If It’s a Weekend, and It’s Hot- There Must Be Sven Appearances!

Posted on July 11, 2012

Well, actually, that isn’t a hard and fast rule –but- both Friday and Saturday are slated to have temperatures in the high 80s and 90s- and, by coincidence, we will be on the road for a couple Sven appearances- though, this time, they will actually be indoors, and, hopefully, in comfort… Friday night is a special evening- for two reasons- one, we don’t get to Munster , Indiana, that often- and two, it’s a very special event- a wine and cheese party right before the Theatre at the Center’s production of the musical “Little Shop of Horrors”! The party starts at 6:30, and yours truly will be there, partly because I’ve been called “cheesy” and “I never drink…wine”- but mainly, to sign autographs, take photos with you and chat before the show starts at 8 pm. You can enjoy hors d’oeuvres during the special wine-tasting, and wash that down with the fun musical based on the old Roger Corman flick! I hear the production is great- so, you might want to check on getting your tickets ahead of time (the wine and cheese party is a separate fee from the musical show.) Seriously,don’t get shut out of this event- get your tickets early! Find out everything you need at www.theatreatthecenter.com/ Then, on Saturday, it’s a first for me as I visit the Midwest’s premiere Godzilla event- the big ‘Zilla convention known as “G-Fest!” I’ll be making an appearance at the G-Fest , held at the Crown Plaza Chicago O’Hare on River Road in Rosemont this Saturday from 1 to 3 pm. PLEASE get in line early so you’ll get to visit with me- when we have a definite out-time, we often have to cut the line. Yes, I’m signing, posing for pictures, etc.- and, you’ll get to see more cool Godzilla and giant monster stuff than you will see anyplace else this side of Tokyo! There will be many special guests and panels- so, plan to be there! You’ll find all the information you’ll need at www.g-fan.com/ I know our friend Dave Fuentes, of the “Terror from Beyond the Daves” website will be leading one panel on Saturday. He wrote a really nice blog about our visit to the Joliet Slammers game, with some great pictures, that you can find at the following: http://terrordaves.com/2012/07/10/rubber-chickens-and-cracker-jacks-svengoolie-scores-a-home-run-at-slammers-game/#more-14048 The Two Daves cover many horror hosts and events, as well as other horror genre news, and have been very kind in supporting your truly- even to the point of hitting a baseball game while not being a baseball fan! Now THAT’S loyalty! I have to make a special visit to our favorite horror and sci fi memorabilia store, Horrorbles, in BERWYN- so I can take a look at their exciting new comic book for which I will be providing the introduction! “Haunting Tales of Horrorbles” will be released soon, at a special signing featuring the guys behind the book- and, yours truly! Mark Sunday, July 22, on your calendar- and be looking for more information here in the blog! Once again, let me thank everybody who wrote in with the “Omega Man” answer to the viewer’s movie question- we still have some trickling in, so- okay! We know now! You can stop! By the way, for those who requested that I show that film- I’d love to, but we currently don’t have rights to it-let’s see if we might be able to snag them in some future contract… Meanwhile, we’re finishing up a new Sven show for Me-TV Saturday night-not to mention also working on our future schedule for the next year! It looks like you guys will be putting up with me for a while longer!

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