Hammer Begins its Horror Dynasty with “Curse of Frankenstein”-Tonight!

Posted on August 6, 2022

For the next two Saturday nights on MeTV, we will be bringing back Hammer Studios’ original takes on the classic monsters with which Universal began its horror dynasty! Tonight, it’s the Hammer version of the story in which a brilliant scientist is obsessed with creating life. The great Peter Cushing sets out to create life from dead tissue- only to also give life to the “Curse of Frankenstein”!

In this 1957 Hammer classic –which was the studio’s first color horror film- we visit the cell where Victor Frankenstein is imprisoned-as he awaits execution for murder! A visiting priest, usually on hand to hear a final confession, gets much more-as Victor relates the full story of how he came to this terrible end- starting with his youth, as a brilliant lad with a great scientific mind, who gains total control of his family’s estate, giving just a small portion of his wealthy to his aunt and her daughter Elizabeth. The young genius hires a scientist, Dr. Paul Krempe, to tutor him and advance his scientific knowledge- but soon, the pupil has surpassed his teacher, and is teaching HIM a great deal.

The pair begins to collaborate on experiments in restoring life, and, after some encouraging results, Victor feels they are ready to take the next step- bringing life to a body composed of parts of dead men! Paul is outraged and reluctant, but assists his young master nonetheless-until things reach a point where he cannot, in good conscience, continue obtaining the remains of the dead. Things are complicated further when Victor’s cousin Elizabeth- now grown into a beautiful adult woman- comes to live with them. Also in the household-the house maid Justine, who is revealed to have a secret “special relationship” with her boss.

On his own, Victor continues to salvage human body parts, and, wanting only the finest brain for his creation, commits yet another in a long line of unspeakable acts. Paul’s interference on the side of right brings about more tragedy. He pleads with Elizabeth, who has had no knowledge revealing what is transpiring, begging her to leave Victor’s house, but his pleas fall on deaf ears. She can’t believe him, and is still of the mindset that she will marry Victor (Yes, I know, they are cousins, but, back then…)

Victor completes his plan to bring his creature to life- but that success only brings more horror and tragedy! Can Paul manage to interfere in Victor’s (and his creation’s) ongoing acts of evil-and rescue Elizabeth from the terror that dwells within the estate?

This is a slightly different version of the tale than the classic Universal version in several ways, and also utilizes some ideas from the original book by Mary Shelley. We’ll discuss that, and talk about the fine cast- including Peter Cushing as Dr. Frankenstein (a role he would return to time and again), the alluring Hazel Court as Elizabeth- and Christopher Lee in his first horror pairing with Cushing, debuting as Frankenstein’s creation (we’ll explain why he was chosen for the part)! We’ll have a song for you, as well as other Sven shtick- as presented while Sven was doing the show remotely during the pandemic.

“Curse of Frankenstein” shows up tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. We continue to trend highly on Twitter thanks to viewers live-Tweeting during the show using the hashtag  #svengoolie , and MeTV invites you to join in. Our Chicago viewers get an encore of “The Devil’s Rain” this morning at 11 am on our local station, CW26.

If you are in the Chicago area, we will be at the Flashback Weekend horror convention this afternoon, and at the C2E2 comics and entertainment convention at the Chicago lakefront’s McCormick Place tomorrow. Check the “appearances” tab here on our website for specific details.

Also- next Tuesday, August 9, there will be a special ceremony taking place in Berwyn (Yes, Berwyn!) in which I will be honored by the Mayor and our favorite town! This is a daytime event- taking place at Serenity Park at 1:30 pm. You are invited to attend- and even dress as me, or in your Sven gear! If you plan to attend, please send an e mail to [email protected]  The event will be filmed for a documentary, and your RSVP will be considered consent to be filmed. 

Meanwhile,join us tonight for the film that many say started Hammer Studios’ ascension to the new top horror film production house!




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 during show

gregorymon 2 months ago
You don't have to call NOW. Medicare open enrollment ends Dec. 7th this year. Call before then to review your benefits/charges.
Klaatu 5 months ago
It’s time to Refresh…Refresh…Refresh…🤣🤣🤣
The1Butler Klaatu 5 months ago
Every time im pumped up for this it dont change 🤣😝
abc123 5 months ago
Snack Ideas:
Anything Garlic (popcorn with garlic salt is my front runner right now)
Anything with Blood in the name
Anything English or "Translvainian"
Klaatu abc123 5 months ago
Well…I drank a Bloody Mary tonight. Mmmm👍
Katink abc123 5 months ago
I'm not going to be participating this week since we will be at a family wedding tomorrow. A neighbor with a dvr is recording the movie so we can watch at a later date.
MrsG abc123 5 months ago
Ooooo can’t go wrong then with garlic Parmesan *bat* wings !
Katink MrsG 5 months ago
PatS abc123 5 months ago
Larry TTG and I will be sharing a STAKE... er, steak.
The1Butler 5 months ago
Well its been hot and summer like for 2 months but tomorrow 67° and rain 🌧
MADave 5 months ago
This episode of Perry Mason sounds like the blog every week
MrsG MADave 5 months ago
YES ! Good one MADave *_*
The Case of a Place Called Midnight ~
Klaatu 5 months ago
All right…whose hitting their Refresh button already?🤣🤣
The1Butler Klaatu 5 months ago
Im tired already 👍🏻
MrsG 5 months ago
🌕 Bella Luna 🌝
Good luck ALL You Wolfies running around tonight ~
The1Butler MrsG 5 months ago
Nice shot ! Its getting close! Charge the phone , get the tinfoil , unplug all appliances! 🤣( dont use tinfoil in electric outlets, no matter what someone tells you ).
MrsG The1Butler 5 months ago
⚡️ OK Sparky ⚡️
Aceman2 5 months ago
I thought the blog was starting to act normal until I discovered the post I made 5 hours ago vanished along with all the posters. I am posting them again
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Aceman2 Katink 5 months ago
Thanks Katink
Katink MrsG 5 months ago
I am, MrsG! In real life, tomorrow is my cousin's wedding. So no fishnets, but I did get a new dress (a lucky and fabulous find on a clearance rack😊).
MrsG Katink 5 months ago
Oh goodie ! And may I request a sweet little SvenBlog photo shoot Dahling ? !
Have a wonderful time ~ should be a beautiful summer day !
Katink MrsG 5 months ago
Sure! It should be nice, not too hot, but some scattered rain.
MADave 5 months ago
Will there be a new blog at midnight? Or will will it be delayed once again? Tune later tonight same Sven time same Sven channelo
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Katink FKrueger 5 months ago
So maybe I'll sneak in? (Think I've been in the top 5 once😊)
abc123 FKrueger 5 months ago
so you're telling me there is a chance...
MrsG FKrueger 5 months ago
Mr. Krueger ~ You’re the best !
Love Your hit list ~ good luck 👍
Klaatu 5 months ago
I just love Svengoolie’s promos for the pending movies. “This week on Svengoolie…” is just the best!💕
Kyle 5 months ago
This is the only time of the week that I cheat on METV.

Off to watch rasselin' for two hours.

I shall return!
FKrueger Kyle 5 months ago
Are you watching that Hulk Hogan guy?
Kyle FKrueger 5 months ago
Those were the days...of High Adventure!
MADave 5 months ago
Sad news to report my sister:s cat Gilligan died in her arms yesteray
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Katink MADave 5 months ago
Sending comforting thoughts to all of you as you grieve Gilligan, Dave💕
Jack MADave 5 months ago
I am so sorry. At times like these, I take comfort in the words of Kinky Friedman: “They say when you die and go to heaven all the dogs and cats you’ve ever had in your life come running to meet you.”
Katink Jack 5 months ago
That is a beautiful thought, Jack!
MrsG Jack 5 months ago
~ ~ I think that is one that I will remember ~ ~
daDoctah 5 months ago
In advance of tomorrow night's movie, I wonder if this counts as a "horror of Dracula"....

The1Butler daDoctah 5 months ago
Drac got a bonus 😂
Klaatu daDoctah 5 months ago
Kyle daDoctah 5 months ago
I remember that one!
MrsG daDoctah 5 months ago
Totally psychedelic Man !
@[email protected]
Jack daDoctah 5 months ago
Another one of...
Kyle Jack 5 months ago

Jack Kyle 5 months ago
Kyle 5 months ago
Off early, home in time for A-Team!
The1Butler Kyle 5 months ago
Just got home for last 10minutes
The1Butler The1Butler 5 months ago
I love it when a plan comes together
Kyle The1Butler 5 months ago
It was a good one.

B.A. voluntarily got on an airplane because somebody messed with his Momma.
The1Butler Kyle 5 months ago
Yeah thats a big deal for the A-team !
Kyle The1Butler 5 months ago
They still had to knock him out, but he didn't threaten to maim anybody over it.
MrsG Kyle 5 months ago
Awww sweet !
MADave 5 months ago
Hey group first of all happy Friday and second I mean that because I got my work computer up and running again the guy on the phone from the help desk was very nice and understanding and he gave me an exercise on case this happens again thank you for all your support!
daleuhlmann MADave 5 months ago
Glad things outbfir you today, Dave.
LmerFudd MADave 5 months ago
I'm glad Svengoolie Eve was a better day for you.
Jack MADave 5 months ago
Lynn 5 months ago
The Werewolf of London has his Mariphasa flower, and I have mine. It rarely blooms, and when it does, the blossom does not last more than a day. This one did not last until Noon.
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Jack Lynn 5 months ago
I thought it was a cactus flower when you wrote that the bloom does last more than a day. It’s part of their water economy—flowers transpire a lot of moisture. Cactus tend to have colorful, showy blooms that are pollinated by animals (insects, birds, bats, etc.), which are more efficient pollinators than the wind.
Jack Lynn 5 months ago
It looks like a _Selenicereus_, Lynn. Is it native to your area, or imported? When it blooms, have you ever gotten any fruit from it?
Lynn Jack 5 months ago
Thank you, Jack! I believe it is native, but I don't really know. Absolutely no fruit. Except for squeezing out a fabulous blossoms every now and again, the poor plant could easily pass for dead. It really is amazing.
Lynn The1Butler 5 months ago
Very nice!
Deleted 5 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Klaatu 5 months ago
Wow!! To quote Elmer Fudd: “This Blog is still Vewy Vewy Screwy”! New posts don’t show up. Old posts don’t show up. Looking back on previously posted comments don’t show up. 🤔🤔🤔
daleuhlmann 5 months ago
My favorite tongue in cheek moment in THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, as I had mentioned earlier, was Victor's calmly and politely asking Elizabeth to "pass the marmalade"--the morning immediately following the Creature's killing of Justine, which he had coldly arranged. Whatever else we can say about Victor, at least he hadn't forgotten his manners! (LOL)
PatS daleuhlmann 5 months ago
I find it interesting that, in the effort to avoid a suit from Universal, the filmmakers condensed *three* characters into Paul -- Frankenstein's boyhood friend Henry, his professor Waldman and his (1931) assistant Fritz. And in the next film, Paul has disappeared and Victor has yet a new assistant (Karl) and buddy doctor (Kleve).
MrsG daleuhlmann 5 months ago
Loved it 🍊Very methodical !
Quizzical PatS 5 months ago
It could be worse. In the "Dracula" series, the Count has two servants named "Klove" who are apparently unrelated. In "Dracula; Prince of Darkness" the first Klove (Phillip Latham) turns up to manage the estate and prepare for the Count's revival. Of course, he was nowhere to be scene in the original film when Johnathan Harker was left to serve himself at table. In "Scars of Dracula" an entirely different Klove (Patrick Troughton -- the 2nd Dr. Who) plays a scruffy woodsman who serves Dracula.
daleuhlmann PatS 5 months ago
Very true, Pat!
daleuhlmann MrsG 5 months ago
Thank you, Mrs. G!
Shayla 5 months ago
Howdy y’all!! How ya doin? I’m doing fantastic!!!!! My acting career is about to begin!! I went to a meeting for wantabe actors. I received a call back email this morning!!!!!! I gotta go to Phoenix tomorrow!!!!! The email said that I’ll be going to LA, California by the winter!!!!! This is my hit!!!!! I’m in the process of quitting college!!!! I also gave my two week notice at work!!!! So far, everything is going just right!!!!😝😆☺️❤️
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MADave Shayla 5 months ago
Maybe we will see u in the Rocky movie haha just kidding!
Kyle Shayla 5 months ago
However it turns out, I hope you have fun on this adventure!

Be safe!

You are the most important person in your universe. Remember that.
Katink Shayla 5 months ago
Take care of yourself, Shayla!!
1MikeM Shayla 5 months ago
Hey Shayla, please contact the Better Business Bureau to see if they have any information about this acting agency so you can make sure they are reputable. Good luck to ya!
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