Florida Gains a Gill Man- and Experiences the "Revenge of the Creature"- Tonight!

Posted on February 3, 2024

Tonight on MeTV, Universal's top 1950s monster, the famed Gill Man, makes his return, taking up residence far from his Amazon home! He is brought to Florida, but not as a tourist at a theme park- he’ll become the main attraction at one! This move is NOT to its liking- and becomes the catalyst for the "Revenge of the Creature"!

This is the sequel to the original "Creature from the Black Lagoon" and the second part of the Gill Man trilogy. We are reintroduced to the unsophisticated but lovable Captain Lucas, the skipper of the good ship Rita from the first film. With that previous experience, it’s a given that he would be the one to hire to be the guide into that dangerous part of the Amazon where the Creature dwelled. But, should that really be in the past tense? Though the Gill Man was assumed dead at the end of the first film, rumors have surfaced that he is alive and well in his lagoon lair!

These stories encourage a return expedition-helmed by good-hearted scientist Clete and his macho pal Joe- who are hoping to once again locate the monster, but this time, definitely capture it for study. Capt. Lucas, knowing how things went the last time, warily leads them to the lagoon, warning the anxious researchers that actually finding the Creature again may not be reason to celebrate. Regardless, they go on with the plan to secure the Gill Man to be studied at- a Florida theme park! (Certainly, what most of us think of as a plausible site for research – not to mention charging tourists to watch the “research”- and don’t forget to exit through the gift shop!)


The first encounter with this creature that has escaped evolution and obviously still lives plays out just as Lucas warned, with injuries and peril- but that doesn’t stop these guys. They opt to utilize a dangerous tactic often employed by poachers - "fishing with dynamite" (was that a game show ion the Sportsman’s Channel?)- in a final attempt to subdue the Gill Man. The idea is that perhaps they can use the explosive impact of the explosives to stun him enough for capture - but that method also risks doing fatal damage to the Creature. Undeterred, they think the plan will work as they hope, so they can bring him back -alive- to Florida.

Fortunately (for them), the explosive scheme does indeed work! The unconscious Creature is shipped to Florida and brought to the Ocean Harbor theme park- ahem, what I mean is- research center. The comatose specimen must be kept breathing through movement, forcing water through his gills- and the researchers work tirelessly to do that in order to insure his survival and bring him back to consciousness. Finally, he begins to stir-and, as soon as consciousness returns, begins to rage and attack his “captors”! The Gill Man is finally subdued after a fierce battle, and the decision is made to move him to a more secure underwater enclosure. Realizing that they must prevent him from attacking the public and the research team, or escaping his enclosure, they clamp his webbed, clawed foot into a metal shackle affixed to the tank floor. Professor Clete enlists the aid of one of the observers-an ichthyology student who just happens to be an attractive blonde ( who most likely already has a degree in looking fetching in a bathing suit). Together, they will attempt to measure the intellect and adaptability of the Gill Man, and teach him to follow simple commands, with the help of a large underwater electric prod (and again I’ll ask- isn’t water a CONDUCTOR of electricity? Wouldn’t the people in the water also feel the shock? Never mind, I’ll suspend my disbelief for the hundredth time…) The scientists make real progress in charting the Gill Man’s intelligence and physical make-up- while the Creature, true to form, is again smitten with this new woman in his life – maybe it IS just the allure of a white bathing suit, like in the first movie. The Gill Man’s frustrations with imprisonment- and reactions to certain outside stimulus- are enough to spur him to use his intellect and power to escape confinement, leave the park- and beginning a reign of terror across the state of Florida! Clete and the authorities (weren’t they a band?) are the only hope to recapture the powerful amphibian creature- before he claims more victims- including his latest female crush !

This 1955 movie is a worthy sequel to the first film in the Gill Man saga, kind of taking a “King Kong” approach- bringing the monster back to civilization and a different unfamiliar environment. We’ll run down the cast including John Agar, John "Mr. Sportsman" Bromfield, and lovely Lori Nelson, as well as a young Clint Eastwood in a brief cameo role as a somewhat absent-minded lab assistant. We'll give you some insight into who plays the Creature -and when and where you might see one of those guys OUTSIDE the suit in the movie- along with the usual Gill Man gags. This is another show that blends some of our old footage with new, so you will see our original coffin and set along the way. By the way, YES- this IS the infamous movie I presented in 3-D back in the 80s in the Chicago market (it was syndicated to various markets across the country- I happened to host it in our area). This version is in the digital splendor of 2-D, though I would encourage you, if you ever have the opportunity, to see the 3-D version. I got to see the original film in 3-D when it was presented as a special screening at a local theatre as a part of the Flashback Weekend convention, and it was impressive! In this show, you will see a couple unusual commercials, including one for a new diet plan, plus a song , a revisit to a unique superhero museum, and a vintage interview with Victoria Price, Vincent’s daughter! Add in an appearance by Gwengoolie and another of our celebrity pals, and it’s a boatload of fun!

"Revenge of the Creature" surfaces tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check listings in your area (or at www.metv.com ) for the time and channel to tune in to watch. Twitter fans keep live-tweeting during the show, using the hashtag #svengoolie – and making us trend in the most-popular topics nationally- so feel free to join in! In the Chicago viewing area, viewers again get the warm fuzzy feelings of horror in the rat-infested “Willard” at 11am on our main local station CW26.

Valentine’s Day is coming- and you will find your heart’s desire of great items in our store. If the one you love happens to love our show- that’s the place to find great Sven gifts-so check it out!

And, tonight on MeTV- check out that horrible heartthrob from the Black Lagoon-who might try to avoid a speargun rather than Cupid’s arrows!


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 during show

1MikeM 14 days ago
...and dat was Revenge of da Creature...and dat's da name a dat tune!
Jack 14 days ago
I had wanted to bump the Lovecraft’s Deep Ones/Creature from the Black Lagoon topic one more time before we moved on to _The Monster That Challenged the World_, but it’s nowhere near finished, and some new information has popped up. If anyone has read the Millicent Patrick bio, _The Lady from the Black Lagoon_, I’d appreciate if you can recall her comments about inspiration for the CFTBL. Mebbe I can get our public library to buy it—Patrick was born in Texas!
Mikeyyy 14 days ago
I had a weird dream last night that it was Friday and I missed the race!
Klaatu 14 days ago
PARANORMA Klaatu 14 days ago
All too true, not *always* bad.
abc123 Klaatu 14 days ago
Knowing Better, and Caring, are sometimes miles (kilometers?) apart.
Deleted 14 days ago
This comment has been removed.
Katink 14 days ago
Good one, Klaatu!
Cartoondave 14 days ago
Reminds of that drunk stork from the Looney Tunes cartoons
Jack 14 days ago
Only worry if there are air holes in the box!
Klaatu 14 days ago
I’m not worried about being first in the blog because…

abc123 14 days ago
Beverage of Choice tomorrow?
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deadringer42 abc123 14 days ago
Did you get that at the restaurant at the end of the universe?
abc123 abc123 14 days ago
Maybe a better choice would be a Shamrock Shake?
Klaatu abc123 14 days ago
The label says 99%. DO NOT light matches near that brew😵
Jack RobBarnes 14 days ago
It’s mezcal that has the worm.
PARANORMA 14 days ago
Making certain to wish all a glorious Year of the Dragon (officially tomorrow)!
Additionally, whew & congratulations to Richard Plaud, who spent 8yrs & 700k matchsticks to build an Eiffel Tower, only to be denied by Guinness for using the "wrong kind" of matches. They have reconsidered, so he has the record he worked for so hard.
abc123 PARANORMA 14 days ago
I saw the first part. Glad to hear clearer heads prevailed.
Klaatu 14 days ago
The Palm Springs Air Museum just received the Dark Star SR-71 today. To quote someone famous: Pretty, pretty, pretty good!
Carl_N_Brown Klaatu 14 days ago
There is an SR-71 in the Air Museum associated with the USS Alabama battleship memorial. It was the nearest I'll ever come to a craft that's been to the edge of space.
Klaatu Carl_N_Brown 14 days ago
I visited the Pima Air Museum in Arizona (highly recommended), and I saw and touch their SR-71. Quite amazing👍
deadringer42 Klaatu 14 days ago
There is one at the museum of flight in Seattle. Very cool place to visit for us aviation geeks.
RobBarnes Klaatu 14 days ago
Eat you heart out Batman.
CountCurt 14 days ago
Looking forward to seeing Uncle Tonoose on the Creature That Challenged The World.
Actor Hans Conried was a talented diversified actor with a big body of work. I fondly remember him as the voice of Snidley Whiplash.
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TheKodakKid CountCurt 14 days ago
An Old Time Radio Hall of Famer. He showed up on just about every comedy program coming or going at some point. He held his own with the best of them, including Lucille Ball and Burns and Allen. It was a real treat on the programs where he was a regular cast member.
PARANORMA TheKodakKid 14 days ago
And the only one whose delivery could pull off the narration of Jay Ward's "Fractured Flickers/Fairytales"
Katink PARANORMA 14 days ago
Oh! I loved him on that, PARANORMA!
daDoctah TheKodakKid 14 days ago
He was a regular on Mel Blanc's "Fix-It Shop". Played the head of Mel's lodge, with the mandatory greeting "Ugga ugga boo, ugga boo-boo ugga".
NoPersonalChicks 14 days ago
My 3 assumptions when the doorbell rings:
1. Guy wearing a Michael Myers mask with a machete about to murder me
2. Police arriving to inform me a family member has been in a horrible accident
3. Amazon guy delivering that book I ordered about positive thinking
Maybe the police will show up while the guy in the Michael Myers mask is using the machete on the Amazon delivery guy, before he can get to you. How’s that for positive thinking?
CountCurt 14 days ago
This week’s music composer is Heinz Roemfeld. He had a large body of work. Among them the Mole People, the Creature Walks Among Us ( part of the creature trilogy) and the beloved 5,000 fingers of Doctor T.
Aceman2 14 days ago
From the Pressbook for TMTCTW
CountCurt Aceman2 14 days ago
Process Cameraman. I am not familiar with that job title.
Drang Aceman2 14 days ago
For a second there I thought Tim Holt's characters name was John Terwilliger, which might have caused confusion when he and Hans Conreid were both on screen...
RobBarnes CountCurt 14 days ago
You occasionally see it listed in older films right around the time where B&W was giving way to color. Process cameras have been replaced by more modern camera technology for the past 40-50 years.
PatS CountCurt 14 days ago
Perhaps referring to "process shots" in which humans (foreground) are combined with monsters (background)?
PARANORMA 14 days ago
Just had a 4.7. Whee.
PARANORMA 14 days ago
This comment has been removed.
Lynn PARANORMA 14 days ago
Didn't feel it in my part of L.A. County. On the 53rd anniversary of the Sylmar earthquake, it makes some of us slightly nervous, although there is no correlation whatsoever. 😎

Best to all.
PARANORMA Lynn 14 days ago
Yes, only a little double-shudder here (4.7 not a big deal anyway, generally). Was just a reminder of what had been missing amid all the other recent meh. Hope others doing as well.
Jack PARANORMA 14 days ago

Lynn PARANORMA 14 days ago
Carl_N_Brown 14 days ago
Tomorrow's movie would accurately be entitled THE MONSTERS THAT CHALLENGED THE SALTON SEA AND IMPERIAL VALLEY.
VanGooliac Carl_N_Brown 14 days ago
Yes, and EARTH VS. THE SPIDER should have been titled THE SMALL TOWN IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE VS. THE SPIDER. This why movie studios don’t pay people like us to to their marketing.
Carl_N_Brown VanGooliac 14 days ago
Jack 14 days ago
Hey group! Remember when Mickey Mouse became public domain?
deadringer42 Jack 14 days ago
“Next mullosk menance”. How appropriate for tomorrow’s movie.
RobBarnes Jack 14 days ago
Who knew what Steam Boat Willy would morph into? George Lucas wants $4B for his Star Wars franchise? Buy it!
Jack deadringer42 14 days ago
I added that from another of Bolling’s _Tom the Dancing Bug_ comics.
daleuhlmann 14 days ago
REVENGE OF THE CREATURE was the final film in the series to have been completely faithful to Milicent Patrick's original design and Jack Kevan's costume. Ricou Browning would wear it one more time, in the trilogy's final installment, THE CREATURE WALKS AMONG US, but only in the few early scenes before the Gill-man is seriously burned, necessitating an energency operation that saves his life by turning him into an air-breathing humanoid. Many fans disked the Creature's makeover, comparing the actor in the new mask and costume (Don Megowan) to a chunky Frankenstein Monster. That having been said, I must admit that I've always admired that third film for its willingness to try something different with the Gill-man character and story.
VanGooliac daleuhlmann 14 days ago
My problem with TCWAU was not so much the new look of the creature after his transformation but the unfulfilled potential of the premise. The creature spends a lot of time in an enclosure and takes a back seat to the love triangle between the human characters.
daleuhlmann VanGooliac 14 days ago
I agree that the movie's soap opera dramatics do interfer with the Creature's story, unfortunately, one weakness of the movie.
If THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON was a remake of the first half of KING KONG and REVENGE OF THE CREATURE was a remake of the last half of KING KONG, then THE CREATURE WALKS AMONG US was a remake of FRANKENSTEIN.
RobBarnes daleuhlmann 14 days ago
Of the Big 6, I always thought The Creature was the coolest looking.
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