of whom we will talk about. We’ll also reveal who provided the voice of the iconic Robby the Robot, who went on to appear in several other productions- as well as revealing who did several of the animated special effects.

One thing we didn’t have time to mention- the film does not have a music score, per se- it’s all electronic sounds composed by Bebe and Louis Barron. It was the first completely electronic score to appear in any film!

This movie is far longer than the usual amount of time we have for both our movie and our Sven segments- so, in order to cut less of the movie, we have minimized the Sven content in this show. As always, we regret having to edit such a great film- but didn’t want to pass up the chance to show it for you again. We’ve been very careful in our editing to maintain the integrity of the film.

“Forbidden Planet” airs tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. You can check for time and channel where you are in your local listings, or at . You can also live-Tweet along with other viewers during the show on Twitter- just remember to use the hashtag #svengoolie . Again, last week, we were trending in the top ten topics nationally. Our Chicago area viewers can watch one of the later efforts by the great Boris Karloff “Frankenstein 1970” at 11 am on our main local station, CW26.

Thanks for all the good wishes on our anniversary date this past week! We feel honored and lucky to still be here bringing the scares and entertaining you!

Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads out there- as I have often said, anyone can father a child- but it takes a very special man to be a true father.

Tonight- make your own assessment of a father keeping secrets of alien technology-in a science fiction film that set a precedent for many to come- on MeTV!

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 during show

Deleted 7 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Geo 7 months ago
Get lost you trollope.
1MikeM 7 months ago
...and dat was Forbidden Planet...and dat's da name a dat tune!
CrazyK 1MikeM 7 months ago
Geo CrazyK 7 months ago
Good one.👍
Shayla 7 months ago
Hey y’all!! Been very busy all day!! Internet is a little slow, not sure bout my chances. How was y’all’s day?
1MikeM Shayla 7 months ago
Hi Shayla! It's been ok. I was just watching a couple of movies on another channel tonight. HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER and FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE SPACE MONSTER.
PatS Shayla 7 months ago
Hot! On the other hand, it was Friday. After ten years of working 6 and 7 days a week, I now have granted myself the favor of weekends. The garden's watered and the shopping is done. Bring on Saturday!
Klaatu 7 months ago
Congratulations to whomever gets first post in the new blog. I’m watching last weeks Lost in Space guest starring Michael J Pollard, so I’ll miss 9pm / 12am.
Jack Klaatu 7 months ago
That was a great episode!
Jack 7 months ago
I realize this will prob’ly be buried and forgotten in all the mounting excitement of Sventurday Eve, but as promised, I have an update re: gefilte dogs.

Following the traditional Thursday news dump (before Shabbat), the FORWARD had no mention of “gefilte dogs.” I received four Google alerts regarding gefilte dogs, which I’ll post the links below. The three Jewish press sources ranged in judgement from “This has got to be a prank” to crediting Manischewitz with a “viral marketing campaign” similar to others “promoting joke products such as ‘gefilte fish topped pizza’..., ‘borscht macaroons’ and ‘hash brownie macaroons’…” to assuming it was a joke and piling on more gags. The sole Gentile source—even tho’ it quoted Duff Goldman—thinks gefilte dogs are real.
PatS Jack 7 months ago
I saw it, Jack! After midnight (11 CST), though. Let us know any updates. (I remember "tuna hot dogs" from the late '50s or early '60s that were called... wait for it... "Tunies.")
CrazyK 7 months ago
MrsG, if you’re still here, yeah that new Sven Shirt is great! Really Cool artwork!
Here’s a suicide shifter on a bike
(I know you know this) and here’s a suicide spinner knob on a car (I put one on a car once, super fun!)
Both take a certain amount of coordination to use and a lot of guys I heard would crash their bikes or cars back in the day trying to use them, that’s how they got the name!
The car one lets you flip a quick uey like Eddie Griffith is doing here in the movie “Undercover Brother” 😂
Kergooliewyn CrazyK 7 months ago
And didnt spill a drop. Now that's cool.
Kyle 7 months ago
After the controversy and backroom deals of last week nearly led to lawsuits to determine First Blogger status, I would hope that there are independent observers in place to verify tonight's winner.
Jack Kyle 7 months ago
But what about the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and Schroedinger’s Cat?
Kyle Jack 7 months ago
He can't see the cat, the cat can't see him.

Which one exists?
Jack Kyle 7 months ago
One can measure the time or the ordinal position of a post, but not both simultaneously.

The act of observation causes multiple superpositioned wave functions of first posts to collapse into a single winning post.
Geo Kyle 7 months ago
I think I was a first once although I could be mistaken.
abc123 7 months ago
Alright. Video uploaded and images linked.
Finally looked, and found FIVE Saturdays in July.
July is a good month for some Toho Goodness! Frankenstein Conquers the World!
abc123 abc123 7 months ago
Hooray! Sports Series continues at least one more game!
The1Butler abc123 7 months ago
5 chances to be first blogger.
The1Butler 7 months ago
Im watching Vincent Price, The witch finder general. Its not rated PG !
Kyle 7 months ago
This disappearing post thing is getting out of hand.

Who is in charge around here, anyway?
Drang Kyle 7 months ago
Guy named Vlad...
Kyle Drang 7 months ago
As I remember, Vlad was more fond of putting up posts than taking them down.

I liked that guy.
Klaatu Kyle 7 months ago
It must be Claude Rains (the original Invisible Man)🤣. All I can say is thankfully it’s not only me with missing posts
Kyle Jack 7 months ago
That guy knew how to handle things.
The1Butler 7 months ago
This is going to be so much fun ! 😀😆😁😂😂🤣
Mikeyyy 7 months ago
The quiet before the storm?
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Mikeyyy The1Butler 7 months ago
I feel your pain! We’re having a drought here plus my nieces husband is fire chief in our lil town so I’m double handcuffed…
The1Butler Mikeyyy 7 months ago
Sparklers , boo .
Katink Kyle 7 months ago
That's my goal too, Kyle!
Kyle Katink 7 months ago
Think I got 3rd.

Had that a few times.

Refresh rate in the hinterlands is slow.
Geo 7 months ago
I guess it's double dipping as this weeks feature is on tonight on the Movies! channel another Weigel station. I never pondered that could sometimes happen with their various channels. It's without the Svengoolie charm and bits. It lacks the interaction the blog represents. Anyhow I thought it was kind of odd or I am just rambling again.🤔
PatS Geo 7 months ago
You mean FP or HTMAM? I was tempted to look at FP on 'another' channel just to see what got cut. (We NEED Sventoonie's time to be added to Sven!)
The1Butler Geo 7 months ago
I have seen that some , although the other channel's print of the flims were terrible .
Geo PatS 7 months ago
I am not sure what your acronyms are, but the channel is called "Movies!" and it's under the Weigel channels.
Geo The1Butler 7 months ago
I agree that the Sven prints are far superior.
daleuhlmann 7 months ago
Hawkeye would soon lose the floppy hat he wore as Hawkeye during the first half of M*A*S*H-s first season. His film counterpart, Donald Sutherland, had that kind-of hat as Hawkwye, but it was soon pronounced unsuitable for Alda's character.

Also, many of the first half's episodes were perhaps a little too "Sergeant Bilkoish" before the show began hitting its stride. Also, those early shows tended to cram too many characters from the movievinto the series, such as two extra surgeon swamp mates fo Hawkeye and Trapper, as well as Nurse Chelsea and Lt. Dish. The writers were probably right in dropping them.
Kyle daleuhlmann 7 months ago
Radar was definitely a lot more "worldly" in these early episodes as well.
Kyle 7 months ago
This comment has been removed.
daleuhlmann 7 months ago
Hey, group, I just got a card today from a close friend of mine from my days at the University of Akron as first a graduate assistant instructor in the English Department, and then as an adjunct instructor. She's been watching Svengoolie for the past year-and-a-half and was talking about how much she had enjoyed the Man in the Hat's presentation of FORBIDDEN PLANET. She had some nice insults I thought you'd be interested in.

First, she noted how the movie's spaceship resembled more of a flying saucer than a traditional, phallic-looking rocket ship. She also felt that the Id monster reminded her of the creature that had appeared in the "Night on Bald Mountain Segment" in Disney's FANTASIA. In addition, she praised the musical score, likening it to a "Space Music," a genre of NEw Age Music. Some of its artists she named included Jean Michael Jane, Vangelis, Brian Eno, and Yanni.

Moreover, she commented that she didn't care for the Dr. Phibes films. FInally, she confided in me that the people she associates with don't completely understand his sense of humor. I think she should join the blog and enjoy hanging out with those that do, which I'll include in my reply.
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MADave daleuhlmann 7 months ago
Yes please have her join we like fresh new faces errr bloggers
PatS MADave 7 months ago
Vee velcome new b-b-b-bloo-oo-oo-dd...
Kergooliewyn Jack 7 months ago
Nice find Jack.
deadringer42 7 months ago
Check your email for new product announcement.
MrsG deadringer42 7 months ago
Yes just got the email too deadringer42 !
Love the yellow ! And artwork !
Check out the suicide shifter ! !
Wait’ll CrazyK gets a load of this one ~ and more to come next cpl months !
Woohoo , way to GO Sven 🎩
Jack deadringer42 7 months ago
Sven Fink! Following a fine tradition...
Geo deadringer42 7 months ago
I thought it was a pre-release only for the closest fans? I am confused.😒
Jack MrsG 7 months ago
I don’t think it’s a suicide shifter—which, I am to believe is a motorcycle thing, and then it’s actually more the clutch—but an oversized shifter as immortalized by Ed “Big Daddy” Roth and his followers in the Low Brow and Kustom Kulture movements...
MrsG Jack 7 months ago
Thanks for the scoop Jack !
Jack deadringer42 7 months ago
Does Sven have a new mascot?The Bat Fink!
NoPersonalChicks 7 months ago
Sunday, Ed features the "Top Hits of 1969". I'm a little disappointed The Rolling Stones aren't included, but it's still gonna be a goodie. Their last of six appearances on Sullivan was in November that year, taped in Hollywood while they were touring in support of Let It Bleed.
Today in 1966 they started their American Tour at Manning Bowl in Lynn MA. Note the ticket prices: 3 to 5 bucks. Jagger did a striptease in the rain. Tomorrow will mark 50 years since I saw them in Houston. They played last night in Paris.
Yvette NoPersonalChicks 7 months ago
Wow $3-5 for a ticket!! That’s like Bernie Taupin-Elton John’s best friend and lyricist is writing a book and posted a copy of a ticket 🎫 he had from the 70’s for Elton’s show and it was also $3. My how times have changed my ticket from February of this year had a couple of zeros (0) added to the 3!! LOL 😂
NoPersonalChicks Yvette 7 months ago
According to Ticketmaster, the average ticket price for one of their current European Tour gigs is $797.
Cheapest seats in Detroit over $200
MrsG NoPersonalChicks 7 months ago
Great post ! Thanks NPC ~
Love reliving the good old days !
🎶 💰 💸 💵 🎶
Kyle 7 months ago
Home in time for The A Team two Fridays in a row!
MADave Kyle 7 months ago
Can you go for 3?
Kyle Kyle 7 months ago

This is the one episode I remember after all these years.

They shoot down a helicopter. It crashes into a cliff, explodes, falls to the ground, and 3 people stagger away. 🤣
DrFish28136 Geo 7 months ago
This is from Quora
On the A Team he felt overshadowed by the popularity of Mr T and they communicated through notes.

To his credit he did know himself and spoke of his faults. "Mine isn't a string of victories. It's no golden past. I'm no George Peppard fan" - he acknowledged to New York Post columnist Cindy Adams. ‘’I turned into my own worst enemy" - Peppard said about his drinking after ex-wife Elizabeth Ashley wrote about it in her 1978 autobiography.

Not to be completely negative, Peppard, a recovering alcoholic, devoted much time to helping other alcoholics. He freely gave his time to several charity organisations. I think he knew what it was to suffer. A heavy smoker for much of his life he passed from pneumonia aged 65 in 1994.
Geo DrFish28136 7 months ago
Wow, thanks very interesting and informative. I read somewhere George Peppard credited his A-Team role for revitalizing his career. His children supported him and he started working out for the part.
Kergooliewyn DrFish28136 7 months ago
I really liked Goerge Peppard. Thank you for this. It is good to hear, (or should I say see) you speak DrFish.🙂
Mikeyyy 7 months ago
On metv is says there are devilish goings on for description of a-team!
DrFish28136 7 months ago
Ain’t Nothing But (The Best Blood) Hound Dog
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