Fill Those Stockings with Kitty Litter- Here Comes "The Black Cat"-Tonight!

Posted on December 23, 2023

That prancing and pawing you hear tonight on MeTV is not little hooves- but cat’s paws-and nobody should come down the chimney of it this old dark house during a nasty, ( not snow) stormy night! Iyou could get hung up on a killer who is stalking ( not stocking) victims- and making a list of those who cross the path of "The Black Cat"!

Welcome to this old mansion, over-run by the many pet cats of its wealthy old lady owner- whose relatives have gathered, not for a holiday celebration, but in anticipation of her shuffling off this mortal coil. Whatever concern they may have for her for seems to be far out-weighed by their hopes of gaining an inheritance from her estate. Unfortunately for them, old lady Henrietta, like her multitude of feline friends, seems to have nine lives, and keeps returning from the brink of death! She wisely has no pretensions about her relatives' agendas, and opts to read her will to them herself before her time is up. She does so, unafraid of letting each relative know what she really thinks of them, but the reading is interrupted by the entrance of blustery realtor Gil- who grew up in the area, and is familiar to her. Gil, now a real estate agent, has crafted a lucrative deal for the old woman's mansion and property, with the only hold-up being that he must convince her to sell! Accompanying him to the house is a rather screwy antique dealer who hopes to get in on the deal and stake a claim to the many antiques in the house. Unfortunately, Henrietta, though fond of Gil, refuses to sell- while the poor real estate agent spends his whole time coughing and sneezing since he's allergic to the cats that run wild over the whole estate.

The old crazy cat lady has equipped the place with every convenience for her four-legged friends who live there, and she has even thoughtfully prepared for their passing- with a crematorium on the grounds. It is there that a mysterious tragedy occurs- and the appearance of a black cat seems to be part of it-which is odd, because superstitious Henrietta has never allowed any black cats on the premises!

Upsettingly, circumstances point to the reality of a killer being somewhere on the estate- as well as the black cat. Tensions build as the estate housekeeper annoyingly repeats the unsettling lore that the black cat always appears right before a death occurs! Gil, the giddy antique dealer, Henrietta’s heirs and her household staff begin to suspect each other, as more murderous mayhem ensues- building up to them all trapped in the house when the power and the phone go out, and the only road away from the estate becoming impassible, as the thunderstorm rages. No one is sure who they can trust, or who might actually be the killer- or the next victim!

I always have to mention that this is the 1941 "Black Cat" -with Bela Lugosi in a supporting role- as opposed to the eerie and unsettling 1934 film of the same name starring Bela and Boris Karloff. In our film tonight, the creepy moments are offset with laughs, several provided by comedian Hugh “Hoo-Hoo!” Herbert as the wacky antique dealer. We'll walk you through the cast listing, with such notables as Broderick Crawford as the allergic real estate agent, Basil Rathbone and Alan Ladd among the heirs, and Gale Sondergaard as the housekeeper. We'll have a commercial for some purr-fect pizza, a song, and we’ll chat with both Santa Claus aficionado Mick Foley and with an artist whose work is often seen on our dungeon studio walls and in our comic books- artist Christopher Jones! Plus, another “Too Drawn Out” game, and plenty of Sven stocking-stuffing Christmas shtick- including trying to get our Sven Squad to join me in a holiday greeting!

"The Black Cat" prowls tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, and, if unsure of time and channel in your area- please check local listings or the information you can find at . We are honored to continue to trend among the most mentioned topics nationally on Twitter, with fans live-Tweeting during the show using the hashtag #svengoolie .Our Chicago area viewers can again experience the nightmare of “The Night Walker” with Barbara Stanwyck this morning at 11 am on our sister station CW26!

Let us take this opportunity to wish all who celebrate a merry Christmas. We hope you can spend some time with the people who mean the most to you. Your loyalty to our program is the best gift we could ever hope for.

Join us tonight, while wrapping those gifts, baking those cookies, and filling your tabby’s four stockings with Meow Mix and Tidy Cat!

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 during show

Klaatu 4 months ago
I know what I can do first… be last post?
Klaatu 4 months ago
Who’s getting ready? I’m not🤣
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Mikeyyy FKrueger 4 months ago
Wow, you're a poet and I didn't even know it!
FKrueger Mikeyyy 4 months ago
by George Jones
Catbat Klaatu 4 months ago
Semi 🚛
Svenboy 4 months ago
Happy sventurday eve! I just watched the grinch musical from 2020 with Matthew Morrison and boo-boo Stewart. I like it and recc it!
Cartoondave 4 months ago
Goodnight y'all be good to each other and for HB don't worry about anything you have good people here to take care of you it may not be physically but virtually which isn't too bad
ihaveamigraine 4 months ago
I have been trying to decide if 2023 was a good or bad year for me.

On one hand, my wife is two years out from her aortic dissection and the three surgeries it took to put her back together again. She had an appointment with her surgeon in October and he was amazed at how well she has healed. He was the same Doctor who didn't know if she was going to survive the night after the initial surgery. So all in all excellent news there.

Then on the other side we discovered in January of this year that not only had my Cancer returned after more than 10 years, but it had also metastasized to several spots in my body. Months of tests led to radiation therapy in July and so far everything is stable with no spread of the Cancer, and spots in the tumors actually dying off.

So I'm going with the glass half full view. More good than bad. Hopefully 2024 is boring.
There are years when “glass half full” is truly something to celebrate. (Fingers crossed) Personally, I’m looking forward to just being able to say I made it through 2023.
Katink ihaveamigraine 4 months ago
And sometimes you get the glass refilled, Ihavea😉
PARANORMA ihaveamigraine 4 months ago
You have a *glass*?!
abc123 4 months ago
Last movie of 2023. Looks like i was first poster 8 times in 2023, and 2nd or 3rd a dozen or so times. My resolution will to be faster or something...
Jack abc123 4 months ago
“…Or somethin’.”
MrsG abc123 4 months ago
And keep the FAN coming
FKrueger Jack 4 months ago
and junk
Klaatu 4 months ago
Let’s celebrate 4010 before we all turn into pumpkins😳😵
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Klaatu Jack 4 months ago
Cool info! Who knew??
Drang Jack 4 months ago
Drang Jack 4 months ago
Jack Drang 4 months ago
TheKodakKid 4 months ago
Katink TheKodakKid 4 months ago
Congratulations, TKK!
MrsG TheKodakKid 4 months ago
🏆 🏆 *_* 🏆 🏆
Mikeyyy TheKodakKid 4 months ago
Thats one trophy for Tn so far!
Drang 4 months ago
4000. Happy?
TheKodakKid Drang 4 months ago
Actually, looks like we both may have missed it.
Katink Drang 4 months ago
Congratulations, Drang!
Drang Katink 4 months ago
I think TKK is right, you got it telling him you wouldn't.
Katink Drang 4 months ago
Really? I thought it was at 98.
TheKodakKid Katink 4 months ago
Looks like a photo finish between Drang and Katink. Not sure which 1 of you got it. Both of you edged me out. So I settle for 4,002.
Katink 4 months ago
Maybe it will be me, Dave!
Katink Katink 4 months ago
Or maybe not..
Katink Katink 4 months ago
I stand a better chance at #4000 than #1😁
Drang Katink 4 months ago
Pace yourself.
Cartoondave 4 months ago
11 comments before we hit 4000 who will it be?
Cartoondave 4 months ago
Who is the one being snarky to you HoneyBee it can't be NPC I thought she was on our side?
HoneyBee456 Cartoondave 4 months ago
That’s who it is. He’s been ugly to me from the start. He acts like he hates me and I haven’t ever done anything to him. I don’t like him at all
Cartoondave HoneyBee456 4 months ago
Hmmm wonder why the change I don't remember her that way but I guess that's how some people can
Cartoondave 4 months ago
Wow closing in on 4000 posts only 16 to go this'll make it 15 to go
PARANORMA 4 months ago
Especially what with a new arrival to the Sventourage, have to recommend a listen to Manilow's "Just Another New Year's Eve". For me it's been *the* song of the occasion, and perhaps even more so after stumbling upon you lot.
Jack PARANORMA 4 months ago
Were you watching the Weather Channel?
PARANORMA Jack 4 months ago
Really, did they backdrop graphics with it or what? No, despite the sentimentality it's been a touchstone for a *LOT* of New Year's Eves.
Jack PARANORMA 4 months ago
My mom had it on this afternoon, and “Just Another New Year’s Eve” was part of a trivia quiz for the weathercasters.
PARANORMA Jack 4 months ago
Aha. Nice to know. It dates way back, but definitely deserves to be remembered.
Cartoondave 4 months ago
HoneyBee so glad you decided to stay with us wild and crazy people here
HoneyBee456 Cartoondave 4 months ago
Thank you Cartoondave. If only I could block one person
PatS HoneyBee456 4 months ago
HB, it doesn't help when you taunt him back. I know you want to vent how you feel. He ain't worth it. Flag nasty comments and go on to something better.
Deleted 4 months ago
This comment has been removed.
4 months ago
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4 months ago
This comment has been removed.
4 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Jack 4 months ago
Some of us cope with death and illness by using twisted humor and snark. Other people don’t understand being wired like that and view it as cruelty. Since your avatar and his are easily recognizable, just use the comment blocker in your heads and ignore each other.
HoneyBee456 4 months ago
I do ignore him unless he says something ugly to me. He must be one of those guys that hates women
Jack 4 months ago
If you ignored him, how do you know he said something ugly?
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