Hammer Stakes Its Claim to The Count’s Origin- “Horror of Dracula” -Tonight!

Posted on August 13, 2022

Tonight on MeTV- we follow up last week’s presentation of Hammer Studios’ version of the Frankenstein origin -with their take on the beginnings of the king of the vampires- portrayed for the first (and certainly not last) time by the great Christopher Lee! It’s his first face off against his archenemy Van Helsing (played by the other half of Hammer’s dynamic duo- Peter Cushing!) in the full-color tale of the “Horror of Dracula”!

This version of the story opens much like Bram Stoker’s novel- with one Jonathan Harker (not Renfield) arriving at the castle of Count Dracula-except, in this story, he’s arriving not to provide him with a real estate contract- but to take the job of – librarian! Upon arrival, he encounters a young woman who claims to be held prisoner there- but she disappears before the Count comes to greet his new employee. When shown his private room, once Harker is alone, he reveals his real purpose in coming to the castle-but he then is again asked for help by the frantic woman- who is not just the damsel in distress that she seems! The Count reveals his true nature, with bared fangs- and, after collapsing, Harker awakens in daylight- and realizes he must put an end to the Count immediately. Unfortunately, upon heading down to the castle’s basement crypt- he discovers Dracula’s coffin is empty- and the Count is right behind him!

We go forward in time, to the arrival of the legendary Dr. Van Helsing in the area, in search of Harker. With the help of the locals, he learns Harker’s fate- and returns home to relate the sad information to Harker’s fiancée and her brother and sister-in-law. Unknown to them- Dracula, having spotted fiancée Lucy’s photo among Harker’s belongings, is already in the area- and making nocturnal visits to the young woman!

When Lucy’s health deteriorates, sister-in-law Mina asks Van Helsing to examine her- and, from experience, he immediately knows what the cause is! Though he prescribes the use of bouquets of garlic all around her sealed room, Lucy thwarts this preventative- and is found dead! Before long, it becomes apparent that Lucy is now among the UNdead- and Van Helsing must stop her- as well as the vampire count-before Dracula add new members to his brood- and take Mina as yet another of his brides!

This 1958 film does- and doesn’t- follow parts of the Stoker novel, and even goes against some of the traditional vampire lore (which we will point out)- but it’s a terrific film that brought Christopher Lee undying fame as the undying Count. We’ll discuss the cast and the production, and present some aid for those requiring dental help- as well as a song.

“Horror of Dracula” begins tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central- and, as always, MeTV invites you to live-Tweet during the show on Twitter- using the hashtag # svengoolie . There is a good chance that live-tweeting will again land us in the top trending subjects! In Chicago, viewers can get a second helping of our other Hammer origin film “Curse of Frankenstein” on CW26 at 11 am.

Thank you to everyone who helped make Svengoolie Day in Berwyn such a great event this past week! I am very honored by the kindness of the Mayor and people of Berwyn, and everyone who came to join in. I now have my own key to the city- so I will never be locked out!

Make sure you check out our store here on our website- with an ever-widening array of Sven items for you to choose from! And- yes, I know I say this a lot, but it’s true- there will be more to come!

Come sink your teeth into another piece of Hammer horror history tonight-and witness Christopher Lee in one of his most enduring roles! ( Hey- no matter how many times Van Helsing stopped him- he always rose again!)


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Greg 12 months ago
OK, think I'm in attendance now. Had to re-register my email for some reason.
DrClayton 15 months ago
Where/when am I?? Svengoolie Savings Time? Fall Back? My clock's been turned back 7 days...:

"There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone..."
Kyle 15 months ago
18 minutes to the new blog.

Cessna1960 15 months ago
Well , my phone battery is begging to be charged , so I will bow out for now....hope the new blog shows up on time....chat with you all later...love yall !!
MrsG Cessna1960 15 months ago
💛 Thanks for shining Your bright light tonight Cessna 🔆
Katink Cessna1960 15 months ago
Good night, Cessna!
Mikeyyy Cessna1960 15 months ago
See ya at movie time!
Cessna1960 15 months ago
Unfortunate news !!.....I heard the Perry Mason Law Firm will not take the case of the damaged push-pull rod !!...
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Mikeyyy Cessna1960 15 months ago
Sounds like a hardy boy mystery!
Cessna1960 Mikeyyy 15 months ago
Nancy Drew must be on sabbatical !!
Drang Cessna1960 15 months ago
How could she resist a couple of flyboys?
Katink Drang 15 months ago
Ha!!! Good one, Drang😆😆😆
Klaatu 15 months ago
Celebrating my wife’s’ s 70th Birthday at Hollywood’s oldest restaurant, Musso & Frank. I’m the ugly one front-left, my wife is front-right.
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Mikeyyy gabste 15 months ago
gabste!! We miss you in the mornings!
gabste Katink 15 months ago
I try !
DrClayton Klaatu 15 months ago
Barada nikto!!
deadringer42 15 months ago
Hugh devistating fire at local boat yard today. Just awful. Multiple buildings, boats and cars. Whole placed burned. Millions of dollars in destruction. Very sad.
Katink deadringer42 15 months ago
Wow, dr42, that looks awful 😮
deadringer42 deadringer42 15 months ago
From one of the local tv news stations..
deadringer42 deadringer42 15 months ago
When my parents moved to town in 1975 I was 11 and we took sailing lessons there. Boat yard has been there since 1962.
MrsG deadringer42 15 months ago
Oh that’s just awful to see deadringer42 , and too close for You ~ sorry Buddy ~ ~ ~ 💜
gabste deadringer42 15 months ago
So sorry deadringer
Cessna1960 15 months ago
Hello to all my fellow Svengoolie bloggers !!.....for all you classic horror and Sci/Fi movie collectors you may have known that Universal last year released Dracula , Frankenstein, The Invisible Man , and The Wolf Man in 4K Ultra HD....Universal has announced that on October 11th this year they will be releasing 4 more classics also in 4K Ultra HD...They are : The Mummy , Bride of Frankenstein, Phantom of the Opera and Creature from the Black Lagoon....some of you may already know this news , but for those that don't, it's a chance to add and enhance your collections !!
abc123 15 months ago
I really wanted to keep this in my verse:

They must escape before they get clawed
Stopped by a damaged Push-Pull Rod

But just could not.
Katink abc123 15 months ago
By your rhymes, I am awed 😁
Katink Katink 15 months ago
Or, abc,
I like that rhyme, but I'm od(d) 😉
MrsG Katink 15 months ago
Awesome ~ Katink’s corralled a flying purple people eater ! Look 👀 out !
~ Keep the verse abc123 , it’s unanimous ! The more the merrier *_*
Katink MrsG 15 months ago
It's a sweet ride, er, um, flight, MrsG!
MrsG 15 months ago
Yep that’s Her , Fay Wray , on WAGON TRAIN (1962) ~ starred in KING KONG and. VAMPIRE BAT 🦇
Geo 15 months ago
I have been considering dumping cable tv and just have internet service. It is just too d**n expensive. I am not sure how I would watch the show otherwise. I sit and channel surf every night and usually wind up watching something on demand or a streaming service. I have been told about over the air or rabbit ears. I am not certain how I will proceed, although the rising price of cable is ridiculous in itself. Saturday is one of the only guaranteed evenings for television. I love the Ateam, way over MASH, yet I am so perplexed about the whole thing. I consider myself pretty bright, yet our cable service is often spotty at best.
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daleuhlmann Geo 15 months ago
Geo: Catbat and I ditched cable and bought a Roku indoor device from Amazon for only $30.00. You can just run it off of your Wifi. Then, as Tygercat advised, you can get Friendly TV streaming for Me TV for only $7.00 a month. Between the two of them, we get a LOT of viewing choices. We don't even miss cable anymore.
Drang daleuhlmann 15 months ago
We went with Roku because they were rated as having the most easily managed security features.
Geo daleuhlmann 15 months ago
I am completely certain I will not miss cable and I can always watch my streaming channels on my phone. It hurts my little melon when I think about it. I just need to do some research into the whole antenna thing. I am so sick and tired of cable anyhow. I appreciate all the feedback I am getting.
daleuhlmann Geo 15 months ago
Any time, Geo!🙂
TheKodakKid 15 months ago
Bad news/good news.

Bad news, I’ll be out of the race for first poster tonight. Work until close tonight (so out after 11), then back at work at 9AM tomorrow.

Good news, off at 4PM tomorrow. So I have time to hunt up my spare push-pull rods, and head to “The Land Unknown.”
Mikeyyy TheKodakKid 15 months ago
Wow, doesn’t give you much time between shifts Don’t worry I’ll be here to represent Tenn and maybe I’ll bring home the bacon for us!
Mikeyyy 15 months ago
Bucket of blood! Nice name for a saloon!!
Mikeyyy 15 months ago
Posts still disappearing here
PatS Mikeyyy 15 months ago
Yes. I had one about an hour before you, about a historic event on August 19. Guess it was too far off topic.
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