Every THING Must GO! “Destroy All Monsters”- Tonight!

Posted on April 29, 2023

Tonight on MeTV-fans of the giant Japanese monsters get to see an all-star roster of the biggest and baddest Kaiju creatures that ever came from the Toho Studios! This time out- the people of Earth, who thought they had the behemoths under control- find out the hard way that an alien race has taken control of the creatures- leading the authorities to have no choice but to- “Destroy All Monsters”!

In this 1968 film, we learn that the United Nations Science Committee has corralled all these big galoots on an island, and keeps them there with various safeguards- kind of like an invisible fence for dogs, though some of the security features are highly visible. Godzilla, Mothra and Rodan are among the contentedly confined creatures on what they call “Monsterland”.


All is peaceful until, suddenly, all contact with the hidden control center located beneath the island is lost! Not only that- but the confinement system no longer is working- and the monsters begin to attack important cities around the world! The military enlists the aid of Captain Yamabe and his spaceship crew to find out what is going on-leading them to discover that the scientists in the control center have all had their minds put under the control of the Kilaacks- an alien race that appears to be young women with a penchant for glittery swim caps. They explain that they are responsible for all the mayhem, and are controlling the actions of the giant monsters. They demand that all nations surrender to them, and let them take over the entire planet.

The attacks on various cities are actually a diversion so the Kilaacks can build a secret control base of their own- and, once their base is established, they sic all the monsters on Tokyo! The world leaders feel that they have no other choice but to eliminate all the monsters. However, when the valiant spaceship crew makes one desperate attempt to regain control of Godzilla and his posse, it leads the Kilaacks to call in the big gun- King Ghidorrah! Will the other monsters become friends or foes of planet Earth-and will the Kilaacks destroy mankind?

We’ll give you lots of behind the scenes facts about this epic film, including why certain monsters only show up fleetingly- and why this was, at one time, supposed to be the last of the giant monster films. Plus-there will be a new song, some more Spawn of Svengoolie hopefuls, and a special visit with none other than our friend Lisa Welchel, hostess of “Collector’s Call”!


Be ready for “Destroy All Monsters” as the destruction begins at 8 pm eastern/pacific, & 7 central time. Of course, the live-Tweeting during the show continues on Twitter, where the use of the hashtag #svengoolie on all your posts continues to keep our show among the hottest trending topics, so feel free to join in! In the Chicago area, viewers will get one more chance to dig “ The Mole People “ on CW26 at 11 am.

Also today, as I’ve mentioned before- you can hear the broadcast of the “Those Were the Days” classic radio show anniversary event. Host Steve Darnall will be playing highlights- which included such famous actors as Tim Kazurinski, Kevin Murphy and Mary Jo Pehl of MST3K, Jim O’Heir from “Parks and Recreation” and many more- including yours truly! It will be streaming at www.wdcb.org starting at 1 pm central time! (If you are within range of the WDCB over-the-air broadcast station you can find it at 90.9FM-or 90.7 in parts of Chicago.) It will also be available for listening on the WDCB website for two weeks afterwards at the same WDCB website mentioned above. You may just hear me in a couple different roles!

Make sure you take a look at the various new Sven throw blankets in our store! ( Better to throw blankets than to throw rubber chickens…)

Tonight, throw caution to the winds and face Godzilla and his Toho team in “Destroy All Monsters” on MeTV!

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 during show

1MikeM 26 days ago
...and dat was Destrot All Monsters...and dat's da name a dat tune!
Kyle 27 days ago
The Sheriff is near!

One minute and counting!
PatS Kyle 27 days ago
Ha ha! I know the reference!
Kyle 27 days ago
Put garlic in my fajitas.

Can't be too careful this weekend!
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Kyle FKrueger 27 days ago
Master of the secret spice!
Klaatu Kyle 27 days ago
Wow! If I was caught cooking my recipes in your hood, I may get run out of town. Garlic and olive oil are my Italian blood. Then, throw in red chili flakes and I become Sicilian. Onions, Jalapeños and my hundred spices will be reason to get lynched, no?
Kyle Klaatu 27 days ago
Burned as a witch, more likely.

You should see my pickled egg recipe.

Old Bay!?!

Carl_N_Brown 27 days ago
Do ramps work as well as garlic?
PatS Carl_N_Brown 27 days ago
Probably slow 'em down enough to let you get away. But such a short season...
abc123 27 days ago
When I was writing all my verses this week, everything was just moving along, until I got to the last one. I came up with a new hook that made me re-write all of them. I hope you like them (once you read the first one, the hook should be clear). First chance is less than two hours away.
VanGooliac abc123 27 days ago
Waiting with baited garlic breath…
Mikeyyy abc123 27 days ago
I'll be waiting for ya!
Katink abc123 27 days ago
Can hardly wait, abc!
Cartoondave 27 days ago
Tomorrow and possibly next Saturday I won't be able to attend the cartoons because 1. I have an early morning haircut appointment and 2. Next week I will be spending the weekend at my sister's in Laconia, NH bur I'll still be able to watch Sven oh yeah also I don't think I'll be up to attend the race for first blogger either
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Kyle Klaatu 27 days ago
Alopecia is pretty convenient.

Haven't paid for a haircut in 20 years.

My dad was bald as an egg head to toe.

Me, just most of my melon so far.

Hopefully it spreads.
Kyle Cartoondave 27 days ago
Buzz is good.

Full chrome, your hat blows off.

Velcro is a thing.
PatS Cartoondave 27 days ago
Hope your barber has reruns of the coronation!
Aceman2 27 days ago
One day only engagement on Sventurday!
Jack Aceman2 27 days ago
Admittedly, vampire narratives tend to end with the vampire getting staked or otherwise destroyed, but doesn’t this poster kinda spoil the punchline?
VanGooliac Jack 27 days ago
Maybe the staking is not the end of the movie.
In House of Frankenstein, Dr. Niemann removes the stake from Dracula’s skeleton, bringing Dracula back to life.
Cartoondave 27 days ago
Feliz Cinco de Mayo
Happy Cinco de Mayo
Second translation
Happy May fifth
Phew there I said what I said and said what I meant
PatS Cartoondave 27 days ago
I hope you enjoy it one hundred per cent!
Jack 27 days ago
PatS Jack 27 days ago
Suppose Sven could get a subtitled version? Or make one?
Jack 27 days ago
_Ebony_ takes a jaundiced look at _Blacula_…“Baring his fangs as _Blacula_, veteran Shakespearean actor William Marshall stars in this black version of white Dracula along with Vonetta McGee (_Melinda_), Denise Nicholas (_Room 222_), and Thalamus Rasulala (_Cool Breeze_). Although well-attended, horror flick met with mixed reaction because of bizarre nature.” [December 1972, p. 62]
abc123 Jack 27 days ago
Want to read what they thought of Sounder.
Kyle 27 days ago
I very rarely do this for new (to me) movies, but I watched the BLACULA trailer.

Holy cow.

This is gonna be nuts!
daleuhlmann 27 days ago
Believe it or not, BLACULA, indeed, features some genuine PERRY MASON tie-ins, but I'll let Sven fill us in on those.
Kyle 27 days ago
By unanimous vote, and Official Decree, every Friday is a Holiday in Kyletopia.

Today is the rarely seen Double Holiday.

I salute the Brave Mexican Troublemakers!
Jack Kyle 27 days ago
¿Donde es el gusano?
Jack Kyle 27 days ago
Kyle Jack 27 days ago
Google translate is handy.

I know enough Espaniol to get slapped, or maybe stabbed.
DrFish28136 27 days ago

On this day in 1961 (in West Germany), Atlantis: The Lost Continent rose from the depths (and perhaps sank again). Directed by George Pal, the SciFi/Fantasy starred Sal Ponti, Joyce Taylor, and John Dall. Here's the plot summary as provided by IMDB.com:

"A Greek Fisherman brings an Atlantean Princess back to her homeland which is the mythical city of Atlantis. He is enslaved for his trouble. The King is being manipulated by an evil sorcerer who is bent on using a natural resource of Atlantis to take over the world. The Atlanteans, or rather the slaves of Atlantis, are forced to mine a crystalline material which absorbs the suns rays. These crystals can then be used for warmth. The misuse of science has created weapons out of the crystals that can fire a heat ray to destroy whatever it touches."
Klaatu DrFish28136 27 days ago
Was that the “Spaghetti Western” of SciFi? I vaguely remember it.
daleuhlmann DrFish28136 27 days ago
This movie features very good makeup (by MGM great William Tuttle) and special effects. It is most definitely Sven-worthy.
DrFish28136 daleuhlmann 27 days ago
George Pal did great work on The Time Machine (1960) so I would like to see the Atlantis movie.
1MikeM DrFish28136 27 days ago
"Hail Atlantis! Way down below the ocean..."
DrFish28136 27 days ago

Henry Cavill might be a huge name in genre entertainment in the future as he continues to play the legendary last man from Krypton, Kalel ... better known as Superman! His first outing -- Man of Steel -- hit theatres in 2013, and he donned the cape again in 2016's Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and 2017's Justice League. Cavill was born on this day in 1983
JohnBlair 27 days ago
I thought today was Saturday, but it's NOT!?!?! aH Ah AH...
daleuhlmann 27 days ago
The title of tomorrow night's movie could have very well have been changed to "Destroy All Vampires." In order to not divulge any spoilers, I'll just advise you not to expect Blacula's many victims in the movie to stay dead for long!
DrFish28136 daleuhlmann 27 days ago
He was great in Star Trek
DrFish28136 daleuhlmann 27 days ago
So Dale, have you adjusted to California time?
Jack DrFish28136 27 days ago
And _Pee Wee’s Playhouse_!
DrFish28136 Jack 27 days ago
I forgot that one
Kyle DrFish28136 27 days ago
Thanks for the Star Trek connection.

Now I know where I have seen him.

That guy was pretty good.
Klaatu 27 days ago
As you all know, we are ALL fictional litigants in the courtroom of Svengoolie.
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