Even Perry Mason Won't Stop William Hopper's Chasin' of "The Deadly Mantis"-Tonight!

Posted on July 9, 2022

This week on Svengoolie- since summertime always seems to bring along some insect pests to ruin the fun, it seems like the perfect time to bring back the man-eating mantis menace that defrosts and creates a one-bug infestation-featuring an actor we know very well from a certain classic legal drama- it’s the chilling case of "The Deadly Mantis!"

Like so many of these 1950s films, this one starts out with a sort of documentary, utilizing plenty of stock footage, to set up the story (and maybe give it a feeling of scientific credibility?) We hear the narrator present the fact that “for every action, there is a reaction”-and, as proof, we first see a volcano erupting in the South Seas, followed by the reaction-which is the energy it releases heading across the globe, as far as the frigid far northern ice caps, where it cracks glaciers, and melts ice holding a long dormant prehistoric creature -frozen in the ice for centuries in a sort of suspended animation. Its long sleep is interrupted- and it wakes up cranky-and hungry!

Seeming a little like a high school science class film, denoting the establishment of military bases way up North, we are briefed on the Dew Line (Distant Early Warning) System. It seems a far northern Canadian Dew Line outpost has suddenly fallen silent and unresponsive. Col. Parkman, a dashing commanding officer, is sent to investigate- and is shocked to find the outpost totally destroyed-with no sign of the personnel- not even bodies-on the premises! Even more disturbing and confusing- a large oddly shaped imprint is spotted in the snow outside the shambles of the outpost.

Soon after this inexplicable discovery, DEW line radar indicates an unauthorized unidentified flying object in that exact same area. Jets are scrambled to check it out- resulting in one plane being destroyed by- who knows what?!  Col. Parkman heads out again to inspect this latest wreckage- and, in searching the destroyed aircraft, finds some large pointed object - which appears to be organic in nature! With no knowledge of what it might be, the military decides to call in an expert - Ned Jackson, a paleontologist who they hope will be able to identify what the object is- and what it came from!

Ned examines it, and thinks he knows its source- though he can scarcely believe his own theory. This spur-like thing may actually be a body part of a familiar carnivorous insect- but one of such great size, that there have not been any such creatures that huge since prehistoric times! There are more reports of mysterious carnage in the frozen North- and Ned, wanting to check on the validity of the conclusion he’s drawn, decides to head towards the top of the globe to try to discover what's going on first-hand- accompanied by Marge, the magazine editor at his museum headquarters, who has decided she needs to go with him to chronicle whatever he finds.

They fly to the Canadian DEW line base where they meet with Col. Parkman, and his staff, who react in stunned appreciation of Marge - since a woman is a rarity in their world. Unfortunately, they're about to meet an even greater rarity- a 200-foot-long praying mantis that attacks their base!

After the incredible attack, the mantis takes off for parts unknown- and the military attempts to track where this gargantuan predator is going. The creature begins to instinctively head to the south where the climate is closer to its warm old prehistoric stomping grounds-while still searching for food to satiate its massive appetite! Its tour of international cuisine wends its way through various human taste treats- leading to it sampling the down-home flavor of American citizens- including a stop for a snack in Washington, D.C.- after which the big bug heads to New York to take a bite out of the Big Apple!

We are happy to be able to bring back this 1957 flick - featuring a cast that includes familiar TV faces like Craig Stevens (“Peter Gunn”) and William Hopper (yes! Paul Drake of “Perry Mason”!) plus the lone female lead Alix Talton. This is again a new HD print of the film, and we’ll add to the entertainment with a Sven song, explanation of where certain stock footage came from (NOT the source many originally thought) and include a chat with some talented friends of ours from the world of comics who are well known for their work on the further adventures of Harley Quinn- Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner!

“The Deadly Mantis” infests your screen on MeTV tonight at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, and, if you’re not sure of what time or channel you can find us on in your area- you can check your local listings, or visit www.metv.com and click on “where to watch”. Our MeTV crew invites you to live -Tweet during the movie on Twitter- just use the hashtag #svengoolie – where you'll often find us trending nationally during the show! Our Chicago area viewers will get another look at another 1950s favorite “Attack of the Puppet People" this morning at 11 am on CW26.

We are hoping to be able to post information on our upcoming public appearances at both the Flashback Weekend horror convention and the C2E2 comics and entertainment convention- both in the same August weekend! Just keep checking the “appearances” tab here on our website-we should be providing the schedules soon. While you are there, make sure to click on the Svengoolie store to see the new merchandise available- with more on the way!

Join us on MeTV tonight- as the mantis leaves his air-conditioned environment to spread terror!

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 during show

daleuhlmann 21 months ago
Well, if the Easter Bunny can lay eggs, so can a dog.🐰🐶🥚
Shayla 21 months ago
Look what Philip got me!!
1MikeM Shayla 21 months ago
Awesome Shayla!
Shayla 1MikeM 21 months ago
1MikeM Shayla 21 months ago
you're very welcome Shayla! I see ya on the new blog!
Shayla 21 months ago
How are y’all doin? So ready for tonight’s movie!!
1MikeM Shayla 21 months ago
Hi Shayla. Sounds good. The new blog is up.
1MikeM 21 months ago
Well that's it for me, time for go to sleep
1MikeM 21 months ago
Well Sven gang, I'm looking forward to the classic comedy THE GHOST AND MR. CHICKEN. It's been a really tough week and this movie will really hit the spot! The "Let's All Go" T-shirt looks good!
Katink 21 months ago

Started on tomorrow's themed meal by making ghost cookies tonight. Hubby and I think they look like pale Minions 🙃
abc123 Katink 21 months ago
Carl_N_Brown Katink 21 months ago
Katink, I look forward to your new avatars.
Want you to know they are appreciated.
Katink abc123 21 months ago
Thank you, abc! Hubby helped carve marshmallows so the ghosts would be round rather than square 😁
Katink Carl_N_Brown 21 months ago
Thank you, Carl! My other choice was a chicken head, which was cute but a bit disturbing. . . . 🤔
deadringer42 Katink 21 months ago
deadringer42 21 months ago
I like the first specialty shirt over the second new release. Sorry, got the first, the second does nothing for me.
deadringer42 deadringer42 21 months ago
Will post pic Tomorrow
MADave 21 months ago
Just curious does anyone know why Metv is not showing the last 4 Perry Mason tv movies is it because Raymond Burr passed away after the 26th film or Metv can't get rights to episodes 27-30?
Katink 21 months ago

As we are getting ready to say goodbye to The Deadly Mantis, I'll repost this picture of a model kit from Hubby's model stash in the basement.
Katink The1Butler 21 months ago
Thanks, Butler! Not sure when he will build it.
deadringer42 21 months ago
This post seems to have been removed so I'm trying again:
Hey kodakkid. My friend is leaving the display up at our lodge building for the next few week. If your friend is interested in coming by I'm sure we can arrange a time. Dale has my email or we can connect on the wolfblog.
The1Butler 21 months ago
Who will take the lead at midnight🤔 will it be a sleeper or a repete .
Jack 21 months ago
Has anybody else seen the "Let's all go to the movies" 🎶 T-shirt by Friend of the Show and World's Best Artist, Mitch O'Connell? I wonder if there was an earlier, rejected design?
Klaatu Jack 21 months ago
All I remember is this, and it’s a part of my childhood memories
Katink Jack 21 months ago
I like that design! May need to get that one 😁
Drang 21 months ago
I'm glad that week is over, subtitle: Why Drang Drinks
Katink Drang 21 months ago
Hope next week is better, Drang!
deadringer42 Drang 21 months ago
Holy cow dude that was painful to read. My sympathies. When technology works it's great, when it doesn't you want to shoot it.
Drang deadringer42 21 months ago
I kept waiting for a storage bin full of tribbles to be dumped on my head...
Drang Drang 21 months ago
But at least we switched to an Over The Air antenna, so we'll still have Sven tomorrow night.
Jack 21 months ago
Am I first? I figured posting from Kentucky might help, but I'm not sure how it works...my watch and car are on Central Time, but my phone has gone to Eastern. Also, since the modem in Mom's house is not working, I'm posting by cellular through the air. 😁
The1Butler Jack 21 months ago
You may have an edge with that cell if your close to it 🤔
Geo 21 months ago
I was trying to watch The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension on Pluto TV, but there are commercials for it to be free. What a drag. See you all tomorrow night for Super Sci-fi Saturday Night.
Geo 21 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Drang 21 months ago
Shamelessly stolen from the local fishwrap:
The1Butler Drang 21 months ago

On my bucket list 🙄🏯
The1Butler Drang 21 months ago
Is this the same mountain? Mt Fuji .
Drang The1Butler 21 months ago
Mt. Rainier. It's a little more of a challenge to get to the top.
The1Butler 21 months ago
Atta boy Luther !
MrsG The1Butler 21 months ago
Can’t place Him Butler , and really need to know ! Buddy Guy special was just on again with a few friends 🎸 ^_^ 🎸
The1Butler MrsG 21 months ago
Luther Allison! Bluesman extraordinaire 🎸🎶
MrsG The1Butler 21 months ago
Soooo glad I asked ~ like they say “if you don’t know , you better ask somebody” ! WOW Butler ~ just gave Cherry Red Wine a listen and will be checking out more more more ! ! !
The1Butler MrsG 21 months ago
Yes Luther is good , and i sat on the grass and watched Buddy Guy in 85 at a free outdoor show on the river 👍🏻
MADave 21 months ago
It's official I will be getting my Mickey D's chicken nuggets tomorrow woo hoo!
The1Butler MADave 21 months ago
Yumm ! Deep fried rubber chicken mush .🤣
Shayla MADave 21 months ago
Lynn MADave 21 months ago
Perfect, Dave!
FKrueger MADave 21 months ago
You should get some KFC fake chicken nuggets too and do a blind taste test.
Gotta love some Tertiary Butylhydroquinone.
I like them dipped in that !
Katink MADave 21 months ago
Sounds like a good themed meal, Dave!
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