It Takes Two to Tango- or Destroy Tokyo- thanks to the "War of the Gargantuas" -Tonight!

Posted on September 9, 2023

Tonight on MeTV- we face double danger from a couple gigantic creatures- one with ties to humanity, and the other with no regard for it! Authorities find it hard to believe that both are not out to cause destruction- unsure of the differing origins of the two, and fearful that, unless they kill them both, mankind may not survive the “War of the Gargantuas”!

This movie opens with a familiar scene reminiscent of various Japanese kaiju films- when a ship out in the ocean finds itself attacked by a huge creature. This time, however, that creature is attacked by ANOTHER type of giant monstrosity! This does not serve as rescue for the ship- because the second creature then attacks them as well!

Only one crew member survives- and his description of the huge attacker describes a hairy monster that was known (in a previous film) as a “Frankenstein”! This seems barely possible to Dr. Stewart and his assistant Akemi, who, years ago, actually had the young “Frankenstein” creature in their lab for observation, and know that it was not the malevolent, violent force described by the survivor. Though their creature disappeared from their care a while back, they know that it most definitely was NOT aquatic- it lived on land, in the mountains.

Suddenly, there are two contrasting sightings as another boat is attacked by a greenish-hued monster- while, at the same time in the Japanese mountains, some hikers spot a similar brown-furred creature. Dr. Stewart heads to the mountainous region to investigate- and can confirm the hikers’ story- when he spots huge footprints in the snow!

Meanwhile, back in Tokyo, first an ocean-side airport and then the city itself- are attacked by the green monster- which proves to be definitely be carnivorous! A chance accident reveals that the creature cannot tolerate bright lights- perhaps a clue of one means of defense.

When it appears the monster has headed inland for the mountains-the military springs into action to stage an attack- but, when they do, a second monster, the brown one, shows up, and helps the green one to escape from the onslaught! This finally provides proof that there ARE two of these creatures- now dubbed “Gargantuas”.

Stewart and Akemi are convinced that the brown Gargantua is indeed the one they had in their laboratory compound many years ago- and then find clues to the probable genesis of the green beast. When they try to explain to the military that the brown one is no threat to mankind- the armed forces refuse to believe that, and plan to attack and kill both Gargantuas! This leads to a showdown in Tokyo, with the green and brown monsters opposing each other-and the city and its people in danger of being wiped out by the battling behemoths!

This 1966 Toho Studios film was helmed by two of the Godzilla franchise’s leaders- Ishiro Honda and Eiji Tsuburaya, and the cast is headed up by American actor Russ Tamblyn. We’ll tell you about the production and the various cast members (including revealing who the first choices were for the leading man)- plus bring you a song, another edition of our drawing game “Too Drawn Out”, yet another sampling of aspiring “Spawns of Svengoolie”- and present a special interview with two of our lovely friends from the “Nightmare on Elm Street” franchise- Heather Langenkamp and Brooke Theiss!

“War of the Gargantuas” begins at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. You are invited to join the thousands of fans on Twitter ( or X ) who live-Tweet ( or live-X )during the show- just make sure to add the hashtag #svengoolie to your Tweets ( Xs)- what, is this tic-tac-toe?! In the Chicago viewing area, we are happy to provide an encore of the classic Boris Karloff “Frankenstein” at 11 am on CW26.

In case you haven’t heard- MeTV has, for the second year, named the month of October as “Svengoolie’ s Halloween BOO-nanza”! We will again have Halloween-themed episodes of your favorite shows, plus- Saturday nights will have Svengoolie double-features- followed by special marathons of spooky shows! Be watching for more information soon! And make sure you check at our website for information on our upcoming Halloween season appearances- which will be posted fairly soon- and check out our store for some new merchandise.

Tonight- choose your sides- are you Team Green or Team Brown- when the Gargantuas come to town?!

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 during show

Bill_K 12 days ago
Good Morning, Toonheads!

Have a Great Day!
DrSerizawa 16 days ago
I'm viewing an Oscar Homolka appetizer right now, "The White Tower" on cable channel that is not to be named. 🤫 It's a mountain climbing epic also starring Claude Rains, Glenn Ford, Lloyd Bridges and Cedric Hardwicke. Quite a bunch. But I'll have to leave for dinner before it ends. I'm betting a bunch of pretty to climb a mountain and at least a couple are last seen going the other direction in a hurry.
1MikeM 17 days ago
...and dat was da Bowery Boys Meet Frankenstein...and dat's da name a dat tune!
Engineer_Poelzig 17 days ago
Remember to get your thumbs ready for tomorrow.
Jack 17 days ago
Just to tie all the birthdays and holidays together...
P.S.: If it’s got a worm, it’s not tequila. And gusanos rojos aren’t kosher!
TheKodakKid 17 days ago

I may be late, but I brought cake.

Happy Birthday, Honeybee. Hope you’re living The Life of Riley. Today.
Bill_K 17 days ago
Happy Birthday, Honeybee 456:

I discovered Bluebonnets driving from Houston to Brenham to run the Blue Bell 10K every spring. The drive was beautiful and they were plentiful the further up 290W You went. I ran my best time for a 10K in that race (47:30). Some paid to enter the race just for the Ice Cream. I'd wait until I finished running to start eating. And as for those who started eating it before they ran - You'd find them doubled up somewhere alongside the road.

Happy Birthday!

Katink Bill_K 17 days ago
Happy Birthday, Dear HoneyBee!
Jack Bill_K 17 days ago
And they were doubled up before the listeria!
HoneyBee456 Katink 16 days ago
Thank you
Cessna1960 17 days ago
Mikeyyy Hope you are okay and your eye is better buddy !
Mikeyyy Cessna1960 17 days ago
Doing good. Have new glasses ordered so I’ll just have to get used to a new prescription.
Cessna1960 Mikeyyy 17 days ago
Shouldn't take too usually takes me a day or 2 for a new prescription lense upgrade
DrSerizawa 17 days ago
Evening all and Happy New Year to all. Just back from my grandson's birthday party
A few hours in the company of a 5, 3 and 2 year old requires some quiet time. At least the newborn was sleepy. A couple of glasses of wine with the pizza helped, too. I should be back from my birthday dinner in time for the Svenanigans. An interesting occurrence in my neighborhood: several folks are celebrating my birthday by displaying Mexican flags. I enjoy the occasional enchilada, but puzzling otherwise.
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Bill_K DrSerizawa 17 days ago
Have a Happy Birthday!

(お) 誕生日 おめでとう (ございます)
Katink DrSerizawa 17 days ago
Happy Birthday, DrS!
Jack DrSerizawa 17 days ago
Apparently people also know about your birthday around here🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 Were you ever in Central Texas? Mexican Americans do like celebrations—they make tamales for my birthday!
HoneyBee456 Bill_K 16 days ago
Thank you
Klaatu 17 days ago
More important things to do than obsess over being the first blogger 🥴
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Klaatu Cessna1960 17 days ago
It’s a proper Manhattan with proper Italian Maraschino cherries
deadringer42 Klaatu 17 days ago
We had chocolate martinis tonight. Very yummy.
Engineer_Poelzig Klaatu 17 days ago
I have a jar chilling in the fridge.
Two lovely Italian Vermouth's.
Some fine distilled grain products from the Sazerac Company.
And three different takes on Abbott's Bitters.
Cessna1960 17 days ago
Over the years I have been blogging on the Sven site , I have never tried to join in on the 1st new blog trophy so I am clueless on how to do it ! I know it sounds dumb to ask , but what do you do to try??....Do you log onto the Sven site and wait till you see the new "Join The Discussion " tab show up and then quickly click on it or what ?....I've just never been on at that exact moment when the new blog appears so its Greek to me even though I have blogged for years....a wise old man once told me " The only stupid question is the one you DON'T ask" !
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Mikeyyy Bill_K 17 days ago
BillK, I always read what you and dale post up about the movie. I’m happy when I can find a good quote from the movie to use
Bill_K Mikeyyy 17 days ago
Thanks, Mikeyyy!
TheKodakKid Cessna1960 17 days ago
Don’t let Bill kid you. He has at least a couple of tall trophy cases filled with the first blogger awards he’s earned over the years.

On of my most coveted First Blogger trophies that I earned (and I have barely a handful) was from the time I got first blogger, while sitting in the same room as Bill at a Big Blogcast.
PatS TheKodakKid 17 days ago
On my desk computer I open two Svengoolie tabs. One (like this one) where I read comments from the week, and post stuff, waiting. Meanwhile I have my satire in copy-and-paste. I keep one eye on the time, and when it gets close, switch to the Other Sven Tab and refresh (on the Blog page). Then (when it pops) Paste/Post. Note that it hasn't worked yet... but if I'm in the top ten I'm satisfied.
Mikeyyy 17 days ago

Just practicing….
Cessna1960 Mikeyyy 17 days ago
Practice makes perfect , or so they say ! LOL
Drang Mikeyyy 17 days ago
I'll be working tonight, so your record is safe for at least one more week.
MrsG Mikeyyy 17 days ago
Oh got this my Man *_*
Mikeyyy Drang 17 days ago
I still have ABC and Katink to think about..
Katink Mikeyyy 17 days ago
So flattering that you see me as a rival, Mikeyyy!
Mikeyyy Katink 17 days ago
Katink, I also see KodakKid as a rival too! You’re in “good company”
Jack 17 days ago
Going back two weeks, because last week’s movie was also a “Frankenstein” movie, Henry Frankenstein said:

          Dr. Waldman, I learned a great deal from you at the university about the violet ray, the           ultraviolet ray, which you said was the highest color in the spectrum. You were wrong.
          Here in this machinery, I have gone beyond that. I have discovered the great ray that first           brought life into the world.

Here’s a diagram of the rays found on the electromagnetic spectrum...So, for Henry, two possible outcomes include......or...
Klaatu 17 days ago
Robert Florey, of Frankenstein fame, lived in an apartment in Hollywood. It’s been said that his apartment was directly across from the Van de Kamp Bakery, which used a windmill ad it’s logo. Florey was said to have gotten his idea for the Frankenstein windmill from the bakery icon.
Jack Klaatu 17 days ago
Things that make you go “Hmmmm…”
Lynn Klaatu 17 days ago
Gee, that does make sense. Those old Van de Kamp buildings really did trigger the imagination.
Klaatu 17 days ago
Universal Studios Hollywood is geared up for Halloween. Frankie and his bride were window shopping along Universal Boardwalk.
Jack 17 days ago
A Sweet New Year to Everyone!
Lynn Jack 17 days ago
And also to you and yours!
Cartoondave 17 days ago
Well it looks like we are getting remnants from hurricane Lee and I received a call from the person in charge of the Special Olympics and told us the meet will be cancelled so I'll be here for cartoons in the early morning 7a-10a then I gave to get ready to go to my sister's in New Hampshire
VanGooliac Cartoondave 17 days ago
Hope it isn’t too early for the spectacular autumn foliage in NH
VanGooliac 17 days ago
Well that was weird.
When I went to DVR tomorrow’s
Svengoolie, my on-screen cable guide
showed the time slot as Locked Adult Content.
I have never had this happen before.
I had to call my cable provider to find out how to disable the parental locking control.
Drang VanGooliac 17 days ago
Did they ask for a note from your mother?🤣
HoneyBee456 VanGooliac 17 days ago
That’s strange
Klaatu VanGooliac 17 days ago
You actually got to speak to some? A real person?🤣
VanGooliac Klaatu 17 days ago
Amazingly, yes!
VanGooliac Drang 17 days ago
No, luckily 😂
Jack VanGooliac 17 days ago
Mebbe the schedule programmer read that the story originally appeared in _Playboy_?
MrsG 17 days ago
📣 Yo Jack ~ Happy New Year
And thanks to Aceman ~ enjoy learning about religions , especially High Holy Days *_*
CupcakeKid 17 days ago
🥳 🎈Happy Birthday HoneyBee!! Hope you’re having a super-great day!! 🎂
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