It’s Raymond Burr for the Defense Against “Godzilla-King of the Monsters”- Tonight!

Posted on January 28, 2023

Tonight on MeTV, in answer to many viewers requests, we again present the English-language version of the famed Toho Studios film that started the reign of the most famous Japanese kaiju (giant monster) in motion picture history! Beginning the series with a far more serious and tragic feel, and adding in the future “Perry Mason” ( cue that theme music!) Raymond Burr to guide us- here is the movie that reveals the origin of "Godzilla- King of the Monsters"!

This 1956 film begins with reporter Steve Martin ( Raymond Burr-and, yes, it is ironic that the character is named Steve Martin, long before we all became aware of the banjo-playing comedian ) – hospitalized and in serious condition, having been brought to an over-crowded medical facility loaded with other victims of a horrible catastrophe. We learn what has happened via a flashback to Martin flying in to Japan for a visit with an old scientist colleague. Upon arrival, he is whisked away by the authorities, who ask if he saw anything unusual in the ocean below his aircraft during the flight ?! The reason is that there have been some strange unexplained naval disasters in nearby waters.


When a lone survivor of one of these mysterious events washes ashore at a small island, Martin joins military investigators to check out the island- and finds that the natives there actually believe that the disasters were caused by a legendary gigantic sea monster-whose anger they have attempted to squelch for many years by making sacrifices! The investigation turns up traces of radioactivity- and- unbelievably- giant footprints!

The origin of these is discovered when the mighty Godzilla actually appears! After its frightening appearance, Dr. Yemane, a renowned expert who is part of the investigating party, returns to Tokyo to explain his theory that this gigantic creature has been awakened from ages of hibernation by man's atomic testing (a theme that will be reused in countless future movies). Martin seeks out the scientist pal he came to visit, Serizawa, who he thinks may have an educated opinion, but when he tries to consult with him, his friend claims to be far too busy. Coincidentally, Dr. Yemane’s daughter is scheduled to marry Serizawa- but it appears that her heart now belongs to another man- and she is trying to figure out how to reveal the truth to the scientist. During one of her attempts to tell Serizawa the sad news, she discovers a horrible discovery he is hiding from the world- for its own good!

Suddenly- in the first scene of its type, due to be echoed in many more films- Godzilla appears in Tokyo Bay and heads onshore to cause horrific destruction to the city! Any defensive system plans fail miserably- and Godzilla's rampage seems unstoppable! Martin does his best to provide live coverage of the damage being done- only to be injured as the devastation continues.

This brings us up to the point where the movie started, with Martin hospitalized and, like the authorities, at a loss as far as what to do next. Circumstances end up pointing towards one single dangerous way to end Godzilla’s attacks- involving the secret discovery of Serizawa’s. There is major disagreement about whether or not this should be utilized- but, at this point, can anything, known or unknown, provide even slim hope that the monstrous creature can be stopped- before it's too late?

This film was the first exposure most of us of a certain age had to Godzilla- and, you’ll notice , as I mentioned earlier, that this movie has a much more serious tone than almost all of the later Godzilla films, utilizing the great sadness and heavy emotion of its parallels to real-life events. We’ll run down the movie’s history, explain how Burr was inter-cut into the original all-Japanese cast, and pay our respects to the man who was inside the Godzilla suit. Also, watch for the special comedy segment with our friend, the hilarious Jamie Farr- best known as Max Klinger from "MASH”! Additionally, you’ll see a song (the most appropriate one we could think of for this movie, due to its human star), a guide to movie dubbing, a vintage promo for a dubbed game show that was a big hit on cable, and- make sure you are watching right before we wind up the show for a memorable visit from years ago by two legendary women whose cartoon voices you know very well!

One more quick reminder, while time grows short- you may want to hit the store here on our website to order something special for your Sven-fan Valentine!


“Godzilla- King of the Monsters” surfaces on MeTV tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time- and you can check your local listings, or at, for time and station in your area. Don’t forget that we are also available as part of the FrndlyTV app, which has a minimal monthly fee. The live-Tweeting continues on Twitter during the show, making us trend every week- just be sure to add the hashtag #svengoolie to your Tweets! This morning, our local viewers can pucker up once more for Hammer’s “Kiss of the Vampire” at 11 am on Chicago’s CW26.

Join us tonight as a giant radioactive monster causes the future Perry Mason to attempt to come up with a defense- to which even Hamilton Burger would not object!

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 during show

Catbat 14 months ago
This is my Scene
Catbat Catbat 14 months ago
Aw they cut it
Catbat 14 months ago
If Sven is gonna play Lassie music you'll find me curled up in the corner bawling 😭😭😭😭
Quizzical 14 months ago
It never ceases to amaze me what results can be obtained using state of the art technology to enhance older films. I watched an excerpt from the classic "Dracula" with Bela Lugosi presented in high definition and it was amazing to see the level of the detail. It was remarkable to see some of the print on the lease for Carfax Abbey that Renfield delivered to Count Dracula and the facial reactions of the actors which were much clearer.

It is my understanding that Universal studio executives ordered cuts to the film (probably to reduce its running time). It seemed like the high definition version restored some of the missing frames of film. Count Dracula's entrance on the broken staircase seemed a bit longer and less hurried. When Renfield cut himself with a paper clip, dried blood can be seen on his fingernail.
He spent more time fumbling through his papers and looking for shipping labels for the Count's luggage.

Overall, the scenes played out as we all remembered, but the characters were given more time to walk across the large sets and there were noticeable pauses and definite reactions to the strangeness of the goings on at Castle Dracula. I am really looking forward to seeing the entire film in high definition.
1MikeM 14 months ago
Charlie the deputy just wanted to say "Arrivederci!"
CrazyK 1MikeM 14 months ago
1MikeM 14 months ago
...and dat was Godzilla, King of da Monsters...and dat's da name a dat tune!
1MikeM CrazyK 14 months ago
Thanks CrazyK. Awesome!
CrazyK 1MikeM 14 months ago
You’re welcome MikeM 🙂
deadringer42 14 months ago
The Gilman cometh?
Not yet!
Stay dry my friends.
Cartoondave 14 months ago
Here we go again no new blog???
Carl_N_Brown 14 months ago
Tomorrow night we are re-intoroduced to the Gollman. Not to be confused with Charlotte Perkins Gilman, author of "The Yellow Wallpaper" one of the creepiest stories ever written.
Katink Carl_N_Brown 14 months ago
I think you have the 3600th post, Carl!
abc123 14 months ago
I uploaded my video and copied the youtube link to paste on my movie list. What do i discover when i open it? I had not written any of my verses! Good thing these movies lend themselves to easy writing so I got all four done in under 40 minutes. The only one in danger of being redone is War of the Gargantuas. I really want to work Stuck in My Throat into it...
One hour fifteen minutes to the Race for First Post
TheKodakKid abc123 14 months ago
At least you found out before you went to post it. Or worse, after you posted it.
Aceman2 14 months ago
Goodnight All! Best of luck to all First Blogger competitors. I skipped my bad joke post today; I'm giving it a rest. Stay warm!
Katink Aceman2 14 months ago
Good night, Aceman!
Aceman2 Katink 14 months ago
Good night queen of avatars! Another excellent one!
Katink Aceman2 14 months ago
Thank you Aceman! It's nice to pretend we are somewhere warm as we are coming out of this cold snap!
CrazyK 14 months ago
🎶 “CREATURES” by 311 🎶
Link below pic👇
Jack CrazyK 14 months ago
🎶 “Creature from the Black Lagoon” by Dave Edmunds 🎶
CrazyK Jack 14 months ago
That’s awesome! Didn’t know it existed but I can rock out harder to mine!😁 🤘 🎸 🎶
Klaatu 14 months ago
I figured out what that Chinese “spy” balloon is all about: They do not have MeTV or Svengoolie in China and it’s their way to collect broadcasts on the balloon for rebroadcast in China.
Jack Klaatu 14 months ago
Brilliant! The military should bombard the spy balloon with a focused beam transmission of _Svengoolie_, _Sventoonie_, and _Toon in with Me_.
Aceman2 Jack 14 months ago
Mr Quizzer beamed to a billion + Chinese. What a weapon!
Jack Aceman2 14 months ago
Great minds, etc.
CountCurt 14 months ago

The west is getting even WILDER tomorrow morning with guest villain Boris Karlofff to contend with. Watch out Mr. Jim West!
Cessna1960 14 months ago
There are a lot of Directors and Producers who want to remake Creature Of The Black Lagoon , but Universal Pictures holds control of the decision...Director James Gunn ( Guardians Of The Galaxy) wanted to do the film a few years ago but Universal said no....Producers Greg Nicotero and Robert Rodriguez (Alita, Battle Angel) also wanted to try their hand at it , but again Universal rejected their idea...Guillermo de Toro briefly developed a remake but Universal rejected it too...Toro used the same idea to make "The Shape Of Water" afterwards which surprised many by winning the Oscar for Best Picture !!.....Universal did collaborate with Director Peter Jackson ( Lord of The Rings) and gave him a choice of remaking Creature From The Black Lagoon or King Kong....Jackson as you know went with the Kong film which was widely recognized....other notable Hollywood names that were interested in remaking The Creature were John Landis , John Carpenter , Ivan Reitman , Breck Eisner , and Carl Eric for now it appears that there will not be a remake of The Creature film any time soon.....
Klaatu Cessna1960 14 months ago
IMHO I hope Creature never gets remade. Too many remakes suffer at the price if sticking big name talentless actors into the starring roles. My example is the remake of The Omen. I watched both one night, and while the remake followed the original scene by scene, line by line, it was miserable to watch.
Cessna1960 Klaatu 14 months ago
I agree Klaatu !!.....and what is reprehensible is remaking a classic to make it "politically correct" !!!....don't get me wrong , there have been some good remakes , but they are FEW and FAR seems to me that if you are going to do a remake of a classic film , you better do your homework, stick to the original idea , don't change the Creature involved ....for example, look at 1998s Godzilla looking like a pet store Iguana....and it would help if you got good actors not widely known for other roles....
Jack Cessna1960 14 months ago
I’m glad that Universal rejected Guillermo del Toro’s proposal to remake _Creature from the Black Lagoon_ because that gave us _The Shape of Water_!
Aceman2 Cessna1960 14 months ago
I rarely like remakes.
I read an old review of CFTBL in and his take on the movie was that Universal should build a theme park attraction. Here's an excerpt:

" I want to know why there’s no ride, no tourist attraction to beguile us. Given the best they could do was Creature from the Black Lagoon: The Musical, which played from 2009 to 2010 at the theme park, I’m not that hopeful.

They did a ride for Jaws, loved it, but there’s none for the last great Universal Monster, the one whose box office success leveraged Universal-International’s entry into the 1950s science fiction atomica and alien-invasion cycle, where big and bigger monsters, and they were quite unlovable ones at that, weren’t as mesmerizing as this low budget, process shots galore, jungle adventure set in the mysterious isolated lagoon.

Imagine a boat ride, which would be akin to Disney World’s Jungle Cruise. Wouldn’t you get a thrill standing on the deck of the tramp steamer Rita, helmed by its crusty and resourceful captain, Lucas (Nestor Paiva), as it enters the mysterious lagoon no tourist has set foot in? Wouldn’t you get a chill encountering the Gill Man as his curiosity gets the better of him and he dares to come aboard looking for companionship, for understanding, for a soul mate after all those years of being alone? After all, the Devonian period he hails from goes back a few hundred million years.
Klaatu 14 months ago
So with all the sensitivity over the descriptive words we use these days, and with certain words we can’t use, should this weeks movie change its title to Creature From The Blank Lagoon?
Cessna1960 Klaatu 14 months ago
Good point Klaatu.....changing something to sooth someone's feelings does no one any can't change history, only learn from it.....the old saying "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it" is never more true than it is today....
DrFish28136 Cessna1960 14 months ago
History is always written wrong, and so always needs to be rewritten.
George Santayana
Jack DrFish28136 14 months ago
I love his _Abraxas_ album!
CrazyK Jack 14 months ago
🤭 👍 😂
DrFish28136 14 months ago
Mount Washington wind chill -106
Klaatu DrFish28136 14 months ago
That’ll chill my Bourbon nicely👍
Cessna1960 DrFish28136 14 months ago
Yeah...I have been monitoring it too....I am a severe storm spotter for our weather office located in Mobile Alabama....I would not want duty at Mount Washington!!.....on the other hand , Alabama set a record for 28 Tornados in January!.....normal severe weather seasons usually run from March-April , early May , then Hurricane season June-November ....if that's not enough a second severe season comes from November- December.....we had around 7 deaths here in Alabama and Georgia in January from Tornados.....very unusual in January...
DrFish28136 Cessna1960 14 months ago
I take it you use ham radio for spotting. 2 meters?
Cessna1960 DrFish28136 14 months ago
No sir....I have no Ham equipment right now....just a digital weather station and NWS approved rain gauge....have taken Severe Storm Spotters courses taught by NWS meteorologists....they used to only give them to Law enforcement , Fire and EMS , but now they offer them to civilians....once you take them and they certify you they will add you to their reporting roster....
Drang DrFish28136 14 months ago
We're mostly 2 meters here, but the state is supposed to be moving to 1.2m for EmComm, as it's less crowded. No timeline.
The club also has a very active DSTAR repeater.
Cessna1960 DrFish28136 14 months ago
Ham equipment is on my wish list though !....I am hampered now by only being on disability pay....I do have a couple of Ham friends who have helped out relaying messages when cell coverage was down....
Drang Cessna1960 14 months ago
Once you get licensed, I highly recommend this as an economical handheld:
(The cheapo jobs on amazon have poor signal quality, and run the risk of an FCC SWAT team kicking down your door when you transmit out of band...)
Cartoondave 14 months ago
Only a high of 17 tomorrow so no outside errands I'll be inside under the covers watching the toons and most of the westerns
DrFish28136 Cartoondave 14 months ago
Good Day for it
The WWW episode is
The Night of the Goldeb Cobra with Karloff
CrazyK DrFish28136 14 months ago
Surely I’ll be watching WWW tomorrow morning!🤠
CountCurt DrFish28136 14 months ago
Dr Fish I posted and then I saw that you had posted. Glad that you are waiting with anticipation like I am.
FKrueger CrazyK 14 months ago
Don't call me Shirely
CrazyK FKrueger 14 months ago
Haha, I was wondering who would say that! 😂👍
Jack 14 months ago
Hey group!

Tomorrow’s showing of _The Creature from the Black Lagoon_ is well timed. The following Thursday, 16 February, will be Ricou Browning’s 93rd birthday. When you’re out shopping for Valentines, why not pick up a birthday card for Ricou? It’ll make his day!

Ricou Browning
5221 SW 196 Lane
Southwest Ranches, FL 33332
DrFish28136 Jack 14 months ago
Birthday cards would be very nice for the old guy
Jack DrFish28136 14 months ago
It’s true. He enjoys hearing from fans.
Drang Jack 14 months ago
Pretty sure the showing this week is not a coincidence.
Aceman2 Jack 14 months ago
Me thinks MeTV does a lot of timing of episodes. Last night on ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS the episode "Dead Weight" stars Joseph Cotten Julia Adams!
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