It’s Horror With a Touch of Salt (Jennifer Salt) When She and Cornell Wilde Meet "Gargoyles"- Tonight!

Posted on March 30, 2024

Tonight on MeTV, it’s desert disaster when we bring back an early 70s "made for TV" movie that many viewers can’t get enough of! An anthropologist author and his daughter take a trip to the desolate area to work as “mythbusters” and skeptically research creatures that prove to be all too real-and ready to rule over mankind – beware the "Gargoyles"!

The lovely Diana, daughter of Dr. Mercer Boley, writer and investigator/debunker of demonology, meets her dad at an airport in the American southwest. She will act as the photographer on her father’s new book project and depart for the next research destination- but seem to have taken the wrong route. Along their way, they stop at a “tourist trap”- a desert curio shop that verges on being a sideshow. Checking out the place’s inventory, in case -by some miracle-there are any real artifacts there, they meet its grizzled old proprietor, Uncle Willie. The old codger senses that the pair has little regard for his inventory and definitely are not taking his artifacts seriously- so he tries to impress them by revealing one of the bona fide items he stores in the back of the shop.

He shows them the display of a skeleton of some sort of creature, but the doctor scoffs, thinking it’s just a combination of various animal bones, kind of like displays of the mythical jackalope. Diana, however, takes note of Willie’s serious demeanor about the skeleton, and begins to think there's some truth to it all. Sensing that perhaps it isn’t just some ballyhoo to hoax gullible suckers ,Diana rolls tape and records him, as he begins a far too lengthy history lesson about the area and what he’s found;

Day gives way to night, and as Willie continues describing some ancient Indian beliefs, a strong windstorm unexplainably rises. But-is it more than just a windstorm? Something otherwise provides horrible mayhem, ending in a huge destructive fire that proves to be bad news for Willie and his shop. Dad and daughter barely escape the conflagration, dragging with them the skull from that odd creature skeleton display. However, the worst is yet to come, because, as they drive away, their car is attacked and battered by shadowy figures!

They fortunately escape the onslaught, and manage to limp their beat-up car to a gas station where the attendant is shocked by the amount of damage the vehicle has sustained. Since it will obviously take a while to fix it all up, they head to the adjoining motel, run by a boozy woman who obviously has not just fallen off the wagon, but possibly been run over by it!

When day breaks, Dad and Diana head out to report the previous night’s mishaps to the police- who are currently busy apprehending a pack of local young men on motorbikes (watch for one of the squad cars to miraculously change from a Chevy to a Ford in the proceedings!). The officers believe these “no-good punks” are responsible for the tragic blaze at the old museum-but Doctor Boley and his daughter know better. Yet, they are reluctant to reveal the truth about what they experienced, because they just don't think the cops will buy their story- at least not yet.

Back at the motel that night- Diana and Dad get some frighteningly unexpected visitors- actual gargoyles, seemingly in search of the skull from the museum! After a confrontation, the gargoyles escape, but one is killed- and Doc takes it back to their room (there goes the security deposit!) to study, believing it was these very gargoyles that were behind the museum incident- and that the skull may have belonged to one of their ancestors!

The next day, Diana heads out alone to the police department- hoping to convince the cops that the boys they've locked up are not to blame for the destruction of the shop -but the police and , rudely, even the guys she's trying to help laugh off her story of odd creatures.

No good deed goes unpunished, as, after darkness falls, she returns to the motel- as do the gargoyles, intent on reclaiming their dead comrade’s body-and even more! Before long, it’s up the doctor- and anyone he can convince of the gargoyle threat- to protect his daughter- and stop the weird creatures before they launch their sinister plans for the human race!

This 1972 movie’s cast includes big screen star Cornell Wilde, the alluring Jennifer Salt, notable "Dark Shadows" TV show cast member Grayson Hall, and a very young Scott Glenn- plus, the late Bernie Casey as the head of the gargoyles. Along with information about the movie, its make-up artist, and its cast, we again bring you a takeoff on a popular 80s TV show, a questionable commercial product, a song based on a tune by a friend of ours (a talented musician whose group got its start in- BERWYN!) -plus- an encore of a chat with one of our very nice, very evil wrestling pals, and a new conversation with our friend the great Joe Bob Briggs about the history of the drive-in from last year’s Flashback Weekend- as well as that year’s costume contest- and some vintage fun!!

"Gargoyles" fly onto your screen tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check time and channel in your area in local listings or at . You can join us on Twitter as we again trend nationally due to our viewers’ live-Tweeting during the program, using the hashtag #svengoolie. Chicago area viewers will geta second look at Jack Palance as “Dan Curtis’ Dracula"- at 11 am on our main local station, CW 26.

Coming soon- information about our first public appearance of 2024! We will once again be a guest at the C2E2 Comics and Entertainment Convention in Chicago- watch for details!

And- be watching tonight for Cornell Wilde’s encounter with the even wilder “Gargoyles”!

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Devilblue 17 days ago
I love the bit about Svengoolie in 1959! It took me back to when seeing our current favorite entertainers in old b&w clips from the 50s was not uncommon. But them I realized Sven doesn't age because he is undead! Scary!
Smilodon 17 days ago
Hiya- all just made it😸 To quote Nena, "scurry scurry in a hurry" all day. Got the GTO awake, idled for a couple of hours on the stands while I made the list to get back on the road. Oh, if he fell, I removed the rear CV shafts and entire suspension, tires, brakes etc, so I'd be crabby but he'd go nowhere. Got the new stuff, still doing machining and waiting for my new braided brake lines. Five hours, poof! Shopping, errands, etc, five hours, poof! Why when I'm at the dentist/doctor/work 5min=1hour, but my personal time evaporates like alcohol in the sun?🤔
Smilodon Smilodon 17 days ago
And a Happy Anniversary to you and yer sweetie BTNGU2✨🎶👍💥🥳! Many more!😸
Devilblue 17 days ago
I wish I could tune my TV in to a camera planted by aliens millions of years ago, whose signal is being beamed back to earth by the same alien race.
Devilblue Devilblue 17 days ago
It's the only way we would see real dinosaurs.
BEATNGU2 18 days ago
My Wife came home today with a surprise Bottle of Iniskillin Cab/Franc Ice wine for me for our 33rd anniversary, I got her a day at the spa -
Mikeyyy BEATNGU2 18 days ago
Happy Anniversary!
Klaatu BEATNGU2 18 days ago
Nice! The way weather is, you might just need to leave the wine outside for a proper drinking temp👍
Katink BEATNGU2 18 days ago
Happy Anniversary, BEAT! Our anniversary is tomorrow!
1MikeM BEATNGU2 18 days ago
Happy Anniversary!
Smilodon BEATNGU2 17 days ago
Klaatu 18 days ago
I was getting ready for the blog change, then I enjoyed this, and afterwards it didn’t matter🤭
abc123 18 days ago
I had originally wanted to get my hands on dehydrated ice cream (equating time travel with space travel for no reason) but could not secure any locally. Settled for Buffalo Cheetos, because these things are tasty.
Drang abc123 18 days ago
That's nuts. REI? Archie McPhee?
abc123 Drang 18 days ago
Did not try REI. I did try a couple "outdoor" specialty places... One not to far away. Will give it a try tomorrow.
Engineer_Poelzig 18 days ago
Looking forward to tomorrow with Sven and the ever "Handy" John Hoyt...
Klaatu Engineer_Poelzig 18 days ago
A great TZ episode this is!!
In case you ever wondered where Total Recall got the idea to give the one girl on Mars 3 ......
abc123 18 days ago
Beverage for Trilogy of Terror.
Works for all three stories...
Mikeyyy 18 days ago
I will be posting up the monthly point tally sometime tomorrow.
Mikeyyy 18 days ago
Ahaha! Been trying to figure out why I been a lil off in the races and I think I got it worked out. We shall see in 5 hrs 43 minutes
TheKodakKid Mikeyyy 18 days ago
Did someone make a slight error when setting their clock forward one hour at Daylight Saving Time?
Mikeyyy TheKodakKid 18 days ago
Not that! To scroll down I hit space bar and it pages down for me. I was either not going enough or going past it and wasting valuable milliseconds.
Drang Mikeyyy 18 days ago
It's not like I'll be home from work...
Mikeyyy 18 days ago
The li smiley box doesn't show anything there. it comes up but is blank. I can click on them but it doesn't get posted.
Cartoondave 18 days ago
Ugh what a week I've had I really need a dose of Sven and crew, Help me Obi-Wan Svengoolie you're my only hope?
BEATNGU2 Cartoondave 18 days ago
Not to worry Dave Its Friday, tomorrow Sven ! All is well
Mikeyyy Cartoondave 18 days ago
Smile Dave! It Friday and you know what that means!
PARANORMA Cartoondave 18 days ago
Hang in there, CD! I'm still missing my Sventerdays altogether, so I'm counting on *all* you guys!
Klaatu 18 days ago
Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, my Wine Club shipment shows up and makes me even happier. Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc…stupendous combo for a wine. And a tid-bit of trivia: Cabernet Sauvignon is the child of Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc.
BEATNGU2 Klaatu 18 days ago
RobBarnes Klaatu 18 days ago
Glad you got some that you like, I would hate to hear you whine about it.
TheKodakKid 18 days ago
I checked on Yvette, who lives in New Jersey. Here’s part of her reply.

we really felt that thing here! Everything in my apt shook for more than a few seconds. I thought at first it was jets flying overhead. I asked my neighbors if they felt it and only one of them did. I think if you were busy or had some kind of noise going on in your apt, you really didn’t feel it. But I’m okay
Mamootsa TheKodakKid 18 days ago
I’m glad she is safe. Everyone I know is ok as well
HoneyBee456 TheKodakKid 18 days ago
That’s good
Mikeyyy TheKodakKid 18 days ago
Good to hear!
Lynn TheKodakKid 18 days ago
Thanks for letting us know, KK! Always good to hear from Yvette.
Klaatu 18 days ago
Cold and rainy again…which calls for chicken soup👍
Mikeyyy Klaatu 18 days ago
That’s look pretty good!

Send me some pls.
HoneyBee456 Klaatu 18 days ago
Looks really good
BEATNGU2 Klaatu 18 days ago
Looks great 👍🏻 Nothing like a good hearty Chicken Soup on a cold rainy day !
Bon Appetitè Klaatu & Fam
HoneyBee456 18 days ago
LmerFudd are you and Cleo and your house ok?
LmerFudd HoneyBee456 18 days ago
Yup. No issues for us, just slight vibration for maybe 30 seconds. Much ado about nothing.
HoneyBee456 LmerFudd 18 days ago
That’s good. I’m glad everything was ok
LmerFudd HoneyBee456 18 days ago
You're a kind soul. All is well
HoneyBee456 LmerFudd 18 days ago
Thank you so much. I think you are too
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